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  1. It's not disrespect, that's how you perceive it. EVERY single sport has people who show passion and have fun, wrestling doesn't need to be any different. It's actually good for the sport.
  2. You're stuck in the 60s, we need characters and guys that have fun out there, not robots.
  3. Shut up, nothing wrong with a little showmanship
  4. Our guys attack at a high rate, but the opponents have better fundamentals and position from what I saw during the finals today. Something we need to work on. We will be attacking more, but the opponent will still hold the center.
  5. Sanayev's positioning was very sound. He held his ground and didn't give an inch that whole second period
  6. How did he not get that takedown when he pulled him back? Clear as day two
  7. Bo is doing a very bad job on the mic. Hopefully a one and done
  8. DeSanto defeated with the finger problem.
  9. That was a bad call, pin called too quick
  10. Anyone got access on the Fox Sports app?
  11. It was definitely a chance for him to prove he has the inside scope, that's all Mineo cares about.
  12. I'm not sure I understand this situation. So Willie signs a contract with a 1 year non-compete clause. He breaks it immediately after leaving. Then Flo sues him and they are the bad guys? He signed the contract. Willie needs to honor his contract. If I am wrong, feel free to correct me. Seems pretty clear to me.
  13. They have a ton of high profile clients, what are you talking about?
  14. The fact Darrion hasn't wrestled in nearly 10 years and he was close with Pletcher speaks volumes about the athlete he is.
  15. I think it's pretty sad they only have 5 matches. I would think 7 at a minimum.
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