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  1. if they update the team ranking based on these changes, Iran will be upgraded to the 3rd place ahead of USA ! still behind the mighty Kazakhstan !
  2. Yes as far as I know they test all medal winners and some other wrestlers, but I think testing medal winners is mandatory I really don't know to be honest, obviously he is not the smartest person on the planet, I mean look at the match, he is not even a good actor ! he could fake this injury after 3 or 4 minutes to make it look more real. not with only 6 seconds to go ! and just after that show, he is almost walking with no problem !! he was a nobody until few months ago, I never heard his name until he won the nationals, then he won all his matches in the league and finally by winning the Takhti Cup (and beating Ramin Taheri) he forced the national coaches to consider him. but it's hard to believe a nobody can improve at this rate ! It was always suspicious because he was super strong. well it's not like medicines and drugs are impossible to find, most of them are being produced inside Iran, the shortage of medicine is mostly about some certain drugs. and come on if you pay good money you can find anything you want. Iran is a big big country with lots of borders, easy to smuggle anything you want in. people are suffering because they have to pay more to get the same medicine but it's not like you can't find them to buy.
  3. of course, there is no other way to explain it, he came from nowhere and beat everybody in Iran, if you watch his Takhti Cup final vs Ramin Taheri, Taheri could do nothing against him. he was just too strong for Taheri and today we found out why he was so strong ! it's funny , he had to wrestle for bronze and he just had to show up to take it ! both other wrestlers in repechage were disqualified (I assume they left the stadium didn't notice they have to wrestle in repechage) but still Hedayat didn't show up to take the bronze, because obviously he didn't want it ! lol
  4. Did anybody see what happened in 87kg Greco-Roman Asian Championships semifinal between Hedayat (Iran) and his Kyrgyz opponent, Hedayat was leading 7-0 but then withdrew because "injury" with only 6 seconds to go !!!! they really have to ban this guy for life. he should never see the color of a wrestling mat in his life.
  5. he was never supposed to wrestle at the Asian Championship, I posted the squad before but he says he will be back on the mat in 20 days, it seems the recovery process is going well for him.
  6. Greco team for the Asian Championships, all Takhti Cup winners except 130kg Nasserpour 55, Mohsennejad 60, Dalkhani 63, Asadi 67, Kavianinejad 72, Poshtam 77, Ebrahimi 82, Hedayat 87, Saravi 97 and Mirzazadeh 130
  7. now we know what happened to Meisam Nasiri, he was told to wrestle Maghsoudi inside the national camp , it was supposed to be a trial for the Asian Championship but Nasiri refused and left the camp instead. today he had an interview and he said he is not going back to the national team as long as Gholamreza Mohammadi is coaching the team. meanwhile IAWF president Alireza Dabir is apparently in Nasiri's side (or at least he pretends) he ordered the coaching staff to review this again and he asked for justice. and Zanjan Wrestling Association (where Nasiri came from) officially asked IAWF to send Nasiri to the Olympic qualifier instead. personally I don't think anything changes, Dabir just tries to show he cares about all wrestlers from all provinces, but at the end of the day they are not going to change their decision and by leaving the camp and specially this interview Nasiri killed his chance for anything else later. even if Maghsoudi fails in Asia, they will send Ehsanpour to the Olympic qualifier. just my guess though.
  8. I think only Mohammadian is a sure thing. for the rest they will decide after the Asian Championship. I think Zare is almost there too. even though it doesn't really matter, 125kg is easy in Asia.
  9. yeah it's more like someone forgot his name and added it later but they just announced the squad for the Asian Championship officially Sarlak 57, Dastan 61, Maghsoudi 65, Hosseini 70, Hosseinkhani 74, Savadkouhi 79, Bazri 86, Ebrahimi 92, Goleij 97 and Hadi 125 all of them Takhti Cup gold medalists except Majid Dastan. I also somehow considered Maghsoudi as Takhti Cup winner
  10. after a short camp they narrowed the list of invited wrestlers, almost the same list but they dropped some names, officially for the Asian Championship but I believe it's also for the Olympic itself ! interesting point, Meisam Nasiri is not in the list !!! I wonder if something happened between him and the coaches after that refereeing committee announcement ?! 57, Atri, Sarlak, Khodabakhshi 61, Dastan, Ebadi 65, Ehsanpour, Maghsoudi 70, Hosseini 74, Hosseinkhani, Emami 79, Savadkouhi, Kavousi, Nokhodi 86, Yazdani, Ghasempour, Bazri 92, Ebrahimi, Shahbazi 97, Mohammadian, Karimi, Goleij, Shaabani 125, Hadi, Mohebbi, Taheri, Zare another thing usually the order of the names means something, it's not just random. whoever is first he is usually "first" for the coaches too. I noticed they switched Emami and Hosseinkhani, also Mohammadian and Karimi ! it's also interesting Zare was 2nd behind Hadi in the previous list, now he is last in the line ?! just an accident ?
  11. well they are different cases, Mollaei was a famous athlete, he was a world champion but he was also a greedy charlatan and wanted money quickly. Mongolia was ready to pay him. if you followed his story closely it was kind of funny, a year ago in Iran TV he talked about falling in love with an Azerbaijani girl and getting ready to marry her but 4 months later he was deeeeeeply in love with a German girl in love with everything German and wanted to live his whole life there, few months later he ended shaking hands with Mongolian president !! but this guy Zangeneh is very poor with almost no life in Iran and just wanted to live somewhere else. even at a weak weight like 74kg he was still a nobody. he would never make the senior team in Iran, even his U23 world medal which that's what he probably sold to the Canadians was pure luck. he lost to someone from Romania and got the bronze medal because someone else got injured and he only had to win 1 match for that. 2 months ago I heard in some wrestling pages (running by notorious journalists) that he was arrested in iran during the protests and got shot to the eye ! and they only "released" him because those pages made it public !!! at first it was a shocking sad news and made me really upset but then few days later he was in Canada with perfect eyes !!!! and I really fell stupid believing those stories in first place. the truth is the economy is beyond terrible in Iran because of those sanctions and of course mismanagement , and the future doesn't look good. if you traveled to Iran in past couple of years you probably noticed that everybody is angry these days. you can even see that in instagram comments. even when that Zimbabwean guy dances (which is really a cool thing) people still curse somebody for something irrelevant ! in past 6 months, so many Iranian athletes (some of them top level athletes) left the country, most of them just left (and I respect their decision) but a few of them were stupid like this guy and made it political by creating fake stories just to make the processes quicker. I call them stupid because when you are a high level athlete, it's not hard to immigrate to somewhere else and you can do it without destroying all bridges behind yourself. in Zangeneh's case I don't think he has a proper family in Iran, so maybe he had nothing to lose in destroying the bridge !
  12. he wrestled for Iran last year in Worlds U23. I don't think he will be eligible for them before 2021. but who knows he made up a fake story with some of his friends in the media about being shot in the eye in Iran. maybe they give him special permission because of that, but that's unlikely and from his pictures in Canada, his eyes look fine to me ! better than mine at least lol
  13. Nasiri wasn't the better wrestler in any of his wins, he just outsmarted everybody as far as I remember.
  14. unfortunately it's hard to remember something you watched almost a month ago. I tried to find the video but only found highlights of the match (not all actions included). there was a bad call near the end of the match (it was 2-2 but they gave it only 2-0 for Nasiri) but I'm not sure if that's the questionable call or they fixed the score later on that action but I assume this is the call in question.
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