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  1. wrestfan

    Iran Wrestling News

    he couldn't vote himself. Khadem won that election 40-0
  2. wrestfan

    Iran Wrestling News

    some updates about the list. apparently Hosseinkhani is not invited only because he is busy with his life and didn't want to attend the camp ! same goes to Ezzat Akbari, who is going to get married. in fact they invited all "notable" wrestlers. even though they updated the list and dropped MH Mohammadian. I believe only because he is still officially suspended. I think he will go to the camp still "unofficially" . he claims he was training everyday waiting for this moment ! everybody talks about Taghavi. it seems he wants to wrestle but he wasn't seriously training in past couple of years. on other hand Reza Yazdani is happy about the invitation. he claims he never attanded the camp under Khadem because they had no real plan for him. they just invited him as a guest/wildcard or something. obviously he is very upset about Khadem but he is trying to be nice ( as he always is) and not say anything bad about them. we also had Hassan Rahimi's comeback on low level World Club Championships, he won couple of easy matches at 61kg, he also said he has to take a decision about either 57kg or 65kg. but Alireza Karimi says he has long term plan to wrestle at 97kg in Tokyo. last not least, the IAWF has a temporary president now, there will be election soon to elect a new president for the federation. and nobody knows if the new president approves both Greco and freestyle coaches. that can change everything. PS: I know Jadidi is popular here, but he announced he is not going to run for IAWF's presidency, lol the last time he did that he got 0% of the votes and made s joke out of himself with the nonsense he said during the meet.
  3. wrestfan

    Iran Wrestling News

    G. Mohammadi a list of wrestlers to his first camp. it's not a big deal now at this time of the year but it just shows which wrestlers are in his mind 57: Atri, Hajaghania, Sarlak 61: Rahimi, Ehsanpour, Yakhkeshi, Sadeghi 65: Maghsoudi, Biabani, Ghiasi 70: A. Mohammadi, Emami, Nouri (who ?) 74: Taghavi, Afzali, Kavousi, Nokhodi 79: Hassantabar, Teymouri, Zarinpeikar 86: H. Yazdani, Ghasempour, Bazri 92: Karimi, Ebrahimi, Mohebbi, Shahbazi 97: R. Yazdani, Mohammadian, Foroutan, Talebi 125: Hadi, Ghasemi, Mohebbi, Taheri interesting to see Mehdi Taghavi, MH Mohammadian, Reza Yazdani, Hassan Rahimi and Ahmad Mohammadi in this list. I didn't know Taghavi is still "active" but Mohammadi was his favorite coach, he never got along with Khadem. (same as Reza Yazdani) and Mohammadian is finally eligible to wrestle after his long suspension.
  4. wrestfan

    Iran Wrestling News

    some results from Alrosa Cup. Iran beat Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan both of them 5-1. (Kavousi and Hajaghania dropped one match) they also beat Russia 3-3 (on criteria) we only have the results in Russia match. the Russian team is 2018 national bronze medalists. not a bad team. Hajaghania 7 - Aryian Tyutrin 10 Biabani 0 - Nachyn Kuular 5 Kavousi 5 - Nikita Suchkov 8 Bazri 10 - Slavik Naniev 0 Foroutan 11 - Zainulla Kurbanov 4 Mohebbi beat Magomedgadzhi Nurasulov (probably walkover or fall)
  5. wrestfan

    Iran Wrestling News

    it seems they are also sending a team to that Alans tournament. again Russia is paying everything ! they are sending a team as "Mazandaran team" even though not a good team actually. notable names are Ehsanpour, Yakhkeshi, Mehran Nassiri, Hassantabar and Sadeghzadeh.
  6. wrestfan

    Iran Wrestling News

    Well I think that's the only reason they sent a team, because Russia paid everything for them. the financial situation is terrible for them. maybe because he is the only 57kg guy available lol, actually I started to like Atri after I saw Hajaghania representing Iran somewhere !! I hope not, Hosseinkhani wrestled better than expectations against Burroughs. but this is just his style. he always loses in last 20 seconds. they gave him so many chances and he wasted them all. but the worst thing is I can't see anybody better than him for the next year.
  7. wrestfan

