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  1. WillieBoy

    Best wrestler to never win the Hodge?

    Especially while you are still alive to enjoy it.
  2. WillieBoy

    If Nolf wins again this year...

    Interesting to see he had 134 wins by Major, Tech Fall or Pin. Had 20 by decision. Go through and look at the names of those - four times it was Cormier. Others are a who's who of top talent at the time. Had 5 via injury default or disqualification. Having watched him from HS on - he is even more impressive when you look at the numbers - and on the mat he would pull stuff you thought was impossible at the time. The only honestly close match was a 4-3 win over Damian Hahn - who stalled his butt off as strategy in trying to win. Nolf is amazing but 159-0 is almost unbelievable.
  3. WillieBoy

    So long as we are trashing Rutgers...

    They have a red "A" branded on their forehead?
  4. WillieBoy

    Best wrestler to never win the Hodge?

    Steven Abas. Three Titles with the Outstanding Wrestler award at NCAA's each time to Cael Sanderson. Abas would have had at least one of them without Sanderson and the fourth Cael OW was more a Career Achievement Award. Well deserved but on strictly wrestling at the tournament others could have been named OW. Still, hard not to name a guy hitting that achievement as the top dog, no matter what. Abas was amazing on the mat. We were all deprived when his injuries forced him to retire.
  5. WillieBoy

    Rating the PAC 12 (or PAC 5 in wrestling)

    Is the OSU Athletic Department interviewing for a new head coach? With results like these it has to be in the works. Zalesky is a great guy but the results are sub standard.
  6. WillieBoy

    Not the best day for PSU

    Bono is a good coach and his team will only get better. As for wrestling Penn State - Bono knows Cael well and it has to help in preparing his guys to face the Big Dog of the sport. Bono was hell on wheels as a wrestler. Never let up. Looks as if he is getting some of that attitude in his wrestlers. I think the team will do better as time moves on. Give it a year or two and Michigan will be behind them.
  7. WillieBoy

    Indiana vs Maryland - Wow, just wow

    Nope, it is the BYU football coach.
  8. WillieBoy

    Penn State 2019-20

    Utah Public School education?
  9. WillieBoy

    Fix/Suriano - worst ncaa match of all time?

    As shot clock. What will it do to a counter wrestler? A Dake vs Taylor type of match? Do you penalize a wrestler who is waiting on his opponent for an opening?
  10. WillieBoy

    Not the best day for PSU

    Much ado about nothing...
  11. WillieBoy

    Wick vs. Cenzo

    He can Tag Team with John Wick - he isn't going to win at Penn State.
  12. Dan Gable came into a program moving forward with new head coach Gary Kurdelmeier taking over at the school that had never won a national Title. https://hawkeyesports.com/news/2012/4/17/before_gable_there_was_a_hawk_named_kurdelmeier.aspx Kurdelmeier stepped down, Gable took over and the rest is history. Gable did not just get kids who were grinders - he got kids who wanted to compete at the highest level and bought into his attitude and work ethic. The rest is history. Cael Sanderson comes from a family of wrestlers. His father wrestled at BYU and was his High School Coach. At a school that had a very successful program. Cael learned a lot from his fathers coaching methods - and his fathers way of caring for and coaching all the wrestlers, not just the stars. Then Cael spent time under the paranoid Whiz Bobby Douglas. One great wrestler himself, Douglas could put together a mat plan for a wrestler that worked. Cael had the talent but I don't believe he would have his record at another school - especially if he had attended BYU where his father applied for the job. Penn State before Cael was good but had not won a Title since 1953. Close, but no cigar - over and over and over again. A State with great talent and a school that got some of it but never got it to perform at its peak. That changed with Sanderson. Just as Iowa changed with Kurdelmeier and Gable. John Smith at OSU is great but somehow they can't keep up. The Ohio State University is good but they can't keep up either. Iowa is good, used to be great - but they can't keep up. It is the coaching attitude and staff. Penn State does not get every top guy. Even if they did it would not guarantee titles. Then, there are slumps. Remember that Iowa at one point under Gable went four years without a title. So far we watch Penn State under this coaching staff - because it is the whole staff, not just Cael - that has them winning. A team effort with the coaches leading the way and their wrestlers buying into it. I think Dan Gable could do a lot by force of personality. A darned good staff but Gable was the Program. Not sure about Cael in this way. He's more like John Smith in his approach and maybe the difference is in Support staff? Assistants who want to be there and want to stay has to help a lot. Whatever it is, it is working and for now he is the premier Coach in the nation at a School that supports him well - and that is different from before his hiring. How many sellouts did Penn State have before Sanderson go there? Now it is an every match deal. Good luck to him, his team and his program. Still think John Smith is the greatest wrestler the US has ever produced. Dan Gable in the running for the best College Coach ever with Sanderson having an honest chance at that level.
  13. WillieBoy

    Iowa- Midlands Team Report

    How many Post Grads these days? One exciting aspect of the tournament in years past was seeing former NCAA champions come back and wrestle the current crop of College guys.
  14. Sanderson at Penn State? The team has not yet won NCAA tournament with a Champion in every weight class!
  15. WillieBoy

    Off Topic: opening day for college football

    On the FCS Playoffs. From Wikipedia. The FCS is the highest division in college football to hold a playoff tournament sanctioned by the NCAA to determine its champion. The four-team playoff system used by the Bowl Subdivision is not sanctioned by the NCAA. In its ninth season of 1986, the playoffs expanded to a 16-team format, requiring four post-season victories to win the title. Eight conference champions received automatic bids, with the remaining eight bids available on an at-large basis. The field is traditionally set the Sunday before Thanksgiving and play begins that weekend. The top four teams are seeded; however, the matchups are not strictly set up by these seedings as geographic considerations are also taken into account to minimize travel. In April 2008, the NCAA announced that the playoff field would expand to twenty teams in 2010, with the number of conferences receiving automatic bids increasing to ten. The structure then adopted included eight teams playing in four first-round games. The four first round winners advance to the second Round of Sixteen where they play the top four seeds. The playoffs expanded to 24 teams beginning with the 2013 season. The number of conferences whose champions receive automatic bids increased to eleven with the addition of a bid for the Pioneer Football League and the number of first-round games increased from four to eight. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A system like this would eliminate a lot of now questionable decisions as to just which four teams get in. Any outliers would have no reason to complain. Conference Champions would be in and with the numbers their other top rated teams would still be in the mix. Single elimination, one and done - every team has a chance. Then we would finally have an actual NCAA champion on the highest level of football.