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  1. yes there is somehow, I mean not the exact date but the month nothing for the first provincial round Nationals in Mehr (September-October) Takhti Cup in Azar (November-December) first Intl tournament in Dey (December-January) Asian Champs in Bahman (January-February) (while in UWW calendar it's scheduled for April) Trials in Farvardin (March-April) final Intl tournament in Dey (May-June) and it's kind of being too optimistic to think we can have a big tournament like nationals in 4 months. (and what about pre-nationals ?) Iran is reporting more positive coronavirus cases since the reopening. and wrestling federation is still waiting for the health ministry's approval to open wrestling clubs (at least for limited number of wrestlers) for people who can't understand, these are Persian months, Iran use a different calendar
  2. I read so many interviews and comments from wrestlers praising this "team selection package" they officially call it "Cycle" ! lol I'm sure complains start very soon when it actually happens. Meisam Nasiri for example claims he sweared to never wrestle again but now he is motivated to wrestle ! and MJ Ebrahimi is now preparing himself to beat everybody at 97kg !!! it will be funny if he achieves something with his ultra conservative style. but that made me think what about non-Olympic weights ? I know nobody cares about that right now but in time for the 2021 World Champs that will be somehow important. that "very smart trial system" says nothing about that. they have to consider an extra trial. if I was Karimi I would focus on that to finally win a world title (with Cox not being around) I also read that Amir Mohammad Yazdani can't keep himself for 65kg anymore and most probably will try his chance at 74. I think Maghsoudi also has to do the same. but unfortunately nobody can move up to 55kg to challenge Atri ! PS: it seems Dabir and Mohammadi are good now. after that press conference I was almost sure Mohammadi will resign before Dabir firing him but none of them happened !
  3. that's the rule for whoever wins a medal at the Worlds (not just gold) he just used Yazdani as an example, that applies also to Nejati and Geraei in Greco. actually there will be 3 plans, for 86kg it will be Plan A because Yazdani is a last year world medalist. this is exactly what they wrote #1 Provincial championships #2 Nationals, Yazdani is exempt #3 an international tournament (Yazdani + Nationals winner) #4 Takhti Cup, (2nd to 5th from the nationals) #5 Asian Championship, whoever with most points at this time, ( if that's Yazdani , he can refuse it but the others can't.) #6 international tournament (top 2 from the ranking except the Asian team member) #7 Trials , wrestlers with enough points are eligible (didn't mention how many wrestlers but I assume it will be 3 or 4 maximum) #8 international tournament (as preparation or continuing the selection process between top 2 in the ranking) what's interesting is they don't think they have to publish the whole plan with every single details. maybe they will do that only after it's 100% finalized. also nobody explained the final trials format, round robin ? double elimination ? best of 3 ? * what I explained above is only for 86kg (and 60kg and 77kg Greco) there are some differences in other weights. ranking points will be awarded like this (Gold-Silver-Bronze) Nationals 200-0-0 Takhti 200-100-75 International tournaments 300-200-100 Asian 300-200-100 world medalists like Yazdani will start with 250pts whoever beats Yazdani anywhere in the process will get 100 additional points, 75 and 50 for beating world silver and bronze medalists (nobody this year) I'm quite sure this is the most complicated trial process ever in any sport for any country lol
  4. Dabir had a press conference today, explaining so many things, that team selection system published by some news websites was correct. apparently there are lots of details about each round of it we still don't know. while some minor changes are still possible but Dabir said that's a sure thing and he will not change his decision about this system. they showed the whole process to the journalists but still didn't publish the full document. here are some important points of his press conference. * he made it clear that he is very upset with freestyle team head coach Gholamreza Mohammadi, he confirmed the rumors about Mohammadi storming out of their meeting angrily, Dabir said "if he continues his behavior, I'm going to make some changes" (meaning I will fire him) * according to Dabir only one wrestler (Hassan Yazdani) will be exempt from the Takhti Cup this year . Yazdani, Mohebbi and Atri will be exempt from the Nationals for winning the quota but everybody else has to wrestle in the nationals. there is no advantage for Karimi, Ehsanpour and Emami for winning world medals in another weight. in cases of injuries like Karimi (if he doesn't recover in time) he can enter the competition later (and after the nationals) but he will lose some points. the same goes to Parviz Hadi because he won the trials last year but an injury prevented him from participating. * Dabir also talked specifically about 97kg, he said he talked to Reza Yazdani and he is training now and wants to try his chance for the Olympics !! Dabir said everybody including R. Yazdani, Shaabani, Karimi and Mohammadian have to wrestle at the nationals. interestingly he called Mohammadian as "Askari Mohammadian's son" and not his own name !!!!! and I have a question here, how all of these guys can participate at the nationals ? Yazdani, Shaabani, Goleij and Mohammadian they are all from Mazandaran ! and provinces are allowed 1 wrestler per weight. (unless they want to change that rule) * Dabir said they want to make this a clear rule, so wrestlers can sue him or the coaches if anybody breaks the law ! * coaches will decide which international tournament will be used for the trials. Dabir praised Banna (Greco coach) so many times during the press conference, but he said I didn't appoint these coaches, they were here before I got elected. he also said 80% of this trial system is based on Banna's philosophy. * in case of disciplinary reasons, coaches still have the power to kick wrestlers out of the team.
