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  1. rlw028

    Nebraska vs Wisconsin

    My buddy texted me during the dual that Bono is a "walking adderal". The guy brings passion and teams that he coaches always compete hard. He does a bang up job.
  2. rlw028

    Gable at the US Open...

    17 year old*, which would make it even more impressive.
  3. rlw028

    Goldman Retired....

    Agreed. They may have been able to land a bigger name, but Escobedo could do a good job there.
  4. rlw028

    Kurt McHenry to Michigan

    Will Mattin eventually move up to 133?
  5. rlw028

    Change at WVU- No Bull

    I'm not calling that Scott will take it, or even apply, but being that he is from 10 minutes up the road makes me think it isn't completely out of the question.
  6. rlw028

    Change at WVU- No Bull

    I had heard that Coleman Scott was very interested in the job when Henson took it. Being so close to Waynesburg, I wonder if he re-applies.
  7. rlw028

    Redshirt Power Rankings

    Jake Woodley (despite the criticism of OU above) should be considered. Went 1-1 with Warner this year.
  8. rlw028

    SDSU Head Coach

    That's an interesting name outside of the obvious choices. Not much success so far where he is, but that is not an easy job by any means.
  9. rlw028

    Scott Moore - Does he get a look

    I think if he wants a look at Wisconsin, he has earned it. But that said, he's a PA boy who might like living/coaching close to home.
  10. Dom Forys, Tyler Smith
  11. rlw028

    NaTo just beat the brakes off the Backpack.

    I believe this was their only meeting, a lopsided FS win for Mckee, who for all intents and purposes seems to be better at FS where Pletcher is a bit of a novice. https://www.flowrestling.org/video/5516482-60kg-s-mitch-mckee-pinnacle-vs-luke-pletcher-latrobemov
  12. rlw028


    Has probably his best class coming in this year too. That guy can coach.
  13. rlw028

    ASU vs OSU

    I always thought the T was silent, my mistake ;) Gasman-Thank you for sharing that link.
  14. rlw028

    ASU vs OSU

    Will this be streaming anywhere?
  15. rlw028

    Wittlake Decommits From PSU

    Isn't in state tuition supposed to be notoriously cheap for Okie State? I have heard that but not sure how true. In addition to that (assuming it is true), I doubt Joe Smith is on any scholarship (likely goes for free due to dad's employment).