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  1. NLWC prioritizes Taylor.  Nickal potentially getting a bye to the finals of Olympic qualifying at Taylor's weight would cause all sorts of headaches and messiness (think along the lines of the Ramos vs. Dennis aftermath, only tweak that scenario such that Ramos was coming off a world title and played a big role in putting Iowa on the wrestling map) that NLWC doesn't want to deal with.  Personally I think it is as simple as that.

  2. 3 hours ago, AZ_wrestling said:

    How many picks are busted now? Haha

    8.  Updated standings:

    bnwtwg 40
    rpm002 31
    AZ_wrestling 30
    herma48852 21
    wrestlingnerd 20
    Chet 12
    cangemi 10
    nhs67 Out
    steamboat_charlie Out
    Ragu Out
    RajaThaiKnee Out
    Mdogg Out
    lu1979 Out
    Perry Out
    OBXWrestler Out

  3. I'm pretty surprised the Flo guys and 80% of pickers in the final X pool are taking Colon over Graff.  Personally, I think Graff is quite likely to win this matchup.  Here's why:

    First, here is the history of Colon vs Graff:

    They met 3 times in their senior years in college.  Colon won 6-0 in a dual at UNI, Colon won 6-3 in the Midlands semifinals, and Graff won 6-4 in the NCAA semifinal.  Then they met in 2017 in the Dave Schultz semifinals, where Graff won 11-0.  In both folkstyle matches Colon won, he turned Graff from the top position twice and also got a riding time point.  In the NCAA semi, Colon got 2 escapes and 2 stall points from the top position.  And obviously in the freestyle matchup, Colon didn't score. There's two big things to note.  First the trendline is clearly in Graff's favor.... he's done better against Colon each time.  But even more critically:  Colon has 0 career takedowns vs. Graff in their 4 matchups (vs 5 for Graff)!  

    Now let's go to the tape from their 1 freestyle match-up:  


    Graff gets 2 takedowns, one at the 3:06 mark and one at the 4:45 mark of the video.  They are very similar and classic Graff single-leg attacks where he gets the leg, but keeps his body away and to Colon's side.  This is the best way to attack Colon  If you get between his legs (as Nico often does and Graff did at the 2:07 mark of this video, without success) or go for double legs (like Garrett often does), you leave yourself vulnerable to Colon's world-class chest wrap.  But swing singles are what Graff does and that is the best possible type of attack to have in your arsenal vs. Colon.

    Obviously if Colon does somehow get on top, his gut wrench is very dangerous.   But Graff's par terre is quite good as well and given the history between the two, he is the more likely to get a chance to use it.  

    The Flo guys haven't really gone into much detail but seem to be picking Colon with confidence because "Graff is inconsistent".  But in the time since getting teched by Graff above, Colon has losses to Wright, Kindig, Brewer (by tech), Garrett twice (the 2nd being a tech in the first 90 seconds), and Suriano.  So I don't really see one guy as  much more consistent than the other.  Both have had their share of big wins and tough losses.

    The bottom line is the way to beat Colon is to clear ties to stay out of trouble (avoid double unders), don't take bad shots that Colon will counter,  but instead selectively choose your spots to take single leg attacks.  Graff did this previously and his SKWC counterpart Suriano just did it against Colon as well.  Styles make fights and I think this Graff's style matches up very well and with Colon and he will prevail and advance to Worlds.



  4. Registration is now closed.  We have 15 entries. Good luck to all!


    Breakdown from most confident to least (excluding Downey, which I am taking as 10 points for everyone)

    Snyder over Gadson (picks: 15-0, locks 14-0)

    Burroughs over IMAR (picks 14-1, locks 13-0)

    Cox over Bo (picks 13-2, locks 12-0)

    Green over Deakin (picks 13-2, locks 11-0)

    Colon over Graff (picks 12-3, locks 5-2)

    Fix over Gilman (picks 11-4, locks 4-2)

    Yianni over Zain (picks 10-5, locks 7-1)

    Dake over Dieringer (picks 10-5, locks 4-3)

    Gwiz over Gable (picks 8-7, locks 6-2)


  5. 2 hours ago, Scorenomore said:

    I’m a DT fan but disappointed about the “gift” comment.  PD earned his way to this spot and overcame challenges along the way. No one gave him any respect and certainly didn’t gift him a spot. Yes DT would have likely won but he didn’t and to put PD down when he did nothing wrong against DT was classless. 

