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  1. So apparently Downey threatened to beat up Sarah Hildegrandt on Twitter, Downey apparently was asking for nude pictures from women, and Nomad was asking female wrestlers for bikini pics. This has been a crazy weekend for wrestling gossip. This is all allegations at this point.
  2. Unfortunately I'm going over. This will really devastate the sport.
  3. How old are you? I'm 28 and I will never do another neck bridge. It's bad for your neck. My neck is jacked up from years of bridging.
  4. What is everyone's thoughts on this? Could be a slippery slope
  5. I bought it because a portion of the buys when to the wrestlers and I'm willing to support wrestling, unlike you apparently.
  6. They need to stop wrestling outside, the mat gets too slippery.
  7. I can't figure out how to register for the site. Anyone else having the same problem?
  8. Why is this match not happening?
  9. It never fails that you have the worst opinion in the thread
  10. Lots of mental gymnastics you're going through to get to your conclusion
  11. We actually have people arguing that a man who threw out black wrestlers because they are black ISN'T racist. That's actually happening. Speaks volumes of their character.
  12. I made no claims whatsoever about the virus, what are you even on about? You have zero reading comprehension skills.
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