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  1. CoachWrestling

    Official Striking Wrestler at Fargo

    Anyone justifying a grown man physically assaulting a kid are sad people. Striking someone doesn’t change the behavior. This is been proven time and time again. Here comes the anecdotes.
  2. CoachWrestling

    Eierman NCAA Title

    He was very close to beating Yianni, he very well could beat Yianni in 2021
  3. A. He’s not B. He might not be fully peaked, but our guys are more close to competition ready than any other nation. I think this is a bad thing.
  4. Musukaev would have teched Yianni if that was the worlds, he is not in peak shape yet
  5. CoachWrestling

    Forum going soft?

    We have to hide from these things
  6. CoachWrestling

    Forum going soft?

    What was the Mike Zadick thing? Anyone want to clarify?
  7. I care more about his thoughts then you, or anyone else in this board.
  8. It’s pathetic that people are trying to excuse the actions being taken by Dake’s camp.
  9. CoachWrestling

    Why wear a t-shirt under a singlet?

    Because singlets are ridiculous.
  10. If he said he can’t go until August 17th, no, he should not be able to wrestle matches overseas.
  11. It’s not a toss up. JB beat him to make the team 3 times. How can that be called a toss up?
  12. CoachWrestling

    Teasdale Interview

    Teasdale went to rehab for weed? What a joke.
  13. He didn’t follow the rules though. At best he bent them, at worst he straight up broke them.
  14. This entire post is lol-able So you are okay with manipulating the system to make it easier for someone?
  15. How pathetic is this? It’s crazy how bad this system is. Source: https://mobile.twitter.com/WillieAtFLO/status/1145862177808687104