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  1. Iran's squad is exactly what it was supposed to be. not the one we saw in the official website. Mehran Sheikhi was terrible and got teched by North Korea Bazri after losing 6-3 to Naifonov, came back to beat some good (but not great) wrestlers to win the bronze. Russia won 3 gold by Tsabolov, Rashidov and Naifonov. Bazri was the only wrestlers who made some problems for the Russian wrestlers. we have Mohammadian and Mohebbi tomorrow. Mohammadian will face Baitsaev in the semifinal (if he goes that far) and Mohebbi has Deng in his bracket, Akgul is on the opposite side.
  2. googling his name. he came second in U23 trials at 92kg after beating Arashk Mohebbi (and lost to Shahbazi) had some non impressive results in local tournaments in junior level. probably his first ever international tournament.
  3. I was checking the entries for the World Military Games. the Iranian squad is completely different than what it was supposed to be ! Shabani, Afzali, Mohebbi and a guy I don't know ! considering Taheri and Saravi. 5 of these guys wrestled at the Worlds this year. https://results.wuhan2019mwg.cn/index.htm#/sport/sportitem?sportcode=wre Russia has Rashidov, Baitsaev, Tsabolov and Naifonov plus 4 tier 1 wrestlers in Greco it's like a serious event, lots of big names here. Akgul. Kayaalp !
  4. I fixed the link, watch it here https://video.varzesh3.com/video/201457/مصاحبه-جذاب-با-علیرضا-کریمی،-نایب-قهرمان-کشتی-جهان
  5. interesting interview with Alireza Karimi https://video.varzesh3.com/video/201457/مصاحبه-جذاب-با-علیرضا-کریمی،-نایب-قهرمان-کشتی-جهان the host is kind of stupid and amateur, but still there were some interesting questions. he also put Karimi in an uncomfortable situation telling him something like "did you move up because of Hassan Yazdani ? can you beat him ? " Karimi also said Cox is like a missing address for him. one day he will find that address (to how to beat him) lol
  6. He had a tough draw, I mean relatively tough. comparing to the level of the competition none of his matches were easy , he had to beat Khajeh-Salehani, Goudarzi, Shariatinia, and he looked tired in the final this Mohammadian no at all but that was his first competition after 4 years. still early to judge him. but I have to admit I was expecting more from him.
  7. Iran National Championships Finals 57kg: Mohsen Maleki (Tehran Environs) beat Mohammad Kaboli (Alborz) 7-2 61kg: Majid Dastan (Tehran) beat Mohammad Maleki (East Azarbaijan) 10-0 65kg: Morteza Ghiasi (Lorestan) beat Mehran Sheikhi (Mazandaran) 7-4 70kg: Mehdi Yeganeh-Jafari (Mazandaran) beat Hossein Mostafavi (East Azarbaijan) 6-2 74kg: Saeid Dadashpour (Tehran) beat Masoud Kamarvand (Hamedan) 3-2 79kg: Omid Hassantabar (Mazandaran) beat Mohammad Zare'ei (Kordestan) 13-4 86kg: Jalal Zaman (Mazandaran) beat Arash Nayyerabadi (Golestan) 4-3 92kg: Arashk Mohebbi (Kermanshah) beat Meisam Mostafa-Jokar (Hamedan) 6-2 97kg: Esmaeil Nejatian (Khorasan Razavi) beat Mohammad Hossein Mohammadian (Mazandaran) 4-4 125kg: Amin Taheri (Tehran) beat Ahmad Rasouli (Golestan) 4-0 none of the gold medalists are "new" maybe except 57kg and 61kg. Dastan was a bit impressive but the level was also not that great in this weight. Mohammadian-Nejatian was a bit controversial because the scoreboard wrongly showed Mohammadian as the winner but that was a mistake and they fixed it later. Nejatian won the final by a last second pushout. Dadashpour is also still the same. winning his matches in last 20-30 seconds. I don't know if they can count on him for this weak weight though, he is probably not worse than Afzali.
  8. This is probably a bit weird but the "Iranian National Championship" started today, and will finish tomorrow in all 10 weights. now we know the semifinalists in all 10 weights. I think everywhere the national championship is the most important tournament of the year (at least in Russia) but in Iran it's kind of a tournament for "Other wrestlers". top 2-3 wrestlers who are in the national camp usually don't participate and the level is lower because for example Mazandaran (which usually dominates in Iran) can enter only 1 wrestler per weight but this is kind of a pre trial. still a bad tournament for Mazandaran only 6 out of 10 made it to semifinal for them. all those unknown wrestlers who want to make the national team have to start from here. while the level isn't that great still we had some interesting names in the competition. this is full results from the first day (in Persian of course) http://iawf.ir/Public/iawf.ir/1/results/FS-bozorgsalan keshvar 98-04.pdf Do you guys remember Jamal Ebadi ?! well he is back (this time for 74kg) after a long injury. he lost to Saeid Dadashpour only 7-7. we have another comeback in Meisam Mostafa-Jokar ?!!!!! he is in semifinal at 92kg. Mohammad Hossein Mohammadian also has his debut after 4 years here. he reached the semifinal against Danial Shariatinia after beating former world team member Alireza Goudarzi 6-4.