    Agree.  Downey beat MyMar and Heflin to win the US Open and earned a bye to the WTT Final.  Then Taylor's injury happened, so anyone at a neighboring weight had the opportunity to shift to 86kg.  No one did and Heflin again made the finals, but  Downey beat him again twice in a row to earn a spot in Final X.  Downey clearly would have been an underdog vs. Taylor, but Downey earned his way to the top 2 at 86.  If one of the top 2 can't wrestle, then the other one will go to World's.  DT's comment made it seem like the guy who got 8th place at the US Open was magically going to World's, but that's not what happened.

  6. 8 hours ago, mspart said:

    I'm interested in Taylor being a lock.  His knee just has to give out a little and he will be unable to wrestle effectively.  I don't know about Dake's condition.  But there is not enough cold spray in the world to fix Taylor if his knee is not 100%.


    Wow, prophetic post.  Since the news broke before the deadline, all entries will automatically be changed to "Downey - Lock".  No need to do anything.

  7. 8 hours ago, Ragu said:

    Not knocking the rules or anything but why not assign points to each guy in confidence we have in them winning like Intermat does with Big 10s and NCAAs? Ex. 1 gets 10 points assigned and 2 gets 9 points all the way down to our least confident pick getting 1 point.

    Well, there's plenty of time left for you to run your own contest... Lol 

    Seriously, confidence pools are fun too.... I think forcing people to choose "is this a lock for me or not" is a more interesting decision than "should I make this my 3 point pick or my 4 point pick?" 

  8. Here are the rules for the Final X pick'em contest:

    • Entries are due June 7th.  You can change your entry before the deadline if you want, but please do this as a new post rather than editing your original post.
    • You pick the winner of all 10 match-ups and also decide which of your picks are "locks".
    • Picks that a "lock" are worth 10 points if correct, but if you get even 1 of your locks wrong, your entire entry is disqualified 
    • Picks that are not a "lock" are worth 1 point (so they are basically just a tiebreaker)
    • If there are wrestle-offs after Final X, we will wait until those are decided before declaring a winner
    • Probably obvious, but any sort of forfeit or injury default counts as a loss for that wrestler and a win for their opponent

    To give an example of what an entry should look like, my entry is:

    57 Fix

    61 Graff - LOCK

    65 Zain

    70 Green - LOCK

    74 Burroughs - LOCK

    79 Dieringer

    86 Taylor - LOCK

    92 Cox - LOCK

    97 Snyder - LOCK

    125 Gwiz - LOCK


    Let me know if you have any questions.  Good luck!

  9. 7 minutes ago, de4856 said:

    Rpm002, granted you make some points regarding the BtS match between Colon and Suriano, but Suriano is this year's Champ at 133, and a two time runner up, so my point is that he is a highly talented individual, and even though he may not have prevailed here or at Final X, but it sure would've been nice to see him here. 

    Suriano is indeed a great talent, but unfortunately for us wrestling fans, all indications are that his plans are to "take those talents to MMA", not freestyle wrestling.

  10. 5 hours ago, de4856 said:

    Well, after watching 61, this morning Congrats to Graff, but after watching BtS, I am wondering what the outcome would have been if Suriano had been here. 

    Nah, that's putting too much weight on a close exhibition match between one guy who was at home vs. another guy flew across the country to be there.  Also, styles make fights and Suriano's style (choose your shots sparingly and give your opponent nothing to counter) is a terrible match-up for Colon, who thrives on counters, exposures, and par terre but not so much at making his own offense.

    Given Garrett was out, Graff vs. Megaludis was going to decide who got to Final X (and I think either would have a great chance to beat Colon as well).

  11. Final Standings:


    lu1979 53
    rpm002 50
    alliseeisgold 40
    Eagle26 40
    Jon_Jozak 39
    steamboat charlie 36
    Keisha_Phillips 36
    bnwtwg 35
    Perry 33
    nhs67 33
    spladle 30
    dmm53 26
    hbluejr 26



    lu1979 tied for last in the US Open contest, but redeemed himself by winning this contest.  I finished second and would have tied for first if Oliver had beaten Molinaro for True Second, but it was not to be. 

