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  1. No that's a different wrestler, they just share exactly the same name !
  2. We had 2 league sessions today, this is the video from the morning session. two duals , the second one was interesting, as shiraz said Yazdani beat Shahbazi quite easily at 92kg. Maghsoudi/A. Yazdani also finished 9-9 for Yazdani. Nokhodi was hopeless against Afzali at 74 Yazdani's match at 2:21:00 https://www.telewebion.com/episode/2145501 -------------------------------- in afternoon session, Sarlak beat Tuskev (Sarlak got teched by Harutynyan at the morning) Gebekov also lost to some random guy. but most interestingly Amir Mohammad Yazdani lost to Farzad Amouzad !! 6-5. another interesting result was Dadashpour beating Afzali again 5-4. I'm not sure about the group standing but I think after all Toos club and Azad Uni made it to the semifinal. so we will see Yazdani again in final 4. Reza Yazdani was also supposed to wrestle for Azad but didn't happen. from other group Iran-Mall (which has the strongest squad) and Atrak qualified. I know we can't judge on league results but 74kg is getting funny, these guys are beating each other and none of them looks any better. Amir Mohammad Yazdani losing to Amouzad was surprising, Yazdani could lose to Maghsoudi today too. even in this weight nobody convinced me to be #1 in Iran. but I think while Yazdani has a better future maybe Maghsoudi is a better option right now.
  3. I think he just acts as translator , he speaks Turkish/Azeri too
  4. yes https://www.telewebion.com/episode/2145126 that was kind of a weird match, Foroutan wasted too much energy on cheap pushouts (trying to be Goleij) and gassed at the end. Shams is not world class but he is not that bad, Foroutan totally underestimated him.
  5. We were supposed to see Zare-Petriashvili in Iranian league today but Geno's club decided to field a second tier team and rest all of their main wrestlers for the final 4. therefore Karimi, Emami, Zare, Atri and the rest won their matches quite easily. I think tomorrow is the last day of the group round. Hassan Yazdani also has his debut for his club and beat Mersad Marghzari 10-0 today. Teymouri once again faced Jabrayil Hasanov, this time Hasanov won 8-3. in an interesting match Dadashpour lost 5-3 to Nokhodi !! too much for Dadashpour and his big mouth, he beat Afzali in the league and then started to bash Hosseinkhani, saying he is always a failure and I can do better than him. I tried to find the list of foreign wrestlers, this is the list (maybe incomplete) Toos: Arsen Harutyunyan, Jabrayil Hasanov Sari: Azamat Tuskaev, Artem Gebekov Atrak: Akhmednabi Gvarzatilov, Geno Petriashvili Azad Uni: Beka Lomtadze, Giorgi Edisherashvili Iran-Mall: Gadzhi Nabiev, Khetag Tsabolov
  6. not that I'm aware of , Fardin retired from wrestling somewhere 1958 or 1959. it's also possible they never had to wrestle. and about Mohammadian's coach, some former wrestler military guy lol I think his name is Shahram Omid, and he was kind of funny if you listen to Mohebbi-Akgul match.
  7. well I really don't know if they ever wrestled. but Habibi won the gold in 1956 Olympics at 67kg. so I assume they were never in the same weight. and Fardin had a short career because as everybody knows he got into acting which was very successful. they were at least rivals in acting ! because Habibi got into that too but this time not successful PS: from 1950 to 1959 we never had World Championships for both FS and GR in the same year. it was 1 year FS, 1 year GR (excluding Olympic years) it was something like 1950 GR, 1951 FS, 1952 Olympics (both), 1953 GR, 1954 FS, 1955 GR, 1956 Olympics, 1957 FS, 1958 GR, 1959 FS
  8. I could find some videos from CISM Games in China, for both finals and preliminaries , the prliminary stream only shows Mat B, so we can't watch some interesting matches. but about the finals. these are the interesting ones Mohebbi-Akgul final is the start of this video, you can see Akgul didn't dominate as he usually does. but I also think he learned from his match vs Hadi last year, he is not attacking when he has enough points. Mohebbi has strong legs, only if he started wrestling at younger age. he can't learn at this age obviously. http://sports.cctv.com/2019/10/22/VIDED88e6RSIHntDMlUsxSC7191022.shtml Mohammadian's final is also here, somwhere near the end of it, at 1:00:00 http://sports.cctv.com/2019/10/22/VIDEXFr8p3FhwCFycbDjTYC8191022.shtml
  9. Saravi for sure, R. Geraei if he cuts weight for 67kg. Mohsennejad also looked good (and he got robbed in QF) but still we have world bronze medalist Nejati too who is also 21. the SHW guy Yousefi also looked good but I think he is still far from that level. but there is no big favorite in this weight in Iran, so maybe him too.
