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  1. Iran will send only 3 wrestlers to Matteo Pellicone tournament in Italy Ehsanpour (65), Karimi (97) and Taheri (125) they will send a bigger team to Ukraine next month but it's mostly youngsters like Firouzpour (both of them), Elahi etc
  2. it seems all human right activists like foxnews, Saudi Arabia and MEK now care about every single murder case in Iran. that's great, isn't it ? that kid killed someone in a brawl and unfortunately there is death penalty in Iran for murder. and being a wrestler is not supposed to save you. they postponed the execution for 5 years. per rules in Iran, in cases like this it's up to the victim's family to forgive or not, some big names like Sourian tried to talk to the victim's family and convince them to "forgive" but that plan failed unfortunately.
  3. I also see some other Greco guys in the background. the don't train together but they train at the same place. so they probably join for a happy birthday! I would like more "social distancing" (as much as possible of course) but most of these guys had COVID last month so I guess the camp is safer now lol there are some youngsters with them, mostly as training partner. but in freestyle they dropped both Hadi and Mohebbi! and Bana didn't invite Abdevali once again, that probably means Abdevali is done with the Olympics. (or at least his chance is very slim) btw it's good to see they are having fun, it's hard to have fun these days. --- and another news you probably read in UWW website. they postponed the Asian Champs and the Olympics Qualifiers, Kazakhstan will host both at the same time in April. Kazakhstan hosting an Olympic qualifier is not a good news as they cheat blatantly but in current situation I think we should just thank anybody for hosting.
  4. I think you never saw such a "dance" before !!! this is Hassan Yazdani's birthday inside the national camp. (this is something Mazandarani !) I think i can recognize Amouzad and Zare among the "dancers" lol
  5. when I'm not 100% sure about something I use the word "apparently" that instagram link goes to Iran Wrestling federation president interview, people who can understand Persian (I assume 2-3 other users here do) can listen to him. I just summarized what he said. I used that word 3 times, first about Emami's injury, I don't know about that myself, I just confirmed what my friend said above my post. and again IAWF president somehow confirms that, he says they will investigate into this and if Emami wasn't really injured ( and faked an injury to simply not wrestle in the final) he will receive penalties too. second time it was about "things getting serious" . because IAWF president says he won't stop by just banning that coach and that wrestler (didn't mention a name of that was Amir Mohammadi), he will take them to the court. because for him it's like attempting murder (going to wrestle while you are COVID positive) personally I'm not sure things will go that far. and the 3rd time was about Reza Yazdani, he was the head coach of that team IAWF president was talking about. so if there will be penalties, he will "most probably" get something too. still I'm not 100% sure, he is a respected person and people like him in general.
  6. yes you are right, apparently in Emami's case it's about an injury. but apparently this is getting serious. Dabir claims one of their coaches bribed a laboratory to make a fake negative test for Amir Mohammadi so he can wrestle in the final! Dabir wants to ban some of Esteghlal coaches, apparently Reza Yazdani is included. https://www.instagram.com/p/CI8BPrRBx0O/
  7. I still think he did OK lol maybe a bit better than OK but still doing exactly the same thing for the entire match 5 times in a row (against all his opponents ) is not something super impressive. Yazdani always pushes the opponent but not exactly in the same way. he tries different things sometimes. but yes he is 18, and I think he is probably the best wrestler we had in lower weights in recent years after Rahimi. a bit about the league final, the league ended in a controversial final. the Esteghlal club was angry because IAWF took Amir Mohammad Yazdani from them, they believe he is NOT COVID positive, and the IAWF faked the test ! (I don't understand why they should do that) apparently Younes Emami also refused to wrestle for them for a reason I don't know. since they believed in conspiracy theory , they wanted to somehow show their protest by fielding a weak team in the final, an incomplete team with just 6 wrestlers. that made Dabir (IAWF's president) very angry and threatened all their coaches (including Reza Yazdani) and wrestlers to face a 2 years ban if they go with the plan. that's why the order of the final dual was different. Iran-Mall won the final 7-3. it was closer than expectations. Results: 57: Reza Atri 6-2 Nader Hajaghania 61: Majid Dastan 8-3 Mohammad Ramezanpour 65: Meysam Nasiri 1-6 Morteza Ghiasi 70: Amir Hossein Hosseini 8-0 Mohammad Reza Sargoo 74: Mostafa Hosseinkhani 2-3 Ali Savadkouhi 79: Peyman Yarahmadi 2-2 Hamidreza Zarinpeykar 86: Hassan Yazdani 11-1 Sajjad Gholami 92: Kamran Ghasempour - Ali Mojerloo (Mojerloo got injured right at the start!!) 