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  1. No, USA wrestling says 7: https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2021/March/29/MFS-seeds-for-OTT
  2. For 97, what it should be is: (Cox) vs (Macchiavello vs. Gadson) (Ferrari vs Honis, winner faces Moore) vs (Walz vs Amos, winner faces Zilmer) The bottom line is you can't have a round called the "semifinals" where one side of the bracket gets a bye, because that makes the bracket unbalanced such that anyone on the bye side of the bracket has a much better draw than anyone who doesn't.
  3. If that's truly what they do, it should surprise people that USAW would be this horrendously incompetent and not rectify their obvious error.
  4. That is horrendously unfair. the 2/3 seeds have to beat a 6/7 seed, then each other, then Cox, and then Moore just to get to Synder. But the 4/5 seeds just have to beat each other, Moore, and 1 more match to get to Synder. This would defeat the purpose of seeding because it is WAY better to be the 4, 5, or even 8 seed than to be the 2 or 3 seed.
  5. Wondering the same thing. I think what it should be is this: (Dake) vs (Marstaller vs Gnatt) (Massa vs Joseph, winner faces Nolf) vs. (Carr vs Wick, winner faces IMAR) But I kind of think USA Wrestling will mess this up and won't do it this way.
  6. To me, it is pretty wide open.... something like this? Gilman 25% Fix 20% Vito 20% Suriano 20% Field 15%
  7. As of June of last year, Eierman had not qualified. Pretty sure this list + the NCAA champions are the only ones who have qualified. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2020/July/30/Updated-US-Olympic-Team-Trials-qualifiers
  8. Hmmm, well if that is the case, maybe next time Yianni wrestles Zain, he should try getting Zain in one of those positions that he is "completely lost" in?
  9. I think he could possibly do 1 and possibly beat some of the guys in 2 (especially if he can win the match quickly via pin or guts). But no, don't see him beating all of those guys. Even some others not listed.... what if he faces Colon, who can match his upper body strength and has 2 healthy legs to push off with. What if he faces someone like Garrett who is so quick and has great misdirection and a variety of attacks? What happens if someone gets him in a leg lace in his current state? He's REALLY good, but not seeing how coming out of this deep field as the champion could be possible.
  10. Yup, I meant this is Graff's first freestyle entry since Worlds. And yes, and largely due to the new weigh-in rules, I think his 57 days are over. Given he hasn't made a test run competing at a different weight and that he is competing in this tournament at 61kg, my guess is Graff is going to focus on winning 61kg at Worlds in Norway in October. That weight is perfect for him and seems like there would be an advantage to target that weight all along rather than be coming off of a cut or having to cut back down from 65kg months before.
  11. Curious to see how Graff does at 61kg.... I believe this is his first competition since Worlds!
  12. RBY vs Graff would be fascinating
  13. Fair point, though I would say that 6-2 isn't a blow out. You are correct that he did once lose a 3rd place match to Nico once 10-0, but also beat Nico in their most recent meeting. I updated the wording in my post to make it more accurate.
  14. I mean, Graff has very rarely been blown out by anyone domestically (the couple where he did lose big such as to Nico and Steiber were vs guys he has also defeated). He lost to Gilman 1-1 in their only meeting and that was at 57kg and I think he's clearly better at 61kg. So not sure why he wouldn't keep it close. I think Colon would be right there with Lee as well. Lee will keep getting better and those guys are towards the end of their careers, so that may not be true for long, but I think it is true for now.
  15. Lee vs any of the top 61 kg guys (Graff, Colon, Gross, etc.) would have been really interesting. I think all of those could have gone either way. Sanders did hit a pretty nice arm throw for 4 against Ramos once. Doubt he can do anything like that against Lee though.
  16. 2018 was the only year they were at different weights. If Graff would have beaten Dennis, they would have met in the OTT finals in 2016 If Graff would have won the Challenge tournament (lost 1-1 to Gilman), they would have met in the WTT finals in 2017 If Ramos would have beaten Joey Palmer, they would have met in the 3rd place match at the US Open in 2019 If Ramos would have beaten Megaludis, they would have met at WTT in 2019 I believe there was also 1-2 other smaller tournaments (Farrell, Schultz, etc) where they were close to meeting as well.
  17. Ramos/Graff in FS. They both did well in so many of the same tournaments.... almost statistically unfathomable this never happened. Even the match where he retired, Ramos would have faced Graff next if he had won.
  18. Sunday, March 8 10:30 a.m. – Qualification and repechage (WFS 50-53-57-62-68-76 kg, MFS 79-92 kg) 5 p.m. – Finals (WFS 50-53-57-62-68-76 kg, MFS 79-92 kg) Monday, March 9 10:30 a.m. – Qualification and repechage (MFS 57-61-65-70-74-86-97-125 kg) 5 p.m. – Finals (MFS 57-61-65-70-74-86-97-125 kg) So Graff wrestles Monday.
  19. I agree with 1st period scoring (took awhile to get right, but 8-6 was how I saw it) First points of the 2nd period should have been 2 red, not 4. But then, since they called it 4, once red got the next takedown, it should have been over.... 16-6 TF for red. Not sure why they let it continue, but given they did, I think the first blue points of the 2nd period also should have been 2, not 4. So I think it should have been 14-8, not 16-10, but same difference. Then red clearly gets 2 exposures, so should have been a TF for red. Clearly over before the pinning sequence. So right outcome, but I guess blue could be confused about the inconsistency... because if they let blue continue when it was 16-6, why did they not let him continue when it was 20-10 on the board and he pinned red?
  20. Dake still has to win 2 matches to get to JB. Probably Massa or Joseph and then IMar. In past years, I think he wrestled 3 matches and generally got a quick tech in the 1st one, so I don't really think the quantity of wrestling is that different, just the fact that it isn't same day.
  21. Most of his match vs Martin was pretty much the same as when he faced him a Farrell.... Just a bit different ending.
  22. Fix, Yianni, Burroughs/Dake (too close to call), Cox, Snyder, Gable.
  23. Dake will have to wrestle 2 matches the day before. I think in 2016 he had to wrestle 3 so it's really not that different for him this time. After all the hype of KD vs Burroughs, wouldn't it be something if some high upside guy like Mehki upset Dake in the challenge tournament?
  24. If he hasn't wrestled anyone on the list, I just think they would count his Cadet and Junior world titles for something and not stick him at the bottom, but yeah, I suppose they could do that. It would be realee gross (pun intended) to have Lee/Gross as a 12/5 match.
  25. So let's say the 57kg seeds look like this: Fix Gilman Graff Colon Gross Lee Suriano NATO Zane Garrett Cruz Sanders How would the tournament play out? Wild guess with minimal thought: NATO over Zane, Suriano over Garrett, Lee over Cruz, Gross over Sanders Fix over NATO, Gross over Colon, Suriano over Gilman (seems likely to be a 1-1 type match), Graff over Lee (probably an upset to many, even if not by seed) Fix over Gross, Graff over Suriano (would be crazy given they've probably wrestled a lot in the Rutgers room) Fix over Graff Thoughts?
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