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  1. The first round of the wrestling league in freestyle started today. this time we have 14 teams in 4 groups (which means lots of very weak teams) 4 towns will host each group on 25, 26, 27 and 29 October. there will be a 2nd round after 2 weeks and after that only the top team from each group advances to the semifinal. today's group was contested by 3 teams. In live steam and those who wrestled in Norway will rest for now. still we had Mohammadian, Atri, Shaabani and Mohebbi wrestling today. Atri had two close wins at 61kg. easy wins for Mohammadian, Shaabani and Mohebbi. I wonder why one team signs both Mohammadian and Shaabani?! lol this team "Fooladin Zob Amol" apparently will have Yazdani and Zare in the 2nd round alongside Firouzpour brothers and Dastan (U23 team members) probably the strongest team.
  2. I don't know why everybody assumes Ghasempour will stay at 92kg! his normal bodyweight is something around 88kg. yes he did great and beat guys 5-6kg (or probably more) heavier than himself but I don't think that's what he wants. I won't be surprised if he tries 86kg next year. he is not afraid of Yazdani and he proved that before. and 92kg won't be easy for him domestically. remember he lost a match to Ebrahimi during the trials. (but beat him twice to make the team) and we also have Karimi who can beat and dominate anybody in the world (except Cox of course) Kamran had to try 92kg this year because when he lost to Yazdani at the Olympic trials that also cost him a spot in the Worlds in his weight. we still don't know about his next year's plan. If I have to predict right now, I would say between Karimi, Yazdani and Ghasempour two of them will go the worlds at 86 and 92 and the other one will wrestle at the Asian Games at 86kg. (Ebrahimi probably disagrees with my prediction)
  3. I think they limited teams to only 2 World Team members. so I assume that wasn't possible. I think the league starts in 2 or 3 days in 4 groups in 4 different towns. the league's poster
  4. World U23 entries https://uww.org/article/wrestlebelgrade-u23-world-championship-entries this list is different than what IWF is going to send to Belgrade so I assume we can't fully trust it. this is just a preliminary list do you guys know when was the last time Azerbaijan didn't send Turan Bayramov to a wrestling competition? he is everywhere lol
  5. it's hard to find those interviews after more than few days. yeah they said lots of things lol for example Dabir said we are #1 in the World in Greco but in freestyle we are still behind USA and Russia even though they were probably one win (by Amouzad or Elahi) away from winning the team title here is a TV show with R. Geraei and Delkhani as guests. nothing really special though , the host sucks but that's all I could find for now https://www.telewebion.com/episode/2676632 btw if you use telegram you should follow IWF's account. they are always quick in posting anything related to Dabir lol one of his comments before the 3rd day finals (when he is talking to the wrestlers and one of his own guys recorded it) got controversial. he is sometimes too religious in a VERY annoying way. he says something like "let's go and make Shia people happy" and he never apologized for that, only tried to somehow explain it in most of his interviews.
  6. A.M. Yazdani claims will wrestle at 70kg from now on. it's still hard to believe he is a world silver medalist.
  7. for the same reason lol they don't want too many athletes in the games. but AG is much more flexible. it's also up to the host nation and China is not really interested in wrestling. we had non-Olympic weights back in 2014 (at the time we had only 2 non-Olympic weights per style, now it's 4+4+4) but Indonesia as 2018 host dropped them all because they suck big time in wrestling. and China simply didn't change that. with Japan, Qatar and Saudi Arabia as next AG hosts I don't think non-Olympic weights will be back anytime soon. (maybe only Japan could be interested in changing that)
  8. AG will be held only in Olympic weights. he has to cut weight for 86kg (which will be easy for him) or move up to 97kg if he wants to go to Hangzhou. 97kg will be easy, Mohammadian, Goleij or Shabani they all can tech everybody in Asia. 125kg is a bit harder with that Mongolian guy (and probably Deng of China) not sure who is #2 in Iran at the moment. Mohebbi lost to Foroutan in Takhti Cup, Foroutan lost the U23 trials to Hashemi. and Taheri lost to Egypt lol so I say let's send Zare to both events, he doesn't cut weight after all. having back to back tournaments in 2 weeks won't hurt him.