97: Mohammad Hossein Mohammadian - Alireza Rekabi (Rekabi got injured while he was down 7-0) 125: Amir Hossein Zare 4-0 Abbas Foroutan this could be 6-4 with Younes Emami, Amir Mohammad Yazdani's presence wouldn't change anything positively because Ghiasi won that weight for them. they were also angry about the absent of Amir Mohammadi but seriously did they really expect him to beat Mohammadian ?! Zare beating Foroutan and Hosseinkhani losing to Savakuhi were the highlights of the final. apparently Savadkuhi is cutting weight for 74kg. even though we had 2kg allowance here. Final dual video https://www.telewebion.com/episode/2453097 ----------------- apparently both Emami and Mohammadi once tested positive for COVID and next time tested negative ! (I don't know in which order) still they wanted to use these guys in the final. in short they think someone tampered the tests and those 3 guys should wrestle in the final! well obviously everybody was afraid of Amir Mohammadi!! that one I can guarantee lol
  8. Iran-Mall and Esteghlal will face in the Iranian freestyle league final later today. you can watch both semifinals here https://www.telewebion.com/episode/2453734 Iran-Mall won its semifinal with a very close score of 10--0 !!!! easy wins for Yazdani, Zare and Goleij while Hosseinkhani had another close win in other semifinal Esteghlal upset Ghaemshahr 9-1 ! it wasn't really one sided. Ghasemshahr was supposed to dominate the higher weights but all of them withdrew when they lost the dual earlier. with this unfortunately we won't see some "interesting matchups" like Mohammadian/Shaabani or Zare/Mohebbi Zare has to wrestle Foroutan in the final dual but I'm afraid withdrawal is possible if the fate of the dual is already decided
  9. what I like about him is that he came to win, not to lose by a small margin. that's the winning mentality some Iranian wrestlers lack. I think he did OK, that was his first senior international competition against the best guy in the world, and he was at par with him most of the time. but he still has to learn a lot. these kind of mistakes are costly against Uguev and wrestlers in his level. I won't be surprised if he beats Atri for the Olympic spot. maybe this also helps Atri to improve. there were nobody to challenge him in past 3 years.
  10. sometimes I think Amouzad is not 100% focused. that will be costly against likes of Uguev. he really should stop complaining about everything ! and also sometimes he moves " a lot" i don't think he can challenge Uguev tonight, but no matter what that will be a great experience for him. but let's imagine for a second what if he beats Uguev ? the social media is gonna explode lol
  11. Greco is in danger since 2004 not because it's boring or poor officiating, mostly because IOC wants gender equality. but Greco is more popular in some places in the world, specially in some parts of Europe. the number of participation in Greco is usually a bit higher than freestyle. UWW/FILA tried hard so far to keep it, successful so far but who knows about the future. the whole beach wrestling idea was something UWW created to have a women's new style instead of non-existant women's Greco. as far as I know some IOC members wanted UWW to drop 3 Greco weights for 3 women's beach wrestling weight classes. and a simple fact some may not know, wrestling with 18 gold medals is only 4th behind Athletics, Aquatics and Cycling. and those are 3 big sports. Gymnastics is tied with 18 but all other sports have less medals than wrestling. IOC will never give any more gold medal event to this sport, it's simply impossible and remember wrestling was guaranteed a place at the Olympics until 2024. they are going to review every single sport for the 2028 Olympics. wrestling has a very good chance to stay but that's not guaranteed.
  12. and another news, Amir Mohammad Yazdani is COVID positive, they are not going to send him to Belgrade. it will be only Amouzad at 57kg.
  13. that's magic! most of UWW refs are magician. sometimes they found points from nowhere like David Copperfield! you should watch ARM-SRB bronze medal match at 77kg and how someone can attack all the time, still gets penalized several times for passivity. magic as I said.
  14. Shabani is in Ghaemshahr team and Mohammadian is in Iran-Mall they were supposed to wrestle yesterday but Shabani's club decided to use reserve wrestlers for that dual saving them for today. but they lost that dual which was important for them. 5-5 because one of their guys got injured. they beat that other team (Setaregan Sari) in the previous round. both teams will be tied on the number of wins (5 W and 3 L) , but Ghaemshahr advances since they won the first leg match 6-4. the semifinals next week will be Iran-Mall vs Azad University and Esteghlal vs Ghaemshahr. Iran-mall will win for sure lol but the other semifinal will be close. it's possible to see them wrestle in the final dual. if you remember Mohammadian once beat Shabani 3-3 in the first leg. Greco final four will be on Tuesday and Freestyle finals will be held on Thursday next week.
  15. you can watch his interview right after the dual (before the start of the next dual) . the guy was kind of dumb (asking Yazdani about Ghasempour) but at least he asked a good question about Yazdani's bodyweight. in short he said he has no plan to change weight in future. but if he gains weight he has no problem to go up. that's up to his body! I think he is going to stay at 86kg, at least for some years
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