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  1. He didn`t knock off Gwiz, but this could be blessing in disguise. He can focus full-time on Greco now and have a great tournament in Budapest.
  2. Then it should have been a draw. Romero deserved that much. Let Whittaker keep the belt, but reward Romero`s performance. The other option was not to allow Romero to compete in the first place.
  3. How did Whittaker win the fight after getting knocked down 3 times by Romero in the process? Romero`s got best punching skills I`ve seen in an olympic/world medalist wrestler participating in MMA.
  4. Are there no more deserving people left from the real combat sport of wrestling to honor?
  5. That`s interesting. I always wondered about UK`s neglect of wrestling considering its prominence in judo.
  6. "he does Bench press 200 kg, for what?" I guess he does not appreciate a good pec dance very much.
  7. Big maybe in 2000, but by 2004 he was having trouble wrestling WWE prospects. Also, I wonder if he could clean up his juicing habit..
  8. Lopez seems to be out of shape. Is he retired?
  9. https://reggiebaca.smugmug.com/Serbia-vs-USA Some nice pics... This is Bey flying away.
  10. I agree that junior and senior world champs are on different levels, but I expected a closer match from Bey. Anyway, it was not a close meet with only two wins for Mango and Stefanowicz; latter winning by getting the last and equalizing point on passivity call 10 seconds before the end, which is not usually done.
  11. Not this time... Congratulations to Serbia!
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