  5. The US system is great for them, but they are not flexible at all. what if Yazdani makes a mistake and gets pinned in his SF against Bazri ? will you send Bazri to the Olympics ? as I said in situations like this or in case of dubious officiating I would like to give the top guy another chance. and what about Greco ? there are so many guys who are just tough and can defend well, which sometimes works in local competitions, they know each other they can't execute techniques. for example in 2018 Pejman Poshtam (who is below average in my opinion) managed to beat Mohammad Ali Geraei twice. they sent him to the Worlds and as expected he lost in the first round. Geraei won the Asian Games the same year. specially in Greco local competitions are totally different. and about that question, you are really overestimating my knowledge lol, maybe Ebrahim Javadi ?! Tblisi tourney was something great in Soviet era, Khadem is not that old.
  6. I prefer to wait to read the official document, but what I read was very confusing. I really didn't understand some parts of it, for example who decides that they need to wrestle in another tournament after the trials ?! what's the criteria ? another big problem here is they will ruin the preparation plans with this, now Asian Championship for example is a part of trial process. we know historically while Iran cares about winning the team title, they always send some youngsters (plus 2 or 3 guaranteed gold medals) which was a good idea but now they have to send whoever wins the nationals, even if that's grandpa Esmaeil Nejatian for example ! and beside that most of their trial system is based on international tournaments in next 6-7 months ! really ? they are expecting to have international competitions in such a short time while we are not even sure about the Olympics in a year ! and it seems they don't know in half those weights Iran still doesn't have the quota and someone has to earn that first. there is no advantage in that "system" for winning the quota. I was thinking what would be my decision if it was up to me. I would make the trials mandatory, but with only 6 to 8 wrestlers in each weight. maybe double elimination format and the final should be best of 3. and those 6-8 wrestlers should be selected from the nationals and Takhti Cup + last year member + one wild card for the coach. but in some very rare situations giving top 2 another chance in an international competition. I mean in cases like injuries, dubious calls, accidents. and yes no way someone like Teymouri with no past achievement should get the spot directly.
  7. Yes there is something called "Wrestling Institute" mostly for research about wrestling, I just know Hassan Yousefi-Afshar appointed by Dabir as the institute president , I don't know the other members, it was Habibollah Akhlaghi in that position before him and Hadi Habibi before Akhlaghi. it wasn't doing anything special as far as I remember. Yousefi-Afshar was a Greco wrestler with some Asian medals, but we mostly know him because of his big mouth and usual nonsense he says in his interviews . he hates Banna and almost everybody else , except himself of course. he is that kind of guy that thinks he is the only smart person in the world.
  8. while IAWF is supposed to publish this "team selection package" in few days, some news websites already published that and that's indeed rocket science ! your brain will explode if you read the full version ! very complicated, they award points to each wrestler after each competition, to me this is unrealistic. I tried to write a summary of it but that was really impossible. but in short wrestlers collect points in each round (Nationals, Takhti Cup, Asians, international tournaments) and few selected wrestlers with most points will be eligible for the final round of trials. winning that doesn't guarantee you a spot, it's still possible to send top 2 to an international competition.
