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  1. I absolutely agree that it shouldn't be apart of the triala process. I was just stating gow i would change it if it had to be that way. I believe were actually more on the same page. I want a pro leauge but not at the peril of our trials
  2. I think youre focusing way too much on the fact that i said "we learned this in grade school". By no means am I saying that they are only cutting a couple of pounds to make weight. I am saying that in a format where they have to make weight multiple times they have the choice of either moving up or making the weight. Thats what we learned in grade school. Secondly, they obviously wouldn't make weight everyday. There is a system of every 2 weeks or so being put into play. I'm not saying it will be easy on them, but it may just be how the chips fall. Thats where that decision will have to come into play before the freestyle season begins.
  3. I think this is both a good and a bad thing, personally. Positives 1. It gives money to the athletes that are qualified. 2. We have a 7 week season of legit professional wrestling that may or may not be broadcasted on television. 3.The stakes are high now higher to win the US Open (not just place) and Last Chance Qualifier. It also puts even more importance on winning an NCAA title (Not that it needed much more). Negatives 1.I'm not sure that this is necessarily a negative and just more of a point, but we just won the WC with our traditional way of doing things. Does it really need to change? 2. Nothing is very clear when it comes to the "common sense" questions. I'll get to what I mean by that in just a bit. 3.With only 4 wrestlers being allowed to compete for the spot it really leaves very little opportunity for our country to bring the best guy... Keep in mind the fact that when Molinaro won the OTT he was the 9 seed. He didn't have NCAA eligibility, didn't win the US Open, and didn't compete at the Last Chance. 4. Weighing in multiple times over 10 weeks. This could be very hard on the body and it doesn't seem to be very beneficial with the new weigh in rules. I do have mixed feelings on this though. Common Sense Questions 1. What happens if 2 or 3 NCAA Champs all want to go the same weight? An example would be what if the 141,149, and 157 NCAA Champs all wanted to go 70 kg. Who would be granted the spot? 2.What if the US Open champion was the World Team member last year? Does the runner up get the US Open champs spot? 3. What if the US Open champion is also the NCAA Champion this season? Does the same rule apply? 4. What about weights that don't have a returning world team member? If we are getting 2 new weights added next freestyle season then who will get the returning world team member slots for those? 5.What if a returning world team member goes up a weight? Does he have to go through the same process? Who gets that spot if he moves up? How I Would Do This I like the idea for this to an extent. A 7 week season, athletes getting paid, events being televised, every match has big time implications. All of those are great things if you ask me. Although, I think it would be best if we took 8 wrestlers under the same format on a 9 week season. Lets just say you take the top 3 from the US Open, have a limit of 2 NCAA champs per weight, the returning world team member/medalist, Last Chance Qualifier Champ, and a wild card. In order to get paid the amounts that were stated, you must place in the top 4. One thing I really don't think should be an issue that a lot of people seem to have a problem with is the idea of weighing in multiple times over a 7 week period. Guys, these are professional athletes and have done this their whole lives. If they can't make the weight they should probably move up. We learned that when we were in grade school. That's just my 2 cents though. Not that it matters.
  4. Really hoping JO goes 70kg. I have my money on him beating Green.
  5. Just curious as to when they will be and who is wrestling what weights
  6. People who go on these message boards and say its a joke that a 16 or 17 year old kid didn't go a certain weight is ridiculous. It really shows you who isn't satisfied with their own wrestling career. Guys, this kid is a multiple time WORLD CHAMPIOIN! At any weight class this is a herculean feat. The sad thing is that the people on this message board are supposed to know more than the average joe about our sport..... yet somehow they don't understand how difficult it is to be a world champ at any weight.
  7. I think our system is pretty solid. The reason they get byes to the finals is because they have already proven that they are capable of obtaining a medal on the world stage. Why risk the possibility of your best guy getting stuck on a fluke in the quarters? I also firmly believe that this system sends our best guy about 90% of the time each year. With your logic of "A fresh Varner would have beat Snyder". I guess in the same breath you have to say a fresh Dake would have beat Burroughs. I'm a HUGE Dake fan, but I think we all know that it just doesn't work that way. It is a system that literally works as an advantage for our best guys and personally wouldn't have it any other way. A good example of this is the fact that Molinaro got a fluke win over Metcalf. Metcalf has straight up beat him 9/10 times but that one time just so happened to occur at the trials. Yes, Frank beat Brent but be honest when you say who you'd rather see rep us at the games between the 2. THAT is why we have this system.
  8. My stream is being screwy where are you guys watching?
  9. Dake will win a close one here with Cox. I know it may sound crazy by looking at the brackets with the points theyve each put up, but Dake finds ways to win man.
  10. Do I think Molinaro is the absolute best guy to send? Based on his past probably not, but TODAY he has beaten 3 opponents who collectively won 8 NCAA titles to his 1. The name of the game is win the OTT and you make the team and so far he has done what he needs to do. If you can beat Metcalf and Stieber in the same day then you're doing something right.
  11. I wouldn't say he's done nothing in the 3 matches he's wrestled, but with Metcalf and Stieber he really only hit one big move a piece and that's what won him both matches. I will say he is wrestling great, but I don't know how well it will transition overseas.
  12. JO is out now too.... Gimme Stieber at this point.
  13. Guys is it crazy to pick Retherford to beat James Green first round? is that going to be the most interesting first round match in mens freestyle?
  14. After studying Cox more and watching ALOT of his matches this morning..... I dont know man. I knew he was good, but with every match I watched I was just a little more impressed each time. He's gonna be HUGE at the weight and Dake is really gonna have to wrestle hard to win this match. Size advantage definitely goes to Cox and I really like his movement from his feet. Constant fakes and things of that nature may throw Dake off. Cox is really good about getting to the legs but he had a hard time finishing on McIntosh at NCAA's for example (until the last 15 seconds or so obviously) and that could be an issue as Dake has awesome defense from guys in on his legs. It will be interesting look for Dake to slow Cox down like he does against everyone. He's gonna have to work hard to shut a much larger J'Den Cox down though.
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