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  1. I think it’s worth noting that techs in folkstyle happen with turns. The kid wasn’t going to turn people during his first year of folkstyle wrestling. I would expect people to be able to slow down his scoring when his opponents know the tactics of folkstyle exponentially better.
  2. Penn State wrestling has a lot of "get off my lawn" types. The kind of guys who like to spoil any and all fun, even if it is harmless. This comes as no surprise.
  3. Maryland is DEFINITELY not a bottom 10 state. Probably more like average to slightly above average. 17th-25th would be my guess.
  4. I think we can all agree that Iowa and Penn State get a trophy, but who else will get one? I am actually unsure and want to see what you guys think.
  5. If there was any mention of this question being framed internationally, you’d have a point.
  6. His attack’s are taxing because of how explosive he is. Anyone would get taxed exploding like that. And, he’s also probably lazy to a certain extent
  7. Vote for Eierman, he seems like a really good guy.
  8. There’s certainly a genetic component to it.
  9. Musukaev was clearly not peaking and Bajrang wrestled in 3 different continents in 2 weeks when he wrestled Yianni. With the competition at 65, I put it at a 20% chance we medal at 65.
  10. We will be good to qualify 86 and 125. 57 and 65 will be tough but I think we get 57. The only weight I question is 65. Very little chance we medal at 65 anyway so I'm not sure if it matters much either way.
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