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  1. Don't think Cael brought him back because "it would be an easy match to come back to) but to give him some mat time - no matter the result. Practice room and a live competition are not the same - most realize that. Getting timing right, working on moves, checking conditioning - all revealed in an actual match better than in practice. On this one Sanderson probably made the right move for the team and the wrestler.
  2. With this disease killing may and China next door to Japan - what are the chances the Olympic Games may be cancelled or moved? Thousands dead, quarantine camps, restricted travel - all look to have the potential to interrupt the planned events. Where we live a number of buildings and offices have signs up about CHINA: If you have been or had contact with anyone who has been within the past month, or have a fever, aches or feel sick - NO ADMITTANCE. If it gets worse - cancel the games?
  3. If your God keeps planning to get you injured better hope he doesn't plan to have you become one of the starving kids in Ethiopia. He sound meaner than hell.
  4. I heard he has a number of wins over Kyle Dake in fantasy matches after being tutored by David Taylor. Surely this will vault him to the top of the standings. Many opponents will forfeit rather than risk being maimed for life on the mat against him.
  5. Even better if his first Assistant would be Mike Zadick.
  6. If they went to the school it is just fine. If they support the school it is just fine. Nothing wrong in identifying with a particular school or program. You support it with admission and seat fees - go ahead and be "we" as part of it. No one is hurt and active fans are good for the sport.
  7. Got the weights mixed up. I understand he would rather have gone the weight Varner was. Wrong, maybe?
  8. This is a good reason for a true double elimination tournament with seeding - at least for top 8 or so. No question about where you stand as you wrestle the tournament. You keep winning, you can go for #1. You lose and you still have a chance to place. At the very least you get two matches - no more "one and done" which cheats wrestlers, teams and fans.
  9. On Bo wrestling Taylor - remember when Cael made his comeback after the bet with his team? He went up a weight rather than ace out Varner for the 2011 World Championships. Still took 5th up a weight. If he had gone his normal weight and taken Varner's spot maybe he would have won? Could be that Bo sees it as Cael did and does not want to try and unseat a friend?
  10. Not even BYU, the fools who believe American Indians are Israelites. More a question of individual wrestlers and coaches. Some I know or have had interactions with over the years I'll root for more than another but none I actively root against. A few bad apples (my view) I am glad to see get beat but over all I don't wish anything negative on any of them. Most are good kids and coaches who are trying to do a good job and living their dream, trying to achieve goals. I'll root for that anywhere at any time. Rooting for a kid or program rather than against one makes more sense to me.
  11. Compare how uninterested Gable looks and think Mark Hall. At times he looks as if he is bored on the mat. Maybe something in the water in Apple Valley, Minnesota?
  12. Even in cold areas many do not put on winter tires. We do and it is night and day. They pay for themselves in the ability to avoid accidents more than anything else. Big truck, studded snows. Wife's car, Nokian Hakka's but not studded as she doesn't like the road noise. Being able to start, stop and maneuver on glare ice, snow and freezing rain makes a big difference. First snow of the year, about 6 inches - streets started packing and ridging fast. Had put the Hakka's on the wifes vehicle and when she went to town was able to avoid three drivers who didn't plan - one she stopped short as he slid through a stop sign. Second and third was able to goose it and get out of the way - similar circumstances. Even in winter area the first few snows get people unprepared. Once the first few are down we have ice packed roads and snowy until spring. That said, a different mindset in cold areas. Local school has a wind chill chart posted and the notice "NO outside recess when wind chill is colder than 18 below zero". This is farenheit. Til then the kids play outside, throw snowballs and have a good time.
  13. Wait til you are there and a sleet storm rolls in. Once while in School in Abilene we dropped more than 40 degrees in less than an hour as a cold front hit. Sleet storm coated everything and once school was out many of us nearly killed ourselves walking home on the ice sheet. Most crazy was all the teachers and some students who had to sleep overnight in the school because they couldn't get car keys into the locks covered in sleet. Warm areas hit with light snow make for a lot who have no experience getting into accidents.
  14. An OSU supporter who understands a Thesaurus is not a newly discovered species of Dinosaur?
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