    I think the best possible score would have been 66 if someone had Graff, Zain, IMAR, Dieringer, Downey, Gable, and 2 out of 4 of Cruz, Ashnault, Walz, or Macchiavello 

    Congratulations lu1979! If you PM me with your paypal or Venmo ID, I will send you $10 for your efforts.  Thanks to all who participated.  I will probably do a Final X contest in a bit different format.  Might depend on if there are delayed wrestle-offs, etc.  Stay tuned!

  12. Assuming I understand the USA Wrestling policies correctly, besides the Final X wrestlers, 8 others who 100% clinched at least a spot on the US National team (top 3 at their weight) today.  They are:

    • 57: Cruz (beat both JRod and Mueller, who are the finalists on the backside, so even if he loses to Gilman tomorrow, he will not need to wrestle for True Third)
    • 61: Graff (beat Megaludis)
    • 75: Nolf (beat Massa)
    • 79: Zahid (beat Hall)
    • 86: Heflin (beat Brooks)
    • 92: Macchiavello (beat Zilmer)
    • 97: Walz (beat Beazley)
    • 125: Steveson (beat Nelson)

    All the guys mentioned in parentheses still have a chance as well, but they all need the guy who beat them today to also win tomorrow and then to win a True Third match. (For example, Megaludis can make it if Graff beats Brewer.  If that happens, that would trigger a true 3rd match between Megaludis and Brewer).   

    57, 65, and 70 are more confusing since they did not have a final today.

    57: Although it is very likely he will make it, Gilman is not yet 100% assured a spot on the National Team.  If he loses to Cruz, he'd need to win a True Third match against the JRod/Mueller winner.

    65: The loser of Zain/Oliver will meet the winner of Molinaro/Eirmann for true third.  The only exception is if Zain loses and Molinaro wins, because Zain already won that match-up, so then he would get the spot.

    70: The loser of Green/Ashnault will meet the winner of Sorensen/Chamberlain for true third.  But here there are 2 exceptions.... if that match-up is Green/Sorenson or (more likely) Chamberlain/Ashnault, then it won't be held as Green/Ashnault already won those match-ups.

  13. Rules:  You have $2500 to spend.   (This is a lot higher than the max for the US Open contest, so you can afford to pick a couple extra stars this time).  

    You pick a team of wrestlers competing at WTT at the prices listed below.  Max 1 wrestler per weight class.  You can leave as many weights as you want empty (so at the extremes, your lineup could have as few as 4 wrestlers or as many as 10).    "Anyone else" means "you have to name 1 wrestler who I did not list at this weight".  It does not mean "you get the entire rest of the field" :)

    Scoring is very simple:

    The 10 wrestlers who advance to Final X earn 10 points each

    The 10 wrestlers who make the US National Team but do not advance to Final X earn 3 points each (my understanding is that they will be wrestling for true third at this event, not at Final X like they did last year)

    No one else earns any points. 

    The entry with the most total points across all their wrestlers wins.  I'll post results by Monday at the latest.  Might be a small prize for the winner... we'll see. :)

    Good luck!

    57 KG  
    Gilman  $        700
    Richards  $        200
    Anyone else  $        100
    61 KG  
    Brewer  $        500
    Megaludis  $        400
    Graff  $        200
    Anyone else  $        100
    65 KG  
    Zain  $        400
    Oliver  $        400
    Molinaro  $        200
    Ness  $        200
    Anyone else  $        100
    70 KG  
    Green  $        600
    Pantaleo  $        200
    Hidlay  $        200
    Anyone else  $        100
    74 KG  
    Imar  $        500
    Nolf  $        400
    Gantt  $        200
    Anyone else  $        100
    79 KG  
    Dieringer  $        500
    Z Valencia  $        300
    Hall  $        300
    Anyone else  $        100
    86 KG  
    Downey  $        500
    Heflin  $        200
    Brooks  $        200
    Martin  $        200
    Anyone else  $        100
    92 KG  
    Nickal  $        700
    Zilmer  $        200
    Anyone else  $        100
    Gadson  $        700
    Honis  $        200
    Anyone else  $        100
    125 KG  
    Coon  $        600
    Nelson  $        200
    Steveson  $        200
    Anyone else  $        100
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