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  1. There isn't one. It is a regulated substance and illegal for use per US law.
  2. Premature praise at this point. Brands is doing a good job but his main competitor is on a down year and hit with injuries at too many weights. He better get the guys ready or he'll find it impossible to win it all. For some reason Cael's guys looked flat. Maybe some of that is competition better prepared for them, maybe not. But they did not look like they were going for it. To paraphrase a former Iowa wrestler... "were content to lose by ...". Iowa still has to earn it, one match at a time. They should be able to do it but nothing is guaranteed. Everyone else is stepping up and Iowa is the target this time. Can they handle the pressure?
  3. Cael better work hard with some guys and do it fast. Overall Penn State did not look very good. A lot of waiting rather than a lot of wrestling.
  4. If John Smith were were to hit the mats now and suddenly spring his Low to the Mat antics we would hear people screaming "stalling" all day long - even as he used them to get in close and nail takedowns with his low single. When he started the low to the mat antics many were hollering it was "not right" and "stand up and wrestle" among a lot of other more colorful descriptors. I'll let the refs call stalling when they think it is happening and hope they get more consistent so wrestlers won't have to play a guessing game. If J
  5. If a wrestler wears shoes the color of the mat or close to it they should automatically get a stall call. Can't tell if they are moving around if the shoes blend in!
  6. All the typing of Doctoral Thesis for 23 separate programs at once has left him with carpel tunnel syndrome and he is taking a short break from wrestling. We can see how it has hurt him in photos of his haircut in the BJJ match - he could not hold the clippers well due to the typing injuries.
  7. Isn't that the definition of Religion?
  8. The ongoing "pay your bets, deadbeat" and such are getting worse. If - management is going to allow even signature bets they have to step in and enforce things. A way to monitor them, maybe? And non pay-up after the event within a specified time - shut off their access for a time or forever.
  9. He is lucky he will never have to meet Yojo Uetake, the guy that role belongs to. Lee is very good. Uetake was undefeated and had Olympic Gold while still in College.
  10. Yes, a story behind everything. Still waiting on the one that tells us where Judge Crater is and where Jimmy Hoffa's body is buried.
  11. He stays at 125 or he gets beat by the top guys one weight up. He won't be able to handle the difference in the second and especially the third periods. He'll do well in the first but find a lot of his takedowns stopped and he's gassing a lot faster than now. Gross might even pin him.
  12. Those who refuse to do anything to stop it? Maybe shock or surprise or confusion at first - but if they go back after it happens for a repeat - yes. If they don't take action and get authorities involved, definitely yes. All kinds of complaints - molesting going on for many visits, many victims involved and possibly over years - and none of them took steps to stop it? What is smfh, your last name?
  13. All these athletes - and not ONE takes any action? You don't have to be a bad ass to go after a sexual abuser - even if it is your Doctor. Something seriously mentally off about these people.
  14. Why NO stories of a "victim" slamming the groper/sodomizer against the wall, breaking an arm, giving a major concussion or throwing them through a window?
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