  9. winning 4 gold medals is a great result for the Greco team but what a pity they lost the team title to Russia (with just 1 gold medal) only because of 6 points. interestingly right now Iran has more depth in Greco which is weird because freestyle is still much more popular. except 2 or 3 wrestlers the rest aren't absolute #1 in the country and can lose to someone else in any competition. Yousefi was #3 few months ago, he is #2 at the moment but now he is the world champion lol Iran could win the team title with just one more win, I still can't believe how come Abbaspour (who was a gold medal prospect) lost like that. the Armenian who beat Mardani was leading Moldova in the SF 6-0 before that choking thing. his win would send Mardani to the repechage and eliminate the Russian Maryanyan. (who eventually won the bronze) they already have to make a decision about the next year for both Greco and freestyle. Asian Games is only few days after the World Championships and we know Asian games is a big deal for the sport system in Iran and wrestling always brings the most number of gold medals for Iran. but Worlds is a big deal too. they can't send a weak team to Serbia. for example I'm sure Yazdani wants to defend his world title in 2022 but on other hand winning gold in AG means prize money. maybe Ghasempour finally gets to wrestle Taylor after all lol (even though I highly doubt Yazdani prefers AG over WCh)
  10. we had the rest of U23 team trials today 65kg, Hassan Ebadi 2-1 Peyman Nemati / 2-4, 9-4, 10-0 74kg, Mohammad Sadegh Firouzpour 2-0 Hossein Abouzari / 4-2 , 6-2 92kg: Amir Hossein Firouzpour 2-0 Mohammad Mobin Azimi / 6-5, 7-2 125kg: Mehdi Hashemi 2-0 Abbas Foroutan / 6-3, 8-0 Foroutan losing twice by that scoreline to someone like Hashemi was a huge surprise or maybe Hashemi is this good! we already knew the team member in 6 other weights, so Iran is going to send this team to Serbia 57kg: Ahmad Mohammadnejad (Khorasan Razavi) 61kg: Majid Dastan (Tehran) 65kg: Hassan Ebadi (Mazandaran) 70kg: Ali Akbar Fazli (Mazandaran) 74kg: Mohammad Sadegh Firouzpour (Mazandaran) 79kg:Ali Savadkouhi (Mazandaran) 86kg: Sajjad Gholami (Alborz) 92kg: Amir Hossein Firouzpour (Mazandaran) 97kg: Amir Ali Azarpira (Tehran) 125kg: Mehdi Hashemi (Mazandaran) once again Mazandaran dominates with 6 team members which is a low for them lol they had 80% of the senior team in Oslo.
  11. 2nd Greco day was better. even though I'm still upset about those 2 defeats. Mokhtari lost to someone he could beat blindfolded! and Mardani had a wrong strategy and also faced some bad calls from the refs like some other wrestlers yesterday. still 2 in the final and 2 bronze medals is a good result for the first 2 days. Saravi had a brutal draw but he was great all day, dominated his matches. the Russian was lucky that he didn't go down in parterre in middle of the mat. he gave his everything to avoid the first caution (as he probably guessed Saravi will 9-0 him) and that almost worked for him but once Saravi passed the early storm it wasn't that hard from there. Szoke in the final is probably easier than all those 3 guys he beat before but this is Greco and nothing is guaranteed. and Yousefi who wasn't supposed to be here (late replacement for Mirzazadeh) is now in the final. clearly this is a weak tournament without Cuba, Kayaalp and Semenov but Yousefi beat wherever was in front of him. he beat this Russian guy 10-2 a month ago. so this is suppose to be easy but still you would be a fool to underestimate Russia in wrestling.
  12. Abbaspour surprised me big time, I mean for few minutes I couldn't believe what I witnessed !! Sefershaev (possible gold medalist) lost to our #3 and needed lots of helps from the ref to beat our #4 in Serbian tournament a month ago but then our #1 lost like that (10-1 !!!) to someone who got teched easily in the next round. I was hoping for gold in this weight. I was expecting this defeat for Geraei, he had to go all out against Vlasov. we knew Roman will finish the match if he gets the chance on top. Geraei had to try much harder to avoid the first caution. I believe Vlasov will win the SF but then it will be hard for this Geraei (mentally broken) to come back for bronze. in Tokyo he only had to beat a mediocre Japanese for the bronze but failed. Mokhtari did great as expected. I won't write more since I don't want to jinx him lol Poshtam also did much better than expectations specially after that shaky start against India. he is not fun to watch but he is tough and can push anybody around the mat. I think it will be 50/50 in the semis. he as to avoid the caution because the Turk looked really good in parterre
  13. He is Reza Yazdani's cousin. not related to Hassan, but that's a small town . their great-grandfathers are probably related after all
  14. Looks like USA wrestling invited Iran to bring the freestyle team for a dual in Dallas somewhere in February or March 2022.
