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  1. I think the 1 to 2 ratio for push out versus takedown is good. 1 to 4 ratio is too much.
  2. The Brands’ goal is to keep their job, and winning a team title solidified they keep their jobs for a long time. The decision is a no brainer for them
  3. They're incredible, but I think you're going to see the US give them a run next Olympics. Women's wrestling in the US is exploding and we have some amazing athletes coming up.
  4. That's such bull****, and you know it. If he scored every time he wanted to, there's a 0% chance he loses the match.
  5. My problem with the weight cut theory for Dake is how good he looked at the trials. I don't understand why the cut would effect him that much more in the Olympics than at the trials. I think he ran into a buzzsaw and after the 4 he panicked. I don't buy the injury or weight cut excuse.
  6. The intention of the shot clock is to encourage the person on the clock to take a risk to score. It feels like 90% of the time no one scores and a wrestler earns a passivity point. It doesn't seem to do its intended purpose. Thoughts?
  7. Mohammadian/Sadulaev in the second round is a massive match. I think Mohammadian gives Sadulaev a match and maybe pulls the upset. He’s looked insanely good lately
  8. The undisputed and undefeated champion Chael Sonnen
  9. Greco sucks, objectively. It's not even remotely interesting. It's terrible.
  10. I thought I read on here that he was. Any insight?
  11. Rumor is that Rob Koll is leaving Cornell for Stanford with a 5 year/2.5 million dollar contract on the table.
  12. Lord, he barely squeaked by. Playing it too close for comfort in my opinion
  13. JO did not look great, was his opponent decent? Nerve wracking at the end.
  14. Who are the world medalist/champions he’s regularly beating?
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