    Iran Wrestling News

    Mohammadi had been there before. more than once. he was probably the only option with both experience and the character. I'm not necessarrily sure he can get great results (after all he doesn't have bunch of great wrestlers in his team) but he is less stubborn than Khadem . and unlike Khadem I don't think he is going to use the exact same training method for everybody ! from Yazdani to Atri and Hadi ! but Bana doesn't need a miracle to get good results, Iran got some great results in World Juniors in past couple of years. they have to add those youngsters into the senior team. we have some fundamental problems in Greco which Bana easily accepts. he claimed "if we wrestled their way we could not win those medals. we have our own tricks" our wrestlers are mostly tough, good in pushing , some of them good in par terre but when you push too much there is always a chance to give up 4pts throw. and if that happens, it will be really hard to score pushout five times to beat that ! as for freestyle they have to find someone for 65kg and 74kg. we are very weak in those 2 Olympic weights. the only half good wrestler I can see in these 2 weights is Emami. it will be hard to even qualify those weights for the Olympics. 86kg and 125kg look better with multiple candidates to make the team so I'm not going to talk about them. Atri is getting better but slowly. he was unlucky at the Worlds. when he beat the Mongolian. I left the room to make a cup of coffee and when I came back they called his name on another mat against someone who had "bye" in the first round. I know at the end he lost to his own stupid mistake but still you can't ignore the fact he didn't have enough rest between his matches. I think he will be our guy for the Olympics unless Rahimi miraculously comes back and makes the weight . as for 97kg. Karimi is probably an option he did good in the Worlds despite being underweight for 92kg. (yeah he still can't solve Cox's problem) so challenging big guys at 97kg will be much harder for him. I like to see Foroutan more in senior competitions, he is looking good so far. btw they are sending a team to Alrosa Cup in Russia. in Olympic weights, Hajaghania, Biabani, Kavousi, Bazri, Foroutan and Mohebbi.
  8. wrestfan

    Iran Wrestling News

    sometimes you are too harsh, he says they were "capable" of winning 4 gold medals which I agree with him. all those 4 guys you mentioned were capable of winning the golds if they were just a bit smarter. yeah I believe only Sadeghi got robbed. for others it was 50/50 calls which always go against Iranians. even though in Ghiasi's case I wonder how come they annulled his 2pts gut wrench. I assume they see the same video we see on live stream and from that camera angle it was impossible to judge. the center ref who was watching it closely gave him the points. and as you know wrestling is not math, just because the Russian guy won his final easily that doesn't mean he could beat Sadeghi easily too. Sadeghi enjoys to makes his matches close but yeah I agree with you he is a horrible wrestler. I don't know what to say about Shahbazi. he made all of his last 3 matches close. if you remember he almost lost to Japan in QF. he was leading 2-1 and the Japanese guy grabbed his leg but the clock just saved him. he could finish off all of those 3 matches earlier. this is unbelievable to come back from being 7-0 down and still lose that match ! when he took the lead he could easily score another takedown to finish Sotiev. he is a good wrestler but if he wants to continue like this there is no future for him. and btw how come he lost weight at this age !? he won the Worlds Junior at 97kg. I like to see Foroutan in the senior team next year, he wrestled in the league final in super heavyweight (because they had Baitsaev in Foroutan's weight, he had to move up) against Sadeghzadeh probably 30kg heavier than himself and almost beat him. lost only 8-7. one more thing, they Russian-Slovak guy who beat Emami at the Worlds by a last second controversial call (to me BS call) won this tournament quite easily. even at the Worlds that guy lost only 1-1 to Jakubishvili (both points by cautions). maybe Emami wasn't that bad after all lol
  9. wrestfan

    Iran Wrestling News

    I wasn't around for a while and I see nobody mentioned this but Rasoul Khadem resigned as IAWF president and also as the freestyle head coach. also the Greco coach resigned . the new coaches are not new at all. Gholamreza Mohammadi for freestyle and guess who ? Mohammad Banna for the Greco team. as much as I like Khadem but he was in a dead-end . he was too stubborn to change his style which wasn't working obviously. this will change so many things about the Iranian wrestling . positive or negative we will find out soon. so many people believe that having too much competitions really exhausted the wrestlers for the main competition. having pre-trial round. 1st round, final round. so many other competitions. some people think he killed their confidence by dictating them everything from the strategy, training style. etc. as you can see Iranian wrestlers lost SO MANY matches in last 10 seconds. I believe mostly because of lack of confidence. Banna already announced he doesn't believe in trial system and he will chose his team.
  10. wrestfan

    Day 2 Thread

    Takahashi was down 5-1 , just won it in last 50 seconds , he had takedown and trapped arm btw he had hard time against the same Chinese wrestler at Asian Games, beating him only 3-3
  11. wrestfan

    Iran Wrestling News

    125 ? no way he can beat Akgul or Geno. nobody can even touch them. Hosseinkhani and Hadi are already out. Yakhkeshi maybe bronze , tough draw for Yazdani but I don't think he cares about the draw.
  12. he wrestled at the Asian Games in this weight and he was terrible (teched by Fujinami) he has no chance for anything
  13. wrestfan

    74kg Discussion

    Burroughs wasn't seeded as far as I know . he just randomly got the position in the bracket. that was just luck
  14. wrestfan

    Iran Wrestling News

    Yes that's true , they were OK 3-4 months ago but not now. Trump's sanctions hit some parts of Iran economy badly , now they have to pay 3 times more than what they used to pay for plane tickets etc. even though I believe they are just bluffing to get a budget from the sport ministry or the government itself. since war time Iran never sent incomplete team to the worlds.
  15. wrestfan

    Iran Wrestling News

    They just announced the freestyle team my prediction was 90% correct except one weight, 65kg, big surprise they picked up the World Junior Silver medalist Amir Hossein Maghsoudi ! I'm sure nobody expected this so Iran team will be Atri, Yakhkeshi, Maghsoudi, Emami, Hosseinkhani, Akbari, Yazdani, Karimi, Goleij and Hadi they also said it's possible to not send a complete team