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  1. is there anyway to find results from the GR event in Turkey (Vehbi Emre) ? I tried but found nothing, no results, no video. all I know is the results IAWF posted. (3 Iranians advanced to the final etc) but it looks like a quality tournament with Russia A team + some other good wrestlers. I believe this is the Greco Trials for 2021 Worlds in Norway, I mean for non-Olympic weights + 87kg.
  2. The Greco team is also official now 60: Alireza Nejati 67: Mohammad Reza Geraei 77: Mohammad Ali Geraei 97: Mohammad Hadi Saravi 130: Amin Mirzazadeh
  3. According to G. Mohammadi whoever wins medal in Tokyo will go to the Worlds in Norway. (of course if he wants to)
  4. it seems Amin Mirzazadeh made the Olympic team at 130kg. even though as we know coach Bana has the complete power in Greco to pick his team. but when he sent the 3 of them here, I think that means this was our tials. Yousefi was about to win 1-1 but in a momentary mistake gave up a takedown and lost it 3-1. I believe they were told a 1-1 win (for either of them) won't be enough and they have to score. otherwise I see no reason for Yousefi to try this hard. with the STUPID minor change UWW made in 2021 we see some dirty strategy in higher weights. in close matches sometimes wrestlers prefer to be passive in the first period. because in this case you can end up winning 1-1 ! per new rules there is no point for the 3rd caution, it's just par-terre. 130kg is our weakest weight, nothing is impossible you can beat anybody 1-1 but Iran has a very slim chance to medal in this weight.
  5. the freestyle Olympic team is officially announced by Gholamreza Mohammadi 57: Reza Atri 65: Morteza Ghiasi 74: Mostafa Hosseinkhani 86: Hassan Yazdani 97: Mohammad Hossein Mohammadian 125: Amir Hossein Zare
  6. haha, I heard that yesterday but I wasn't sure, for others who don't understand Persian. he says something like "please save me from him" (maybe you guys can come up with a better translation) I also heard this "You don't listen to me" so many times during his matches. I have to say if I was the coach Atri would be my nightmare. he gave you heart attack every single match. I wonder if they even think about replacing him with Amouzad. (yes I know Amouzad didn't shine recently but still) after his yesterday's performance I would consider that.
  7. you will find this interesting from UWW news section I still think Hosseinkhani goes to Tokyo without extra trials but apparently that's not a sure thing YET
  8. did you guys heard what Zare was shouting after the final? "Ina bache machan" (translation: these are just kids) meaning these guys in this tournament are no match for me lol and about Taheri, we knew he is bad (and said that so many times) but that was much worse than my prediction.
  9. No change in 65kg top 4, it will be Rashidov-Bajrang-Niyazbekov-Muszukajev Kaisanov will take Sidaov but there is no difference between 2nd and 3rd seed. it will be Chamizo-Kaisanov-Sidakov-??? I assumed KAZ will send Kaisanov, and I have to say the 4th seed will be between Gadzhiyev (AZE), Hosseinkhani (IRI) and Rybicki (POL) Batirmurzaev (KAZ) will be 2nd if he wins the bronze later today. doesn't really matter no diff between #2 and #3. it will be Petriashvili-Akgul-Batirmurzaev-Khotsianivski
  10. I think Micic will grab the 1st place after winning the gold in Poland. it will be Micic-Uguev-Atli-Ravi Amine will climb one place by winning a bronze in Poland. Punia was there but withdrew probably intentionally to avoid both Yazdani and Naifonov. so it will be Yazdani-Punia-Amine-Naifonov I think Sharifov will be out of top 4 after failing to reach the medal round in Warsaw, I'm not 100% sure but I think it will be something like this, Sadulaev-Snyder-Yergali-Nurov even though this link says Micic will be 2nd behind Uguev. no idea if that's correct https://uww.org/article/mohammadian-closes-olympic-ticket-iran-usa-shines-poland-open
  11. He is #2 already and kept his place by not participating here, with a 5th place finish here he would be 1st Naifonov is currently 3rd but he will lose that place to Amine (San Marino) when they update the ranking. so in short. in new ranking #1 Yazdani, #2 India #3 Amine #4 Naifonov so India will avoid both Yazdani and Naifonov till the final. with just one win here he would be #1 and (means being in the same half as Naifonov)
  12. ooh, I'm glad Mohammadian won but the match was terrible. I was expecting much more from both of them. if it wasn't Mohammadian I would say beating two guys 2-2 and 1-1 won't be enough to make the Olympic team but he was already their favorite so he goes to Tokyo.
  13. there is no technical committee at the moment. but he is part of the coaching group. kind of technical manager. something like that. coordinator between the freestyle team and IAWF. Mohammadi usually consults with him (and his assistants) before making a decision.
  14. who is the technical committee right now ? give me one name. just one you are talking about something that doesn't exist. it's only Mohammadi (coach) and Dabir (IAWF president) nobody else has a say in this. and both made it clear that the winner goes to Tokyo.
  15. this is not true. they have lots of power but that's not unlimited . that will create a huge controversy if they send the loser. that happened once or twice before but that's unlikely to ever happen again. they have to justify their team selection. sometimes they avoid trials because of that. they don't want their favorite wrestler to lose. because if he loses they can't simply ignore the winner.
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