  10. Iran won every single match in the last day to finish the Greco competition with 3 golds and 3 bronze medals + team title by just 1 point over Georgia ! I was sure about Mohsennejad and Saravi, and almost sure about Geraei but Imentalab's bronze medal was surprising.
  11. this is not Bana's team. Bana just called up his own team for the training camp for the World Cup in Iran next month. yeah some of these guys trained most of the year with Bana and the senior team though. btw we always complain about our bad luck with the draw, (even though since i don't trust UWW I believe the draw was fixed for the Worlds in Astana, it wasn't just bad luck) but I have to say most of our wrestlers were luck with the draw here, both FS and GR. specially in Greco-Roman.
  12. you should call Iranians by the first part of their surnames. nobody knows a wrestler as "Foumani" or "Langeroudi" nope. never. they are known as Imentalab and Choobchian. that's just a common thing. always drop the 2nd part. and that's a very pessimistic prediction. Mohsennejad has to forget wrestling if he can't win the bronze. that will be too easy for him. (he got robbed today in QF, he should be in the final) Geraei will be favorite against the Azeri guy. it won't be easy though. and Saravi will be favorite too. he gave up a 4pts throw while pushing his opponent out of the mat and the Finnish guy was too big for him. (still Saravi should win if it wasn't for that mistake) the Ukrainian had 4pts lead over Savolainen and still lost it at the end. I think Saravi can handle him. but I see no realistic chance for Imentalab . so I think I say 1 gold and 2 bronze tomorrow.
  13. if you ask me absolutely no chance for him to make the Olympic weight. 60kg spot is for Nejati now. even if he gets injured or something. the next candidate is most probably Mehrdad Mardani. and Delkhani doesn't look big enough for 67kg but yes Iran is weak in this weight and to be honest most probably won't qualify this weight for the Olympics. we will see if one of those 72kg guys (R. Geraei or Kaviani) can cut weight for 67 or Bana will count on someone like Javad Rezaei or Eliasi. who knows maybe Delkhani can go there and challenge them. 67kg is the weakest link in Iran GR team.
  14. because Greco results are so random. unlike freestyle when you have the entire 6 minutes to score, in Greco you have mostly 2-3 chances in the match ( the most important one is your parterre) it depends on who uses his chance the best. for example, Delkhani lost to an Armenian guy in bronze medal match in the Worlds. that guy was here too but lost to Turkey here and Delkhani beat the Turkish guy in the semifinal. for example in 130kg semifinal. the Turk scored 2+2 on gut wrench, I believe he could score more if he tried harder but he thought that's enough and he can protect his 5-0 lead but he underestimated Yousefi's physical strength . that was his only chance in the entire match to score and he didn't use it good enough. That's why I always believe in Greco, every match is a final and you can't underestimate anybody.
  15. Slay-Saitiev is #1 but this is my #2, Artur Taymazov losing to Rares Chintoan (Romania) at 2005 Worlds
  16. Georgia even sent Geno Petriashvili to 2017 Worlds U23. they care a lot about this. and they are not alone here, Japan and Armenia are also sending 2019 World medalists. in Iran it seems they leave it to the wrestlers if they want to participate or not. I can't say we are not sending our best U23 wrestlers (even though in some weight we don't) but it wasn't their top priority, some of those freestyle guys wrestled in the Iranian league only few days ago, I remember I saw Ghasempour, Yakhkeshi and Shahbazi at least. if it was VERY important they wouldn't let the clubs to use these wrestlers less than a week before the competition.
  17. I don't think so, that Karimi case was very obvious and UWW had to react and still their reaction was very soft. in cases like this Nasserpour can easily "not make weight" in the second day and automatically got disqualified without breaking any rules. and there are huge differences between Judo and Wrestling, I follow both sports, the IJF president wanted this, they were looking for a reason to do something against Iran, if you watch the recent interview of IJF president (with BBC persian), it was like listening to Mike Pompeo, the same kind of nonsense ! full of political messages, some things you don't expect to hear it from an international federation president, that guy Marius Vizer had his own agenda, he wanted to gain something from this for himself. wrestling is a different story, Iran is a big deal for UWW, yeah they hurt Iran sometimes with officiating and other things but they never want to lose Iran completely. and they know they can't do anything about this. nobody does, Iran is not going to change this policy no matter what. the best case is to force Iran to at least not brag about such things. (I mean announcing officially that they are boycotting Israel) Iranian wrestlers always make silly excuses like injuries, etc. they are only hurting themselves with this stupid policy (and not anybody else) so UWW simply doesn't care. as long as something like Karimi accident doesn't happen.
