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  1. This is incorrect. He was warned for leading with his head. You must not have been there or understand Greco. Bey was passive entire first period. Meyer ahead 1-0 at the break due to passivity point. Meyer had a TD and two guts and up 7-1 at one point. The only thing Bey did the entire match was the throw at the end.
  2. If Bo goes seems to be the question every week. Going the Downey route.....
  3. LP is the biggest tool in the shed. Doesn't know s***
  4. Ethan Anderson de-comitted from Missouri and is going to OK State
  5. Anyone think Crutchmer is too small for 184? I don't see Dierenger moving up. I realize Marstellar is in there, but he may sit another year.
  6. http://thegazette.com/subject/sports/hawkeyes-top-illinois-25-12-20150116 In this photo, he is flat.
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