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  1. Taylor is undefeated in this matchup.
  2. And they just added Kyle Dake. Going to be crazy in there.
  3. I hope not, for his sake. He won't even make the semis at team trials
  4. Zain will never medal at 65 kg, don't believe in him in the slightest. No surprise he got steamrolled in the finals.
  5. Wow, had no idea there were 55 3-timers. Thought it was less than that
  6. How did he limit free speech? He did not limit free speech at all. Facebook is a private company and they can choose who can post what on that platform.
  7. Bernie Truax also. A lot of guys who aren’t in the B1G don’t get a lot coverage.
  8. I agree he has the potential and has a good chance to do that.
  9. No I am not. Currently he does not have a resume to earn a top 10 ranking. His resume should barely get him into the top 20 in rankings to start the year.
  10. We have no result that should put Bartlett anywhere near the top 10. He certainly has the promise to be there, but no reason to put him even close to there.
  11. How in the world do you have Beau Bartlett around #10?
  12. Rumors are spreading across Twitter and Facebook that John Smith is out at Oklahoma State and Pat Pop will be replacing him. Discuss
  13. He is a high character guy. Definitely was put off when he gave a speech at the PA’s coaches convention and his entire speech was discrediting the theory of evolution. But he’s a great coach and a stand up guy overall.
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