  18. They simply sent the trial winners, in all 10 weights, unlike the senior they sticked to the trial rules and about your list, I give absolutely no chance to Sadeghi, he had his chances before. probably more than anybody else. Biabani 1 or 2 good results but then he lost to this Hajipour guy at the trials. he lost to A. Yazdani in senior team trials. I don't write him off completely though, Ehsanpour also tried 65kg before and failed but now with a world medal maybe he can do better with more confidence. at 74, believe it or not, right now my pick is Dadashpour ! I know he is bad but he is probably better than the other guys. and of course if Hosseinkhani recovers there is nobody better than him. (I can't believe I'm saying this after so many times I cursed Hosseinikhani here !!) Emami didn't convince me even at 70kg, let alone 74kg. but they will try him for sure too. Ahmad Mohammadi was terrible this year, I know people still remember his performance from 2014-15 but that was long time ago and he never did anything special since then, looks like that knee injury ruined his career. and for 57kg. we can't even think about anybody else than Atri ! unfortunately about the Greco team, I don't konw much about those new guys but Nasserpour has a hard time to medal, he will face the winner of Japan-Israel in the QF, the Japanese guy is World Senior bronze medalist, he will beat Israel but if he beats Nasserpour too. Nasserpour can't wrestle in the repechage.
  19. I have to make myself clear, there is nothing official about Talebi but he was absent since the trials (which he lost to Shaabani) from what I heard there is a doping story about him, and per rules they won't make it public until it's official. and I have to say I heard about it from an unreliable source. don't consider it a confirmed news yet. he was around in past 4 years, but never did anything special, he just started to get betters results this year and after winning the Sassari tourney gave himself a chance to challenge Yazdani for the world team but lost to Shaabani in the first round. Mohammadian on the other hand was officially suspended by UWW for 4 years and he wasn't eligible to wrestle until a month ago. you should read my VERY LONG post about the U23 trials. Shariti's name was mentioned something like 10 times lol he won the original trials but lost the extra trials to Goleij (Shariati, Goleij and the other guy Abdi all finished 1-1, but Goleij had more technical points) I'm sure he will try his chance in Takhti Cup qualifiers.
  20. Don't count on Taheri, he almost lost to Foroutan (probably 20kg lighter than him) in a league match. and Hashemi never showed anything special IMO Yazdani't wasn't seriously injured, they said he had some minor injuries, infections etc and because of them he didn't train properly in last couple of months before the Worlds. that was the "official reason" but it's up to you if you want to believe it or not lol I assume we won't have more than 4 wrestlers for the final trials but most of these guys have to wrestle in the Takhti Cup, as I said before there are rumors about Talebi (doping) and Goudarzi isn't qualified for the Takhti Cup YET, and whoever misses the Takhti Cup without a valid reason will miss the Olympic trials for sure. at 97, so far Yazdani, Foroutan, Mohammadian, Shaabani, Goleij and Nejatian are qualified for the Takhti Cup in this weight, there will be another tournament as Takhti Cup qualifier though. (Alireza Karimi as 2019 World medalist will be exempt from Takhti Cup)
  21. I don't know but I assume he is nowhere near 125kg. the Kazakh guy was actually pretty good. I expect to hear more from him in the future. but that match makes me believe Zare can't challenge Hadi and Mohebbi right now. they are just too big and too strong for him. but maybe I'm wrong. we will know the answer very soon because if everybody shows up they all have to wrestle at the Takhti Cup. no idea about Hadi's back injury and if he recovered , but that was never a big deal and he just needed some rest. looks like Takhti Cup is very important this year, I read an interview with Saeid Dadashpour and it seems he was told whoever wins the Takhti Cup will go to the Olympic Qualifiers (not sure if that's 100% accurate but that's possible in some weights) and they made it clear Takhti Cup is an important step of the Olympic trials. we know even if we have trials it will be between 2-3 wrestlers in each weight but if anybody wants to be in that short list, he has to earn it through Takhti Cup. (except those who won the quota and already earned that) but knowing Iranian wrestlers, some of them always make some so-called "legit" excuses to not wrestle in these kind of trials where they can lose to a youngster and lose credibility.
  22. it wasn't like "he just got caught" . the American had plan for that. but still not something to happen again if they face each other. I have to say that was a good lesson for Zare. it seems he learned from that
  23. and I still think Zare would "easily" won the gold in world juniors if it wasn't for that accident. most probably by 10pts margin he is improved, a year ago he was just pushing but he looks different now. I tried to find his birthday, 16 January 2001. 18. almost 19. but we should remember results in age group tournaments don't usually transfer to senior level. Jaber Sadeghzadeh dominated the World Juniors, he is a nobody now. there are lots of examples. but I think Zare is in the right path. it will be interesting watching him against Hadi and Mohebbi in Takhti Cup. I think he will lose to both of them, they are just too big and too strong for him. but he has a good chance to become #1 in Iran in something like 2 years. Good tournament overall but we should remember the Iranian team was more experienced than other teams, so 2nd place was the least expected from this team. they were better than Russia, just unlucky with Savadkouhi. and there is nothing better than watching Russia losing two back to back finals by tech. lol
  24. This is not a bad result to win a silver in Worlds U23 when you are still U20 but honestly I don't think Nokhodi ever develops to be a world level wrestler. he was lucky with the draw to be honest and yes that Hungarian guy was overrated, one good match vs Burroughs doesn't make you a great wrestler, Hosseinkhani almost beat Burroughs a year before.