  9. yes that was really sad, I'm sure his father needs this more than himself, I mean Mohammad Hossein winning an Olympic medal. this is the whole show, even though the host is a jerk, most of his questions are nonsense https://www.telewebion.com/episode/2270399
  10. I don't know why it doesn't work for you, try this one https://s-v4.tamasha.com/statics/videos_download/91/5f/MGWyZ_915fc74ea4fc383ae2edfd45de9191b10e96025f_n_240.mp4?name=صحبت_های_احساسی_محمدیان_درباره_دوپینگ_پسرش_auto.mp4 I'm quite sure he doesn't mean the science lied ! he just claims he didn't take anything intentionally, and he claims he took the test voluntarily. but you never know, doping is considered a bad thing in Iran (I know in some ex soviet countries, people are completely fine with it and even their doped athletes are still treated like heroes) nobody confesses to it. specially him, because that doping accident brought shame to his father, you can see (if you can watch the video) that his father is almost crying while telling the story. he made his son swear to him if he really took something or not. but after all athletes in this level are still responsible for whatever they eat and drink, for example I know Sourian in his entire career never even drank from a bottle he didn't open himself and he even checked every single bottle to see if there was an injection mark on it or not. you
  11. Mohammad Hossein Mohammadian was guest in a TV show, once again explaining his doping accident, he still claims he was innocent, he knew about the test few days in advance and since it was an out of competition test he could simply leave the camp and escape the test if he knew there is something in his system (per WADA rules, you can do that twice, but 3rd time means suspension) also he is repeating that story about wrestling federation doctor telling him to lie and bring a prescription to reduce his 4 years ban which didn't work and makes things worse. and he trained these 4 years seriously like other in the national camp. https://video.varzesh3.com/video/214103/محمد-حسین-محمدیان-در-دام-دوپینگ-ناخواسته and short interview with his father (Olympic silver medalist), he says he was died the moment he heard the news on TV. https://video.varzesh3.com/video/214102/صحبت-های-احساسی-محمدیان-درباره-دوپینگ-پسرش
  12. Yes, him, you can see him at 4:50
  13. just for info (you probably know that yourself) the USA team officially protested that match, (which was possible at the time) they reviewed it and even made the final score 6-4. even took one point off from Brands. another match was the exact opposite, Talaei lost to Kolat, the Iranian team officially protested, FILA accepted the protest and per rules made them wrestle once again and Talaei won this time. Iran also had a very good team for that Olympics but that new clinch rule (chest to chest) cost Iran some medals, Iranians were very weak in that, Talaei, Jadidi and Khadem lost in clinch, Heidari who was very confident and was in peak of his career at the time lost to Kurtanidze's perfect defense. Tavakkolian lost only 2-2 to Daniel Igali eventual gold medalist. speaking of Dabir and 2000 Olympics, if you watch the final, someone jumps on the mat and hugs Dabir giving him the flag and crying, he is now in ICU because of COVID-19 and unfortunately it seems he is not going to survive.
  14. in Iran, most people in wrestling community consider USA as the best example. clear rules, nobody can complain. but I think it won't be easy to use that method in Iran, because in Iran top wrestlers always find a way to the team from the backdoor ! it's really hard to change that culture whenever we have a new guy in the federation, he claims having a trial system is in top of his priorities. they make some rules but after failing in 1 or 2 years they go back to the old system. it happened so many times in past 20 years. the USA system sometimes hurts (because you don't send the best guy sometimes) but it helps in long term. but that never worked in Iran because it was never a long term plan. to me there is no perfect system, you always lose something to gain something else, nowadays we have lots of local competitions, wrestlers know each other, sometimes some guys are just bad matchup for a better wrestler, for example Ebrahimi and Karimi at 92kg, Ebrahimi beat Karimi multiple times but then his record in international competitions is nowhere near Karimi. what's the best decision here ? sending the better guy (Karimi) or the guy who is only good to beat Karimi !!?? while in freestyle I believe the better wrestler most of the time ends up as the winner, we can't say the same about Greco. accident happens a lot there, so many matches are decided by just one mistake or one action, sometimes even by just a caution. I think specially in Greco they should consider so many other things and not just one match at the trials.
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