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  1. NCAA Seeding Question.....If you have two guys with no other criteria, does that win go into consideration? Cox and Schiller both go undefeated.....who is the #1 seed?
  2. I think you have to count it for rankings, if not then cancel the meet! Obviously rankings are very much an "overall body of work" approach, so it is kind of a case-by-case basis, but YES the matches wrestled at the All-Star Meet should go into consideration! Tony Greathouse www.associatedwrestlingpress.com
  3. Associated Wrestling Press updated College Rankings have been released following the opening weekend: http://www.associatedwrestlingpress.com/news_article/show/443483?referrer_id=1023868
  4. The opening week of the NCAA D1 season is finally here! Check out the Associated Wrestling Press' "FEATURED FIVE" top 5 duals to watch this week and stay tuned for continued coverage all season long of NCAA Wrestling from the AWP! http://www.associatedwrestlingpress.com/news_article/show/441557?referrer_id=1024552
  5. The Associated Wrestling Press just released our preview of #4 Penn State, check it out along with the other Top 50 team previews that have been released of the last month and a half! http://www.associatedwrestlingpress.com/news_article/show/441376?referrer_id=1024552
  6. Check out our Oklahoma season preview and the rest of the AWP 50 in 50 college previews: http://www.associatedwrestlingpress.com/news_article/show/422153?referrer_id=1024552
  7. The Associated Wrestling Press is releasing our 50 in 50 College Previews, breaking down the top 50 teams in the NCAA over the next 50 days. We started on Friday with #50 Cal State Bakersfield and then #49 Appalachian State today. A new team will be unveiled each day leading up to the start of the College Season. www.associatedwrestlingpress.com
  8. The Associated Wrestling Press has released NCAA Pre-Season Individual Rankings, check them out at www.associatedwrestlingpress.com
  9. The Associated Wrestling Press has released updated pound for pound rankings for the Class of 2015 (Top Seniors) and 2016 (Top Juniors). 2017 and 2018 are coming later this week! Links below... http://www.associatedwrestlingpress.com/news_article/show/411090?referrer_id=1023868 http://www.associatedwrestlingpress.com/news_article/show/411494?referrer_id=1023868
  10. The Associated Wrestling Press' first weight class rankings for the 2014-15 season have been released, check them out below! http://www.associatedwrestlingpress.com/news_article/show/408386?referrer_id=1023868 Issues with the rankings? e-mail associatedwrestlingpress@gmail.com
  11. Associated Wrestling Press breaks down 10 rising high school seniors who raised their stock big time in Fargo! http://www.associatedwrestlingpress.com/news_article/show/406258?referrer_id=1023868
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