  25. I have absolutely no problem with any kind of style as long as it gets results, ugly or not, but you should have other plans, Goleij simply has no plan B, therefore in a big tournament, he will lose to someone somewhere in the draw. I was watching his final with a friend of mine and when he gave up a relatively easy TD, my friend reaction was like "how easy he gave up 2points, he is going to lose, he is now behind" and I told him, Goleij is exactly where he was planned to be, being down by just 1pt after the first period was just perfect for him. but things don't always go as planned. you need plan B sometimes. and his plan A usually doesn't work in Iran, he lost several times to weaker Iranian wrestlers, he will never win the trials in Iran, even in 2018 as Shiraz said he lost the trials (to Goudarzi ?) but they still sent him. specially this year with lots of better wrestlers, no way he can beat Yazdani, Karimi, Mohammadian, Shaabani, Foroutan ! maybe not even one of them, let alone beating all of them. but still it's a good thing he is back, more competition is always better. just for the record, this is his in U23 team trials, with 7 wrestlers, it was in 2 groups Goleij 8-7 Danial Shariati, Goleij 10-0 Mousa Tatari, winning the group semifinal Goleij 2-3 Meisam Abdi !! 3rd place match Goleij 4-2 Masoud Khajeh-Salehani, eventually Shariati who lost to Goleij ended up winning the trials. but since they weren't satisfied with the results, they had extra trials in some weights including 97kg and they gave Goleij a second chance, here is the result Goleij 5-1 Shariati, Shariati 2-2 Abdi (Shariati winner) and Goleij 2-2 Abdi (Abdi Winner), 1-1 record and 4 classification points for all 3 of them, Goleij won the trials just by scoring more points !! as you see he had lots of close matches, ---------------------------------------------------- speaking of U23 trials, here are the complete results http://iawf.ir/Public/iawf.ir/1/results/entekhabi-omid-FS-98.pdf but since there were some U23 wrestlers in the senior team camp and also for the World Juniors, they gave some chances to those wrestlers to challenge the trial winners. in most weights, the trial winner only had to wrestle once, the winner of other challenger matches. I think this is probably interesting to review the trial results now the Worlds U23 is almost done. 57, Sarlak dominated the original trials. no need for extra 61, Yakhkeshi won the trials, no more matches needed 65, Hajipour won the trials after couple of close wins, also beat Peiman Biabani 3-2 in the extra trials. World Junior champion Maghsoudi was supposed to wrestle but withdrew 70, A guy named Amir Reza Akbarzadeh (apparently only a Asian cadet bronze medalist) won the trials beating Hosseini in the final 12-2 but they weren't satisfied, invited all 4 medalists + Firouzpour (world junior bronze medalist), but Firouzpour didn't make weight and moved up to 74kg, First Farhad Nouri beat the other bronze medalist, then Nouri lost to Hosseini (silver medalist) and then Hosseini challenged the trial winner Akbarzadeh, this time beat him 5-4 to make the team. I don't know this guy Akbarzadeh but he can't be worse than Hosseini. 74, Nima Eshfaghi won the trials, they invited him, 2nd placer, Firouzpour (read 70kg) and Nokhodi for the extra trials, Nokhodi beat 2 guys to meet Eshfaghi in the final, won that match 10-5 to make the team. 79, Savadkouhi won the trials, no need for more (already talked about his passport) 86, Ghasempour completely dominated the trials, no need for more (Ahmad Bazri who is also U23 didn't wrestle) 92, Shahbazi won the trials, beating our unknown friend Mirbaghian (remember him from the CISM Games ?) in the final but for some reasons and since their favorite Arashk Mohebbi lost to Mirbaghian in the semifinal, they invited all 3 of them for the extra trials, first Mirbaghian beat Mohebbi again 7-2 but lost to Shahbazi 11-0 97, Shariati won the trials but as I explained above, he lost a match to Goleij, so the extra trial was supposed to be round robin between those 3 guys and World Junior Champion Foroutan but Foroutan withdrew, Goleij won the trials despite losing again to Abdi. imagine it wasn't round robin and if it was like other weights. he was done after losing to Abdi. 125, Mehdi Hashemi won the trials, he was supposed to wrestle world junior silver medalist Zare in extra trials but withdrew for unknown reasons and Zare made the team without doing anything. wow. what a long post but that was interesting for myself
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