  15. one simple reason he sucks lol but seriously speaking he lost to Lorincz in Vehbi Emre tourney in Turkey and Lorincz lost to some random Russian wrestler and Taheri beat that guy in the final.
  16. he went down 4-0 and then started to attack, scored few points but lost it 6-5. probably could win the match with 20 more seconds. he started very late. the Armenian was a tough matchup for his underhooks. but that was winnable and he probably can beat the guy if they wrestle once again today. he just had no idea about this guy.
  17. terrible strategy , it sucks that Elahi lost two very close matches so it's official that Iran finished 3rd here.
  18. yeah I'm aware of other scenarios, I said USA can lose and still wins the title. but Snyder winning is the only realistic way for US to win the title, I really don't think that Armenian guy is capable of beating both Iran and Russia and Goleij is not going to lose the bronze. that's a very unlikely scenario. but yes nothing is impossible on the mat.
  19. no , not completely all 3 teams still have a chance for the team title. and considering the matches I believe Russia has a better chance but it's still completely possible for Iran and USA too. Iran needs 2 bronze medals + Snyder losing. US only needs Snyder winning. Russia needs to win both medal matches. Iran and Russia can't win the title if they even lose one match, USA can lose and still wins the title. (USA is guaranteed a 2nd place finish at least with Green 100% finishing 7th and earning 8pts)
  20. IWF is publishing lots of short clips about everything in this tournament lol before the match, after the match, lots of conversations. I never saw that before. from any other country. I'm not sure if this is a good idea to show everything inside the team to everybody. but they are fun to watch from a fan's point of view. Goleij's reaction and his conversation with Dorostkar after losing like that to Snyder was the most interesting, something like "I told you to do nothing why the hell you went for a pushout?" "I didn't hear you, he was on the edge of the mat, I thought I could score one more" "what's the difference between 2-1 and 3-1?" obviously Dorostkar was angry on Nokhodi more than anybody else, (probably for not following the plan and doing nothing) didn't even talked to him after the match and A. Yazdani was screaming on his way to the training hall after the semifinal "I'm going to win the gold" but yeah as everybody knew he didn't lol Dabir wanted to fire G. Mohammadi before the Olympics but for some reasons he didn't. Dorostkar is his close friend. when he appointed Dorostkar as the headcoach almost everybody blamed him for hiring his own friend "who was a terrible wrestler and knows nothing" I remember Dorostkar as a wrestler, he was indeed boring, very defensive and not good but that has nothing to do with his abilities as a coach, (Tedeev also never won a world medal) but now after getting good results here everybody praises Dorostkar like he had a magic wand and changed everything in just 40 days! and everybody curses Mohammadi for not-so-good results in Tokyo, it seems most people think with Dorostkar as coach Yazdani, Zare, Mohammadian and Atri could get a better result in Tokyo. maybe but I'm not completely sure about that.
  21. that was part of the rules (if we can call it "rules") whoever doesn't medal at the Olympics won't have a chance to even wrestle at the World team trials. Yazdani and Zare were exemptions, they still could wrestle at the trials but they both won a medal in Tokyo and made the team without having to participate at the trials. I don't think Mohammadian ever talked after the Olympics, nobody knows about his plans, he simply disappeared but I assume he will come back next year.
  22. I just noticed next year's world Championship (which will be in Serbia) will be EXACTLY at the same time as the Asian Games . Iran may not even send A team to the Worlds next year. (I mean in Olympic weights, AG will be in 6 weights, not 10) while wrestling community clearly cares much more about the World Championship. but AG is still a bigger thing for the sport ministry and the NOC. they may force IWF to send top guys to China instead of Serbia. and I believe UZB, KAZ and KOR will probably do the same. I hope Asian countries pushes UWW to change the dates. it's not fair for the Asian countries.
  23. Yep Goleij did good here and could beat Snyder. he deserves credit for that. there is his video after the match blaming himself "che ghalati kardam" and repeating it 100 times
  24. never liked Goleij but this is the best version of him. what a stupid mistake at the end. he just had to hold Snyder for few more seconds and Snyder could do nothing. his defense was great though. you rarely see that from the Iranians to defend the leg like that (I mean in last minute when Snyder was close to score)
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