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  1. Reupping this with Nahshon out.... hard to see how seeds could be anything other than:  1) Mega 2) Palmer 3) Graff 4) Clark 5) Ramos 6) Hall 7) Mack 

    On the top side, Clark seems to have Ramos figured out and Mega smashed Clark pretty good, so the path seems pretty clear for Mega. However, Clark nearly pinned Mega in the 2018 US Open, so his best chance might be to hit a big move like Brewer did. Also, if Ramos can solve Clark, I think he might matchup a bit better vs. Mega. 

    On the bottom side, Palmer-Mack should be close, but Palmer has pulled out many close matches, so would expect him to do the same here.  Graff teched Hall at the Open pretty quickly.  Palmer beat Graff twice (both by criteria) at the Open, but I still like Graff's chances if they meet up again.  (Reminds me of last year when Graff lost to Morrison at a prior tournament, but teched him at WTT).

    So Mega/Graff seems like the most likely final.  Mega beat Graff twice last year, but the matches were very different.  In the first one, Mega got to Graff's legs repeatedly and won 10-0.  In the rematch, Graff did a much better job of keeping distance between them and preventing Nico from getting to his legs, but Mega used his splits to counter a Graff attack to not only get his takedown, but a couple of laces as well in a 7-2 win.  I would expect a similar matchup this time.... few takedowns and whoever can score from par terre will probably win.




  2. 57:  Gilman over Vito at WTT, Fix over Gilman at Final X

    61: Graff over Mega, then Brewer at WTT, Graff over Colon at Final X (the first one will be the toughest.  Graff is 3-0 with 3 techs over Brewer and Colon.... if he gets to Brewer, I think he will be our rep)

    65: Oliver over Zain at WTT, Oliver over Yianni at Final X

    70: Nolf over Green at WTT, Nolf over Deakin at Final X

    74: Gnatt over Valencia, then IMar over Gnatt at WTT, Burroughs over IMar at Final X (but IMar wins once to force a 3rd match) 

    79: Hall over Valencia, then Dieringer over Hall at WTT, Dieringer over Dake at Final X

    86: Taylor if he competes, Nickal if he comes down and Taylor is out, Downey over Heflin again if no Nickal or Taylor

    92: Nickal over Zilmer, Cox over Nickal (or Zilmer if Bo goes down)

    97: Gadson over Honis, Synder over Gadson

    125: Coon over Gable (or Nelson), Gwiz over Coon

  3. Nahshon Garrett posted on social media that he is not quite ready to compete , so he is out of the WTT for 2019.  Also said he will be competing at 57kg in 2020.  

    Feel bad for the guy.... 1 injury kept him out of Worlds one year and off the team the next year.  It's a big if, but if he can handle the weight cut OK, I think he can beat out Fix, Gilman, etc. and make it to the Olympics.  Would be a great comeback story.

  4. 15 hours ago, nhs67 said:

    61kg: No Nicky Pushups and Saunders will be gunning for Juniors again and has outgrown 61.

    1-Nahshon Garrett
    2-Nick Suriano
    3-Nico Megaludis-Colon wins best of three.
    4-Joey Palmer
    5-Tyler Graff
    6-Cory Clark
    7-Anthony Ramos
    8-Austin Gomez
    9-Sean Fausz
    10-Joshua Saunders

    11-Earl Hall
    12-Shelton Mack


    So when you push the seeds up with Suriano out, you would have 1) Garrett 2) Mega 3) Palmer 4) Graff 5) Clark 6) Ramos

    Graff has beaten Clark twice (in Spain last summer and at the Open..... the 2nd period of their meeting in Vegas was crazy.... don't think I've ever seen someone get 4 exposures but still lose by 9, as Clark did).  Palmer beat Ramos in Vegas, but it was close until at big move at the very end... I think Ramos can find a way to win this time.  That would leave Garrett-Graff and Mega-Ramos as the semis.  Graff has beaten Garrett before.  Garrett won 5-3 in their most recent meeting.  Not sure how close to 100% Garrett will be, but I think this is the hinge match for him..... if he's strong enough to beat Graff, he'll win the Challenge tournament and beat Brewer and Colon too IMO.  Ramos beat Mega like 5 years ago 1-0 in the most boring match ever.  Not sure they've met in free since then.  I'd expect a pretty low-scoring close match, but Mega has looked better recently.

    I think the most likely scenario is Garrett beats everyone.  But could see Mega or Graff winning the challenge tournament too.  And I think both of them would have a great shot against Brewer too (Mega was winning 3-0 in Vegas, Graff has teched Brewer twice.... last year he did it in 34 seconds!)

  5. 38 minutes ago, nhs67 said:

    Guys let's not bash our world bronze medalist.

    Who are you referring to here?  Some (including me) pointed out Colon's style makes some matchups really good or really bad for him, but I don't see anyone bashing him.  He is a great story and, by all account I have heard, a great guy.  

  6. 4 hours ago, nhs67 said:

    The matchup wasn't understood, or respected as much as it needed to be.

    Colon-He is obviously a great wrestler with a nearly world class top game. Nothing else of his is even remotely close to that. Kind if a Jack of all trades. Very, very good but only one thing that is considered top 10 to 15 in the world(maybe).

    Suriano has nearly world class neutral defense and world class functional strength.

    The matches start neutral. Suriano will approach every match with a chip. He took this match dead serious. Colon may or may not have.

    Styles make matches. Colon would beat more of the field more of the time at 61kg than Suriano would, but I believe Suriano beats Colon more than not.

    Colon is a counter wrestler.  Most of his big wins went like this:  High volume shooters like Garrett or Gross or Nico come in on him, Colon uses his chest wrap to expose or is able to counter and throw (and then get a couple gut wrenches) enough times to win. 

    By contrast, Suriano is very strong and stayed in great position and didn't give Colon much of anything to counter.  It really shouldn't have been a surprise that this would work.  Others have beaten Colon this way too.  For example:  


  7. Thanks to all who entered and congratulations to Mdogg!!!  Here's what I calculated as the final standings: (please let me know if you think I missed something).

    Mdogg 37
    steamboat_charlie v2 31
    Keisha_Phillips 31
    bnwtwg 30
    GenralLee 28
    Ragu 27
    ShakaAloha 26
    rpm002 25
    nhs67 21
    lu1979 21


    All 6 wrestlers in Mdogg's lineup earned points... that's very impressive!  Mdogg:  if you PM me your paypal or Venmo ID, I'll send you $10 in honor of your victory. :)

    As well as Mdogg did, there is potential for improvement next time.  I think the maximum point total possible would have been a lineup of:



    That lineup would have been valid (cost = $1500) and would have earned 4+10+10+10+6+4+10+0+6+6 = 66 points!  (alternatively, you could have subbed Nickal for Downey and gotten the same).  

  8. 43 minutes ago, Gantry said:

    Putting Nolf at $200 basically means every single person is going to pick him. 

    I won't comment on every single pricing decision I made (my day job is an actuary, so I do have experience in pricing) :)  But I will for this one because it is an interesting case.

    I waivered between 200 and 300 for Nolf.  I went low because if he doesn't upset the 4 time champ at this weight, he will get at most 4 points.  And further, as an NCAA champ, he is already in WTT, so I think it is fairly likely he defaults out for 0 points if he loses to Green. 

  9. 27 minutes ago, nhs67 said:

    Having to actually pick someone for that final spot totally screws my picks.  I honestly don't think anyone not listed as one of the favorites will win any of the weights.  

    If you think that, you do have the option pick no one at particular weight.  If you do this a few times, you can probably save enough money to buy another favorite.

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