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  1. WillieBoy

    leg sleeve? tights?

    Tights bring back High School wrestling. Small school and few of us had wrestling togs that fit well. Baggy and wrinkly leg "tights" that made things uncomfortable. Looked like hell as well. Then the mid calf shorts. One good yank and they were down to your ankles. Really made for some red faces at times. Add in the horsehair style stuffed mats that would wrinkle and bunch up and really gave some interesting welt patterns as you worked on them and you had a lot of us wanting the newer rubber type mats but the schools not willing to spend the money. I think the singlets are a much better deal. More consistent and cleaner for wrestling all the way around. Ensolite type mats sure make it better. Just wish more schools paid attention to cleaning/sanitizing during tournaments and even during a break in the action. All in all, wrestling has never been better.
  2. He will take it to Suriano and end up with a win. It will be fast paced and have plenty of action. Possibly Suriano gets turned in this one.
  3. Nice to see others get consideration for a Title - since most will never get past Penn State as long as Cael is in charge. Somehow he has put it together. Interesting to see how long he can keep the guys on top.
  4. WillieBoy

    Colleges a kid should wrestle at....

    If he has the academic qualifications the field opens a lot more. Stanford would be in the mix. Then we have smaller schools with good wrestling programs even though not top 10. North Dakota State is near us and with the current coach is doing a lot better than before. Good academics and football team with more D1 NCAA titles than Alabama, Notre Dame and Oklahoma combined. Virginia and some of the smaller schools with good coaches can do well for any kid with some talent and drive. A lot of the school experience is out of the wrestling room. A program that pushes the kids in academics and is supportive is ideal. Whatever he does, good luck to him. Your analysis is sound and the way you say you are helping without pushing looks positive.
  5. WillieBoy

    High Schoolers at Collegiate Opens

    On and off through the years we see some. Midlands has seen some with success as well. Needs to be a qualifying standard somehow as suddenly seeing 60 High School club guys enter a tournament sure would cause scheduling problems for matches.
  6. Since Cael Sanderson has taken over the program Penn State has one lightweight Champion, Niko Megaludis at 125 in 2016. Middle weights from 149 and up they have done well. No Heavyweight titlist yet. The lightweights are not bringing home the hardware for some reason. Does Penn State need to bring in a lightweight coach to work with these guys? If they do will the Lions start doing better with the smaller guys? If they do start looking - who will fill the bill while fitting into Cael's program?
  7. WillieBoy

    Coaches on the Hot Seat

    Cael Sanderson if the Lions don't win every dual by 20?
  8. WillieBoy

    PSU Visit from Mudflap

    No, Cael is not "the best coach ever". He isn't all that far off as a wrestling coach at Penn State if you look at his record. Compare his early coaching at ISU to John Wooden, who many consider one of the greatest coaches of any sport and you'll see Cael did not take them to an NCAA title. Wooden spent 15 season of no titles before turning into a "genius" coach. As for Gable and Cael, both are legends in the sport. Gable more of a grinder on the mat while Cael more of a tactical and smooth wrestler. Coaching records are still being written for Cael and we know Gable is Great, no doubt on that. Different coaches with different approaches with both being successful. Different personalities that seem to work for many of those they get into the room. Don't think many will truly appreciate Sanderson until after he retires. Too bad as what he is doing is a lot like Dan Gable did at Iowa. Gable came in with Gary Kurdelmeier who had a program turning around and Cael came in to a program what was good but definitely not a world beater. Both produces quick results once they took over. If I had to have one as a speaker I would choose Dan Gable as he is much more entertaining and informative than Cael - who seems uncomfortable in front of crowds. Will be very interesting to watch Penn State over the next decade with Cael Sanderson & Co in charge.
  9. Yep, just had to ask with all the excitement and him not having a Gold yet even as we are seeing "GOAT" claims already. Hope he does well and wins. The Greco program can use it.
  10. Go to an honest Double Elimination format. No more hoping the guy who beat you does well so you get pulled forward. Double elimination - you earn the finish. You know you will have two matches no matter what. Sucks to travel halfway across the works for one and done. Honest THIRD place, no more patty cake double awarding of medals. More realistic seeding. This may take more time as coaches and whatnot get the hang of it. Allow past performance to factor in here, not just who wrestled in certain tournaments lately. Kyle Snyder wrestled a man who is technically better than him at this point. One who has scouted his moves and prepared for the match as if his life depended on it. Both are good wrestlers but Sad is quicker, slicker and has more mat sense - for now. Don't know if Snyder can get quicker but he can work on blocking off early moves and countering with aggression and power to use Sadulaevs quickness against him. Doubt if he gets stuck again. Matches that go the distance give him a good chance of winning - even with Sad being quicker. We may yet see Snyder beating him on and off over the next few years. Will be entertaining. Nothing at all wrong with Burroughs saying he would like to beat John Smith's record of 6 titles. Heard him say it in an interview and it was not a boast, but a goal. Hope he yet makes it even though he can't beat 6 in a row. He's a class act as is John Smith. Gwiz missed big time. He'll likely never get a better path to wrestle for Gold again. Glad he got a medal but it should have been at least Silver. Cox, Dake and Taylor all have good opportunities to repeat. Hope they do so. Our lighter weights are going to see a big change with the new guyx moving in - and Oliver actually having a chance to wrestle. The screw job on him was inexcusable.
  11. WillieBoy

    Sadulaev by pin little over a minute

    Snyder walked into the strength of his opponent. Snyder is a known "slow starter" and was facing a wrestler who is quicker and faster than him - at least for the first half to 2/3s of the match. A wrestler who is technically superior even if not as highly conditioned. Sad has this and many others as "planned moves" he can use against the strength of Snyder. As they go forward more of the technical superiority will come out. IF Snyder can move into Sad as moves start and force the pace driving into moves he can win. He doesn't do that early and it will cost him against this opponent, a wrestler with superior technique who has now grown into the weight. Remember the Russian Coach and his boast? Major league scouting and picking apart Kyle Snyder's moves, his balance and his tendencies while honing the techniques to use against him in different situations. The first goal was "end it early" just as the coach said. In this match his wrestler followed the plan and it worked. Will Kyle go back and forth with him in the future? Not if he keeps to his current game plan and starts slow. He will need to go directly into Sad's moves and blunt them with strength and improved technique. More side to side and finesse. He's against a man who will always be quicker than him so will have to get in the way of the finishing moves - stop them as they start and turn this into offensive moves of his own. He can probably do it - but a change in strategy will have to be made.
  12. WillieBoy

    Worlds Day 3 Thread

    He did what Dave Schultz did. Go to Russia and train with them. Learn from them and make friends. Wish more of our guys would do this. It helps with technique and friendship all the way around.
  13. WillieBoy

    Mix up the two bronze medal brackets!

    Even if it is not seeded with any rational system a Double elimination tournament makes more sense. Wrestle for true third. No more of the silliness they have now. No more hoping the guy that beat you does well so you aren't out. You are out after you lose the second time and you earn the placing you get based on your record, not on mythical "He beat me and did well so I do better now".
  14. WillieBoy

    MFS Team Race - This session will decide it

    Nope. Make it a solid Double Elimination tournament so each wrestler earns their placing. This BS of "follow the guy that beat you" is asinine. At a minimum every wrestler who shows up should know they will have at least two matches before they are out. You earn your place and third actually has meaning.