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  1. based on the primary startlist Myles Amine won't wrestle in Norway, if he really doesn't show up. Yazdani will have Naifonov in the semifinal once again.
  2. Iran had to make a change in the Greco team, Amin Mirzazadeh at 130kg (5th place Olympics) tested positive for COVID and while there is still time for him to recover still he will miss the worlds because he will miss lots of training sessions. instead they are going to send World U23 Champion and 2021 Asian Champion Ali Akbar Yousefi. we also had extra trials at 55kg between Abbspour and World Junior Champion Dehbozorgi, Abbaspour beat him twice to make the world team. (Dehbozorgi beat Abbaspour earlier this year to make the junior team, they are both U20) so this is the final Greco squad 55: Sajjad Abbaspour 60: Mehrdad Mardani 63: Meysam Dalkhani 67: Mohammad Reza Geraei 72: Mohammad Reza MokhtarI 77: Mohammad Ali Geraei 82: Pejman Poshtam 87: Ramin Taheri 97: Mohammad Hadi Saravi 130: Ali Akbar Yousefi
  3. IWF announced its trial process for U23 World team in freestyle some interesting point 57: Gholizadegan, Veisi and two more guys 61: Dastan and 3 more guys 65: Mahmoudjanloo, Nemati (the guy who beat Amouzad earlier this year) and 2 more wrestlers will battle first and the winner will face the mighty Hassan Ebadi 70: Maghsoudi and 3 more wrestlers 74: 3 wrestlers will compete first and the winner will face M.S. Firouzpour 79: Savadkouhi and 3 more guys 86: 4 relatively unknown wrestlers including Gholami and Kavousi 92: Hajiloueian and 2 more wrestlers will battle first and the winner will get A.H. Firouzpour 97: Abdollahi and 3 more guys 125: Akbarpour, Hashemi and 2 more wrestlers first, the winner will get Foroutan interesting point, Amir Hossein Firouzpour is already moved up to 92kg. I assume 97kg is his eventual target.
  4. I saw both of them in Ivanovic tournament in Serbia, Yousefi (who lost Iranian trials to Mirzazadeh) beat both of them quite easily. no way they can win a medal in Norway. I believe Russia sent almost all of its top wrestlers to Serbia (except Olympic guys) interestingly they won only half of gold medals against 2nd/3rd tier Iranian and Hungarian wrestlers. Dadmarz who won 55kg (beating Russia #1 and #2) is probably 3rd in Iran, Arami who won 60kg (beating Russia #2) is probably 5th in Iran, Arsalan who won 72kg is also 3rd. bottom line, never saw Russia this weak in Greco-Roman!
  5. everybody has a world medal. Youth, Junior or U23. A. Yazdani never made the junior team. he has a world cadet silver, Sarlak lost when he was on the junior team but has a U23 bronze, Ghasempour is also a 2 time World U23 Champion. everybody else has a World junior medal
  6. 3 juniors, Nokhodi, Elahi and Amouzad I think Zare is still a junior too
  7. I know Goleij is the ugly one (even though he has a good chance to medal) no chance for Sarlak and A. Yazdani. and very slim chance for Elahi, Emami and Nokhodi (unless they receive a good draw) you can consider all of them as "bad" and the rest are good !
  8. Alireza Sarlak, Amir Mohammad Yazdani and Erfan Elahi made the world team after winning trials today. Sarlak beat Gholizadegan twice 3-2 and 4-3 Yazdani beat Mahmoodjanloo twice 8-2 and 13-3 Elahi beat Maghoudi 2-1. he won the first match 6-5, lost the next match 5-3 but finished the job in the last match 8-3 so Iran FS team is now complete for the Worlds 57: Alireza Sarlak 61: Rahman Amouzad 65: Amir Mohammad Yazdani 70: Erfan Elahi 74: Younes Emami 79: Mohammad Nokhodi 86: Hassan Yazdani 92: Kamran Ghasempour 97: Mojtaba Goleij 125: Amir Hossein Zare
  9. I can't believe Sarlak actually made the team. he was as terrible as ever, he won just because he was more experienced
  10. this is TOO early to even think about 2024. Iran won 4 medals in wrestling in general in Tokyo and 3 of them didn't even exist 3 years ago. who knows if Yazdani and Taylor can even make it to the Olympics beating their domestic rivals.
  11. no. that was AN (still hate to write his name after so many years but I guess people won't know I'm talking about Ahmadinejad) and yeah he had to hide for so many months because of negative response he received after that. it was right after 2009 worlds in middle of protests. his coach later explained that he was going to dedicate his medal to some other organization but then AN showed up and he got surprised. they gave him a letter and he just read that. at that moment he wasn't probably sure if he can "refuse" that or not. that was VERY bad timing, AN was the most hated person on the planet in 2009 after the (s)election interestingly most people completely forget that story, and he is well known and popular these days, mostly because he stayed away from politics completely since that day which is the best thing you should do in Iran. for people who doesn't know he is the vice president of Alireza Dabir (IAWF's president) and as Bana said, he consults with Sourian about every single matter about Greco. @HawkY Hamid is considered the best Greco wrestler in history of Iran, this is true that greco is the less prestigious style in Iran but Sourian is a big name, he earned himself the nickname of "General" ! but freestyle is still dominant in Iran. even though Greco is catching up that guy you talked about Alireza Soleimani is also a big name, his career was ruined with politics, he could participate in 5 Olympics, but he only went to two of them. when he was 20 and 36 ! (and didn't medal. even though he was very close in 1992) Iran boycotted both 1980 and 1984 and he also missed 1988 because of a visa issue. his rivalry with another wrestler Reza Soukhtehsaraei was also a big thing back then and could gather 20,000 people just to watch this match, he passed away in 2014. RIP and why Iran never had a Greco flagbearer? back in old days Iran was very weak in this style. there was nobody notable to carry the flag and nowadays no wrestler carries the Iranian flag because wrestling is usually in last days of the Games! and wrestlers usually arrive in the Olympic host city in the 2nd week of the games.
  12. I can't remember Khadem having a big serious knee injury. I mean everybody has injuries in this sport but Khadem just retired because of his own weird reasons (and nobody knows them yet) he had a unique character as a wrestler he retired once in 1996 at the age of 24, came back for 1998 Worlds in Tehran because Iran was very weak in SHW and won a silver medal despite being 30kg lighter than everybody. then kissed the mat goodbye. there were talks about a possible come back for 2002 worlds but I believe that was just a trick to motivate Heidari who was in terrible mental situation after losing twice in 2000 and 2001.
  13. that's what he did today by beating Ebrahimi !
  14. Shabani was far from his best shape. I don't know why but it seems he wasn't training properly. Goleij didn't even push him too much! he was read to go out of bound. but at least Kamran managed to beat Ebrahimi, having both Ebrahimi and Goleij in the same team would be a nightmare for me. a summary of results: 74: Emami beat Firouzpour 4-3 92: Ghasempour lost the first match to Ebrahimi 2-1 but won the next two matches 3-2 and 4-0 97: Goelij beat Shabani twice 3-1 and 3-2 so this is our team for the Worlds so far 57: ? 61: Rahman Amouzad 65: ? 70: ? 74: Younes Emami 79: Mohammad Nokhodi 86: Hassan Yazdani 92: Kamran Ghasempour 97: Mojtaba Goleij 125: Amir Hossein Zare
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