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  1. Yea, that is kind of what I picture. Of course, if you make it official, plenty of companies are going to step up to meet the demand.
  2. Definitely! ESPN did a poll a while back about which sport we wanted to see more of and wrestling took it by a wide margin. Maybe they are listening to us! ;-)
  3. I definitely agree that is a BIG caveat on the results of that survey and I would really like to see someone do a larger, scientific survey on the subject. That said, it is currently the only survey I have found to address the question and it does seem consistent with my personal experience. At the very least, I think the results of that survey should prompt someone to do a better survey! I still don't believe covering a little more or less skin will make much difference in the transmission rate of skin-borne diseases. There is nothing special about the areas of skin covered by a singlet and not by compression shorts that makes them more likely to carry skin-borne pathogens. There is going to be significant skin to skin contact either way. And if the precise surface area exposed makes that big of a difference, then it should be an equally good argument to go to full body suits and cover absolutely as much skin as possible. But athletes like submission wrestlers and MMA fighters who train and compete bare chested all of the time don’t seem to have some ridiculously increased risk of these things. Neither, for that matter, does it seem to be a major concern for the many wrestlers who train this way in practice. I really don’t think this is a sound reason to oppose the option.
  4. I don’t think the point is so much that the singlet is bad and hurting the sport as that there are benefits to offering other options and there is no real reason not to (or at least the benefits might outweigh any minor downsides). One of the benefits is that some guys are averse to the singlet (which I really think is due more to the specific cut of the singlet rather than it’s tightness, since the most preferred uniform option seems to be compression shorts that are just as tight). So it might encourage participation if some other options were available. One of the reasons for suggesting the options is that many existing wrestlers (a majority according to the survey) prefer other uniform options, like compression shorts. Why shouldn’t they be able to wear what they are more comfortable with? I think that shirtless uniforms will also be popular with spectators, in part because it highlights muscular tension and enhances your view of the action. The point is not to do away with the singlet, either; just to allow other options for guys who prefer them. Just like submission wrestling tournaments usually allow a variety of uniforms and tops are optional. In general, I think this works just fine. I think grabbing is a valid, but manageable, objection to the option of loose fit shorts. While well made fight shorts like Sprawl don’t really get in the way, they can be grabbed. But this can be addressed by assessing penalties. Some submission wrestling events work this way and it doesn’t seem to be a huge problem. But the loose fit shorts were the most opposed option; I think it needs more analysis to determine if the option is really worthwhile, although personally I tend to think that it should be an option. While skin-borne disease is definitely a concern with wrestling, the same concern holds for submission grappling and MMA and I don’t think the singlet versus compression shorts really makes much difference. There is plenty of skin to skin contact either way, and avoiding or minimizing contact is not the primary way of preventing transmission. The main things are regularly checking wrestlers for signs of infection, cleaning the mats, and showering before and after matches. If you really wanted to prevent transmission by preventing skin to skin contact, you need to ditch the singlet in favor of a mandatory full-body suit. I really don’t see that happening. So there are really several reasons for promoting alternate uniform options, and I think the preference of current wrestlers is a big one. There is more to it that just overcoming prospective wrestlers’ aversion to the singlet; that’s really just one of several potential benefits, although I do think it is a valid one.
  5. What most guys prefer is not the two piece, but the shirtless option. These survey results suggest shirtless options were preferred two to one over a singlet or two piece options. I think that loose fit shorts with a rash guard make a good option for guys who are particularly self-conscious, but the survey suggested that most guys do not prefer that option. The most popular option was actually compression shorts with no shirt, which suggest that I over-estimate the number of guys who are self-conscious about a uniform that is tight in crotch area.
  6. That’s a good point! It really does make a difference, and I would think that in a sport like wrestling being comfortable with the uniform is even more important.
