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  1. He’s one of the best posters on this board without question
  2. He’s been winning pretty handily this year, I’m not sure what you’re talking about
  3. What is Pletcher supposed to do? That stalling call was horrible. When was the first one?
  4. He definitely looked chubbier than usual. Maybe he’s getting complacent
  5. He would have been an NCAA champion without question. The guy is a freak and has a perfect body type for combat sports
  6. When you have a head injury like he had, you’re not allowed to do much at all, let alone exercise. If he comes back, he won’t be in near the shape needed to contend to AA. I just hope he gets healthy.
  7. PSU guys are constantly fishing for it when they’re letting guys up. The version are you speaking of is just so easy to defend that you won’t see it much in college.
  8. In the NBA the coach can get a technical foul, which would give the other team a free throw.
  9. He mixes in some honest analysis to keep us guessing. I for one love Jimmy.
  10. You aren’t gonna troll me, although this is a great attempt. I just hope Austin is okay
  11. Because the match of the night ended way too prematurely due to a knee injury
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