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  1. no, Iran-Mall is in group B, so it will be 6 and 7 October
  2. in middle of the pandemic, the Iranian wrestling league will start next Tuesday 29 September , this is their poster ! it won't be home and away, but some kind of a tournament in one venue and in 2 days, there will be a second round another time (depends on UWW calendar) in Greco there will be 10 teams in 2 groups of 5. one group will be held in Tehran on 29-30 September and the other group will be in Sanandaj 2 weeks later. in freestyle, surprisingly there are just 6 teams ! 2 groups of 3, both groups in Tehran, one of them 1-2 October, and the other one 6-7 October. in freestyle with only 2 duals for each team, I assume most of top wrestlers will show up just once. but still it's better than nothing after 7 months ! lol still I can't understand how come more teams were interested in Greco ! another news, Reza Yazdani will coach one of those clubs, but he claims that doesn't mean he is retired ! he still thinks he has a chance for the 2021 Olympics
  3. this is the question nobody can answer perfectly. we never had an accurate poll or something like that. people can only speak based on their own experience. for example everybody in my family and in both my parents family dislike the regime but that doesn't mean everybody in the country hates them as well ! they have their own supporters . I can't give a percentage , nobody can but it's surely less than 50%. probably much less. but I can say they are much more unpopular in big cities. people are more religious in smaller places and therefore the regime have more supporters in those places. most of Iranian top wrestlers come from small villages so it makes sense if the majority of them at least don't hate the regime. and I have to say being religious is not always equal to supporting the regime. they may support some elements of the regime but not necessarily the whole system. but one thing is for sure that people in Iran are getting less and less religious . I mean comparing to 20 years ago. and to be honest I don't think "religious fundamentalists" exist in Iran, you NEVER hear an Iranian do a suicidal attack anywhere. I believe even those in power are not religious themselves, (at least not as much as they claim) they just use it as a weapon to stay in power.
  4. sure, that's the basic, ( I think in Islam in general, not only in Iran) in case of murder it's always up to the victim's family to forgive or not. in this case for Afkari they didn't . (even though he had two death sentences !!, the second one was more complicated but it didn't come to that) personally I don't like this , this puts victim's family in a very uncomfortable situation. the problem is if they forgive, the murderer can walk free after only few years in jail. (max 10 years but usually much much shorter) if you put yourself in victim's family position, both options are bad (death penalty or let the murderer walk) the system usually postpones the execution for so many years, the victim's family usually forgives after few years when they are not that angry anymore. of course they usually "prefer" to not execute but in this case they were in such a hurry which makes things more suspicious.
  5. they were told by Lalovic that UWW will take the final decision about the 2020 Worlds in 2 weeks. they will decide about the training camp after that. Bana was upset because he thinks this is already too late and we are losing time. their newest plan is to start the league in 17 days ! it won't he home and away this time.
  6. that was something via SMS and whatsapp ! not a proper resignation, he was in the federation today talking about the plans with Dabir and Sourian. so apparently he is back. btw he considers Sourian as his own son, this time there is always someone to solve the problems. apparently Dabir gave Sourian unlimited power to manage the Greco teams.
  7. rape, dealing/having certain amount of drugs and few other things, but it's mostly (99%) for murder and the drugs, for example when Iran changed the rule about the drugs that lowered the number of executions per year massively https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-42634252 but there is one terrible loophole in the rules in Iran, there is a term "Moharebeh" means "waging war against God" so even if you go to the streets and born down some buildings, the judge can consider it as "Moharebeh" and that also faces death penalty.
  8. yes sure, it never takes 2 decades ! but for example it took 8 years for this woman https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shahla_Jahed but of course in "special cases" they can even do it much quicker. for example for this guy one of his appeals was rejected in less than 10 days which was surprising for his lawyers as they say it usually takes months in normal cases. they always bend the rules whenever they want.
  9. it usually takes longer than 2 years. there are 2 or 3 methods to appeal and while his lawyers wanted to try something else. they heard the news about the execution. they weren't expecting it this soon at all. also for religious reasons they never execute anybody in this time of the year. that was kind of a message to everybody (specially non-Iranians) that we don't care about what you say. the more you talk, the less we listen. few weeks ago there was something similar about 3 other kids (they weren't guilty of murder though) and they eventually stopped the execution, but they probably thought if we do this again, people will consider it as a sign of weakness. and right now considering the current situation they think they can't afford to look "weak"
  10. I just spent 5 minutes to read some comments, most of them are stupid, sad, etc. even though you can't judge on social media because you don't know who is behind that account. can be a bot (specially from Albania), can be a 15 years old kid. etc. but this is stupid they expected him to say something. this is another kind of dictatorship. anybody is free to support or not support whatever he wants. personally I never support any kind of activity unless I'm fully informed about the case (and in this case I'm not) based on IOC statement, Iran NOC and IAWF (Iran wrestling) were trying to do something for him. but when something gets "international" the IR usually acts with no mercy, they want to show they are "tough" ! his family managed to make him the "World Champion Wrestler" but that necessarily didn't help him. btw fortunately/unfortunately people have short memories, in 5 days another bad news will happen and nobody will remember his name anymore. and these days bad news keep coming.
  11. Yep and people in that group don't want him to survive, they want him to get executed so then they can find another reason to blame the regime. they are the same people lobby with corrupt politicians in the west to put more pressure on Iran (actually on Iranian people, I mean ordinary people) , nobody knows how many people have died directly or indirectly in past 2-3 years because of these sanctions, I just heard we had 1000 more successful suicides in Iran comparing to the same time last year. and now these guys (and their American friends) care about 1 single (most probable) criminal just because he happened to be a low level wrestler long time ago ? come on. this is a battle between the devil (IR) and another devil (Anti-IR groups in the west) and to be honest I hate them both
  12. sorry I wasn't around for a week and no, I never heard of him until this, apparently he was just friend with Geraei brothers and had some success in youth level in his province (province of Fars) from what I know his biggest accomplishment was taking some pictures with world bronze medalist Mohammad Ali Geraei !! personally I have no idea in this case, I can't feel sorry for him if he really murdered a building's security guy (we are talking about a random guy who works as security, not a government agent) but then I don't trust the judiciary system in Iran, so maybe he is not guilty (slim chance though)
  13. the official statement was "the limited number of athletes" I don't know what that means but I assume it's not more than 2 per weight. or maybe none in none-Olympic weights and more than 2 in the rest.
  14. some sports federations in Iran (including wrestling) received the green light from the government to resume their activities, for wrestling it means they can invite the limited number of wrestlers for the national camp. but still no permission to start the wrestling league, IAWF insists on having the league this summer , they even had the draw ceremony and most teams already signed their wrestlers, and they have to wait for the permission. ...
  15. seven actually, he was on Junior Worlds team for 2013 too. teched everybody before running into Israel in the semis. and you know the rest of the story.
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