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  1. Who are the world medalist/champions he’s regularly beating?
  2. She might not win, but she's going to impress. EXTREMELY impressive.
  3. Kennedy Blades is going to be a force. That length is a problem
  4. Does John Smith not coach freestyle? Surprised he is commentating
  5. 97 kg is a bore now, couldn't care less
  6. Great match, that was an outstanding ending. Bo Nickal vs. David Taylor, that's awesome
  7. Give me a break. Get off your high horse.
  8. When are the semis? The schedule said they wouldn't wrestling consis until the championship bracket was done.
  9. He missed weight first, and then "made" weight after the official weight in time.
  10. How does he miss weight going up 11 pounds? I think it has something to do with his battle with COVID. I believe he was hospitalized and I'd imagine there would be lingering effects.
  11. Unbelievable. I've never seen something like this happen at the senior level. And he is up a weight too
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