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  1. This is tomorrow and nothing has changed, that's a clear answer for me. and sorry guys, when I say something I mean it. I ignore stupid comments and stupid users, but when you are in a room and a low life vomits on your shoes out of the blue. that's not ignorable. I leave the room in situations like this. I just checked and I was here for 8 years! that's enough. delete my account or whatever else you want. I'm done here. have fun
  2. I will check this thread tomorrow and if I don't see an apology and that post above this one deleted, consider this as my last post here. I had been here for so many years, usually avoiding discussions with stupid people, usually only try to inform people but that's enough, that's crossing the line. I'm not going to stay somewhere where any random stupid kid allows himself to insult me.
  3. Do they really need a reason ? they just do whatever they want let me explain something, there is a group of "so-called" Iranians in US and Canada who feeds those governments with false information about Iranian individuals (and those governments are stupid enough to believe them) let me give an example, let's say Ghasempour attends a ceremony and takes a picture with someone from the Iranian government (who is in USA's black list) which happens a lot , people in that group send that pic to the US government, twist some words (like what they did with Dabir's interview) and made the US government believe this guy is a "treat" to their national security and blah blah. I hate to get into political discussions, just wanted to explain what's happening in these past few months. these guys are monitoring everything (maybe even here) to see which athlete is going to US (or Canada) to start making a dossier on him.
  4. there will be 6 teams in the World Cup, 5 countries + 1 World Selection team https://uww.org/article/usa-azerbaijan-announced-hosts-world-cups The '22 World Cups, and moving forward, will be held in an updated format from earlier editions. The top five teams from the World Championships earn an invitation to the tournament. In addition, United World Wrestling will comprise the sixth team with the remaining wrestlers who participated in the World Championships.
  5. Dabir had a talk with someone from USA wrestling inviting Iran FS team to the World Cup in US later this year in December. and Dabir claims they will send a team only if US grants visa to the whole team, this won't happen even if one person (coach, wrestler etc) denies visa. few months ago when they were invited for that dual. Ghasempour, Dastan, Amini (coach), Dabir himself and 2 more team members denied visa. so since nothing changed since then we can say there is a very good chance that this trip won't happen again. according to UWW new rules, only top 5 team from the Worlds (USA, Iran, Japan, Georgia and Mongolia) will be invited to the World Cup + 1 team from UWW (gathering top wrestlers from other countries)
  6. can we send Mohammadian to North Korea ? they can keep him there forever seriously I really hope he retires tonight, he was unbelievably bad
  7. just apologizing for letting people down
  8. without Russia ? nobody the last time he lost a match it was against Ebrahimi in last year's trials. he will face more competition at home
  9. there are lots of talks about Ghasempour going up or down but my honest answer is "I don't know" after watching Yazdani losing like that he probably thinks more about going to 86kg (which is his real weight after all) and challenge Yazdani
  10. Atri in a World Championship final ! never thought I would live long enough too see this lol still watching him is just torture. it was a very good day except that Mohammadian thing, that's his comment after the match "the guy was too strong, I couldn't do anything" my question is, did you even tried ? losing to a better guy is one thing but doing absolutely nothing is another thing. this is the 2nd time that Mohammadian goes completely braindead in a big event. Mr Mojtaba Hol-eij I'm sorry about all bad things I said about you. you are my favorite 97kg guy from now on. (i'm lying actually, I hope someone else emerges and beat both Goleij and MHM) and I don't want to see MHM anymore on a mat after that Bronze medal match which I'm not confident he can win.
  11. I was mostly joking about Atri as someone with least chance before the Worlds
  12. for those who are interested they called up 20 wrestlers (2 in each weight) for the World U23 Champs in Spain this is almost the U20 team with few changes adding M.S Firouzpour, Fazli, Gholami and Mahmoudjanloo not sure if there will be trials between those 2 wrestlers or they will simply pick up who is more accomplished.
  13. I think Iran did good so far, 8 out of 9 in the SF is already a good result. but the problem is the US team is great and to win a gold medal you have to beat an American wrestler on the road. still 4 more chances to win a gold. who knows maybe Atri ends up as our only gold medal winner lol
  14. by scoring more than 10 pts ! lol
  15. and he almost lost to Japan the match before QF I expect a clean 7-0, 8-0 win or probably a tech
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