  7. I’m definitely in favor of doing away with neckties, they have always seemed like a most useless article of clothing!
  8. Personally, I’m all for options, including the singlet for guys who want to wear it, and that is all the petition is asking for as well. Something like submission grapplers usually have, that the athletes can choose what they want to wear, within prescribed guidelines. One guy could opt for compression shorts and a rash guard because he doesn't care for the cut of the singlet and wants to cover his upper body, another could wear looser fitting grappling shorts with no shirt because he really just doesn't like an outfit that is too tight in the crotch and doesn't care about covering his upper body, others could wear loose shorts with a rash guard or compression shorts with no shirt or a singlet. If we had to choose one uniform for everyone, I would favor compression shorts (which was apparently the most popular option on the survey as well), but I don't see any reason to choose. Why not leave that choice to the individual?
  9. Compression shorts definitely don’t get in the way and because they stick so tightly to you, they are hard to grab and don’t really have problems slipping down or anything. There are also tight fight shorts with a drawstring that would be even more satisfactory for wrestling. I don’t think anyone would support big or baggy shorts, I support an option for loose fit shorts, but only something like Sprawl that is meant for wrestling. They are still tight, just not skin tight.
  10. I actually don’t think it would be that big of an issue, I see guys all the time working out, running, and wrestling shirtless or even in compression shorts. It doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal. Since it’s an option, not required, guys who have issues could always still wear a singlet or wear a rash guard with their shorts. Personally, I think more guys have issues with their lower bodies and would rather wear loose fitting shorts with no top. By loose fitting I don’t mean baggy gym shorts, but fight shorts that are still fitted but not skin tight, like Sprawl. These don’t come down, and they don’t significantly get in the way. MMA and submission wrestlers have shown these can work well, and I think that option would make the sport more appealing to a lot of guys. That said, a lot of guys have no issues with compression shorts and prefer them over a singlet.
  11. They do allow the two piece shorts and rash guard uniform (which is cool because some guys are more comfortable with that) but the rash guard is not optional, there is no shirtless option allowed as suggested in the petition.
  12. I actually have found that a lot of guys are more comfortable shirtless than in a singlet. Whether they find it somehow more “manly”, less “gay”, or relate it to something popular like UFC, I’m not entirely sure what are the biggest reasons. But I do find that a lot of guys take issue with the cut of the singlet specifically for some reason. The survey results I saw confirmed this. A lot of wrestlers said they would have been less hesitant to get involved and a lot of non-wrestlers said they would be more likely to get involved if they had these additional uniform options. I did find one area of discrepancy between my personal experience and the survey results. I have found quite a few guys are concerned about the skin tight nature of the uniform, being more comfortable going shirtless with loose fit shorts than with a singlet. But the survey suggested loose fit shorts were the least favor uniform option and the one that the most respondents wanted to ban. Maybe the survey respondents where picturing excessively baggy gym shorts, rather than loose fitting fight shorts, like Sprawl, worn by UFC fighters and submission grapplers. But I think it would be best to open up the options. Guys who are shy and want to be covered more could wear loose fitting fight shorts (properly fitted and secured with drawstring) with a rash guard, guys who are more comfortable with it can wear compression shorts or something of that nature, and other guys could choose other combinations or a singlet. I think the largest portion of guys would choose the shirtless options, but having the options would make the sport more welcoming to a variety of potential athletes. I think spectators tend to prefer the more revealing uniforms, in part because it makes it easier to see the action and highlights the tension in the muscles so that you experience the struggle more vividly. I think it is not just a flashy stunt, but actually highlights the athleticism.
  13. Some guys have been talking for a while about alternatives to the singlet as a wrestling uniform. The most popular choice seems to be compression shorts with no shirt. Now, we are starting a petition to get this approved as an official uniform option. What do you think about alternative uniform options? Would you wear something like that if you had the choice? What do you wear in training? How do you think it would affect the perception and popularity of the sport?
  14. I totally agree! It would be awesome if wrestling were available as a regular playground activity. Teaching a unit on self-defense is a great idea, too.
  15. I've never tried beach wrestling, although it sounds interesting. On the other hand, if a big part of the appeals is the popularity of guys wrestling shirtless, I'm all for a shirtless uniform, at least as an option, for wrestling in general.
  16. I would LOVE to see more wrestling on ESPN!
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