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  1. Don't know about a lot of the stuff but if Snyder can develop more variety in his moves and make them work - more power to him no matter where hea does it. As for "evolution is just a theory"... so is Gravity.
  2. BYU, Mike Young probably the top guy to come from them. The school did beat Oklahoma State in Oklahoma, think it was 1967 or 1968? Fred Davis, NCAA champion from Oklahoma State was the coach at that time. A true gentleman who was underappreciated by the school.
  3. Is he good enough to crack the lineup if he were at Penn State?
  4. "Unknown to her"? This does not make sense.
  5. Is this our version of "separate but equal"?
  6. The religious stuff at Penn State is right in line with Unicorns - which are mentioned in the Bible eight times. Cats are not mentioned at all - so maybe they are really a myth?
  7. Better do it soon before the dyes fade too much on some of the color images. You should still have may in decent condition if they were kept in dark areas. Way different from what many will find in another 25 or so years with their digital photos. Many will no longer be able to be read by any computers. CD/DVD storage - you might not be able to find a player outside a museum. Even the best digital storage media starts losing information within 5 years - so good luck with that. The days of the old shoebox full of prints from the grandparents is gone. We can still print from glass plates from the 1800's but many can't print from digital files done 10 years ago because bits and bytes/whatever is missing in the file and it can't be opened to even see what is on it.
  8. Not as big as Touchdown Jesus at Notre Dame. Like that helps their wrestling team...
  9. Commenting on Muslims is not racism. Maybe religious bigotry, but not racism as Muslim is not a race. Muslim is a religion of peace and if you don't believe that they will kill you. ;)
  10. Utah Valley gets one for Best Wrestling College in Utah?
  11. Hope ISU does it but I think "rose colored glasses" explains this one.
  12. Cael tried to help Long. KJ did as well. Different school, maybe different results? At least that is what is hoped for. No matter the effort, not all who are offered a chance are successful with it. Long blew it every time, not just with these two coaches. Does not mean we stop trying.
  13. Cael gave Long a chance with strick rules about behavior. The kid deserved a chance as do most who make mistakes. As with Long not all of them work out. Sad to see as he had a ton of talent on the mat. If he had stuck with the plan at the time he would be in a lot better circumstances today. When Cael goes out on a limb to help the next wrestler he will have the benefit of having dealt with Long and a few others. He is about helping the kids as well as putting the best team possible on the mat.
  14. He knows he is not yet ready?
  15. Kind of like Celibate Priests and Nuns doing marriage counseling?
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