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  1. WillieBoy

    Final Forfeits

    You enter, you wrestle. Absent a verified Medical reason backed by a licensed physician - one who is familiar with sports injuries - you forfeit and you lose a year of competition. You also lose the place you would have had if you had wrestled. Make the penalty hurt. It would not harm those who are actually injured. Having wrestlers quit like this is worse than the reservation ball teams here that enter a tournament, lose a game and since they can't place first - just don't show up for the next game. So bad the local leagues require them to make cash deposits to enter for all umpire/referee costs. This is in case they don't show up. Makes it unfair to the other athletes and teams both.
  2. WillieBoy

    RTC's and the NCAA

    If they change the rules they should have to pay for the new facility.
  3. WillieBoy

    Check out this smoke show

    You guys would complain if he had concurrent PhD's from both Tijuana Tech and Bo Diddly Tech, with BYU thrown in.
  4. WillieBoy

    RIP Joe Seay...

    Brands is lucky. Probably would have been beaten badly. Say what you want about Seay - he did produce winners on the mat.
  5. WillieBoy

    Yasar Dogu

    Nothing wrong with him wrestling and getting more experience with current competition. What happens if Zain gets sick or hurt somehow and can't compete at Worlds? Might be nice to have the alternate with some current mat time.
  6. WillieBoy

    Askren KOed in 5 seconds

    The only real surprise is how fast he was knocked out. Not that it happened. Wrestlers coming in low for a takedown lead with the head. Positioned just right for a good Uppercut or the Knee as happened here. Even a good straight punch to the top of the head could lay them out - especially when an opponent knows it will be coming. Watch top pro boxers. Look at the reaction time and how they take advantage of any opening while footwork enables them to be in position to maximize punching ability. Then top MMA guys who drill with even more weapons. Scouting Askren one can see his go to takedown moves. All that funk is after he is on the mat. Flatten him before it happens and it is over, as happened here. His moving in, directly into the power of the knee - he's lucky he didn't end up paralyzed or dead.
  7. ISU is rebuilding a program that has been in disarray. Looking good and moving forward. Iowa is pretty much stagnant - "content to settle for second place"... All the Iowa talk without the performance is getting old. Will ISU replace them as top dog in the State within the next three years?
  8. Penn State. If they don't get first, it is a big fall. Two down to 10 sounds bad but First to anything else is worse.
  9. Some time back I got a free book sent to me by the author. ESCAPE: Stories that will make you love wrestling more than you ever did before. A book of short stories centered on amateur wrestling. High School and College level wrestling. The book is now in our nearby Public Library so more will get to read it. He did a good job. Some of the stories are interesting and inspiring. Writing is clean, concise and interesting. When he offered the book FREE to someone I emailed and was the lucky one. I read it a number of times before posting anything about it so the glow of "I just read this" wore off before posting. I have my favorite storied in it as you will if you read it. Probably different from mine. He does seem to be more a fan of Ohio State than Penn State even as he gives Cael and the program props. Not everyone is perfect... Check with him and get a copy. Worth the time and it should make a good gift as well. Supporting a fellow fan is worth it. jerome.clark@yahoo.com Call or text at 706.204.6754(leave a message and he will get back to you if he can't answer then) He put this information at the back of the book so I am OK posting the contact information.
  10. WillieBoy

    Mudflap Update

    Cheap, cheezy and sleazy... time to retire the act.
  11. WillieBoy

    Mizzou advertising for an Asst. Coach?

    Ken Chertow? After all, he did wrestle for Penn State...
  12. WillieBoy

    Obe Blanc to NDSU

    He is coming to a good school and a great place to live. Mild summers. Clean air. Relatively uncrowded - especially if you compare it to "big cities" elsewhere. If he likes to hunt or fish or outdoor activities he will be in a good location, summer or winter. A school with a good athletic department. All he really needs to remember is that the movie FARGO is not to be mentioned.
  13. WillieBoy


    He will go on a Nationwide tour and do exhibition matches against Tim Tebow.
  14. Bottles, the cans screw up the taste.
  15. WillieBoy

    Should Mark Hall redshirt this year?

    You really advocate redshirting to run away from a competitor? What's next, wear a singlet with a yellow stripe down the back?