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  1. I agree.....then again Joseph was too
  2. That did not look like locked hands against Hall but he should've been warned for stalling. Labriola carried that 3rd period withHall just hanging on. If It was reversed and a Penn State guy was getting ridden the fans would be booing trying to sway the ref to call stalling
  3. I agree. There has to be control established for the no reaction time to apply. Miller never had control.
  4. The Hodge Trophy has 7 criteria: 1. Record 2. Number of pins 3. Dominance 4. Past Credentials 5. Quality of Competition 6. Sportsmanship/Citizenship 7. Heart Here's some records info for Ringer,Gwiz and Retherford from Wrestlestats and the 2016 NCAA tourney: Dieringer (32-0) Falls...11 TF...6 MD...8 Dec...5 BP%...78.1 Top 20 faced(Intermat) 5, 9, 11, 12, 15, 16, 18. Daniel Lewis was #5 and he beat him 4-3 & 14-4 Gwiazdowski (33-0) Falls...9 TF...6 MD...8 Dec...10 BP%...69.7 Top 20 faced 3,4,5,6,8,10,11,14,15 He beat #3 Walz 4-2 & 6-2....Coon #4 3-2....Marsden #5 7-4....Dejournette #6 10-4 Kroells #8 10-6 Retherford (33-0) Falls...15 TF...8 MD...6 Dec...4 BP%...87.9 Top 20 faced 2,3,4,5,7,8,10,16,17 He beat Sorensen #2 4-0...Pantaleo #3 F2:46 & F4:49....Tsirtsis #4 15-5....Sueflohn #5 11-3....Henderson #7 TF 4:14 17-1....Oliver #8 F2:13 Which of the 3 is the most impressive this year? Obviously Retherford is by far the most dominant. How much weight to the voters give to the 4th criteria past credentials? Cael won it his sophomore year. I think if Retherford dominates Sorensen and Jordan keeps it close with Dieringer and Snyder beats Gwiz then it will definitely go to Retherford. I think if Dieringer dominates Jordan by major or better he wins it. Unless Gwiz could some how pin Snyder.
  5. In 2007-08 I was reffing at the Midlands and I had Keith Gavin use that move and score 5 with it. Really works great on the edge when your opponent relaxes thinking he's just backing out for a restart. In between rounds I saw Gavin warming up so I asked him to demonstrate it on me. He's the first guy I've ever seen use it so I think it should be called a "Gavin". I taught it to my kids and I would use it on some high school kids for fun.
  6. We called this move a "corkscrew'. And as long as you place your hand above the elbow it is a legal move used score nearfall points. If the hand is on the elbow then it is illegal since you can injure your opponent by locking out his elbow.
  7. I heard he was having trouble making weight.
  8. My understanding is that Kindig should've lost. It sounds like Holler had a takedown at the end. People that were there said if they would've had matside review he would've won. Nice work Jackrabbits! Great team effort.
  9. Then again they are all held back a year so I think they are all ready to start if asked. People forget that so many of these studs have been held back so they are more than ready when they arrive on campus.
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