  9. I assume nobody cares about the CISM World Military Games (18-27 October in China) but last time Russia sent a world class team with likes of Ramonov, Kurbanaliev and Gatsalov and won 7 out of 8 possible gold medals. Iran also won 7 medals in FS and 5 in Greco. but only 1 gold in total which was won by Ali Geraei. if you check the results from 2015 most of gold medalists are world champions. so I think it won't be a low level competition. even though this time they will have wrestling only in 6 Olympic weights and each country is limited to send only 4 wrestlers in each style. I wrote all of this to get to this point. the Iranian squad. the Greco team looks weak but there are some interesting names in the freestyle squad. specially one. Mohammadian 65 Mehran Sheiki, 86 Ahmad Bazri, 97 Mohammad Hossein Mohammadian, 125 Yadollah Mohebbi in Greco, 77 Pejam Poshtam, 87 Mehdi Fallah, 97 Ali Akbar Heidari, 130 Amin Mirzazadeh I wonder if Russia and the rest will send a strong team. it will be a return for Mohammadian after 4 years. he claims he was training hard 4 years for this (actually for the Olympics). let's see where is he right now.
  10. I think it was Mohammad Moslemi, that guy's nephew if I'm not wrong. and yeah I think it's possible to hear his name again. but not if he considers Hajaghania as his role model lol but it's impossible to remember "Mohammad Hosseini" I think that's probably the most common name in Iran lol
  11. I really don't remember him as a wrestler (I should but I can't) his name is familiar though, I mean even before he made a name as Yazdani's coach. obviously it was a fluke win, you never can take league results seriously. they want to win because they will be paid more but foreign wrestlers are sometimes out of shape, and maybe less motivated comparing to someone local. for this guy that was the most important match of his career. I'm quite sure Tedeev doesn't even remember that match lol
  12. Thanks. I knew this guy Hemmat Moslemi but never saw this documentary . that was very interesting and funny. and he still has those newspapers mentioning his win over Tedeev lol I also loved that little kid (apparently Moslemi's nephew) he became interested in wrestling after watching "Reza Yazdani" he wants to win medals like "Hassan Yazdani" but his role model is ... "Nader Hajaghania"! ??!!!! Seriously ?! this documentary was about last year with some footage from last year trials, that made me compare Yazdani 2018 with 2019. I think he was much better this year. his preparation for 2018 was terrible he only wrestled in Asia ! (twice, both Asian Champs and Asian Games)
  13. since they share exactly the same name. I don't think so. I assume all of senior team members had to ask Bana's permission for U23 team. I don't know if Kaviani didn't want that himself or Bana didn't let him. probably because of Reza Geraei in this weight and all those controversies about picking up Kaviani over Geraei. maybe that wasn't such a bad idea to let Kaviani rest for a while. he had the worst day of his career in NurSultan. Kaviani, Nasserpour and Delkhani (he is still U23, right ? ) are in non-Olympic weights, again I assume Bana had no problem with them wrestling one more tournament this year. but I'm quite sure he didn't want Nejati there. I was a bit surprised to see Saravi but then he is still below the weight and needs more competition in this new weight.
  14. No he didn't nobody from the senior team (except Saravi) tried that. and I think at least half of the senior team was U23. I can assume Bana let Saravi to wrestle because he is not cutting weight and in fact he is much lighter than 97kg. it was a small trial between 2 or 3 wrestlers in each weight. I think they had a bigger trials before this is just 7 weights. no idea what they are going to do with other 3 weights 60kg: Mehdi Mohsennejad 67kg: Sajjad Imentalab 72kg: Mohammad Reza Geraei 77kg: Ali Norouzi 82kg: Mohammad Choubchian 97kg; Mohammad Hadi Saravi 130kg: Abolfazl Hajipour and i have to add winning the trials is not 100% enough to make the team. for example at 130kg. Hajipour only beat Yousefi (World Junior Champion) 1-1 by cautions.
  15. That was very stupid from Dabir to say such things. I don't believe in weak or strong weights. specially for 86kg which is a middle weight. Yazdani makes his opponent look weak. they are not weak. probably people don't know that Karimi is still a 86kg wrestler, Yazdani made him running away from 86kg. I think that's enough to see how good Yazdani is. but I think Dabir didn't want to blame Yazdani. he just wanted to explain the situation (that how weak we are in freestyle right now) just didn't put it in a wise way. people sometimes mage a big deal out of some stupid comments. I have to watch the whole show though. it's not a good idea to judge based on just one line from a long interview. I don't know he is telling this to what question. (I can guess though)
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