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  1. In the past they used to open the gates and let people in for free to get the bigger crowd at these major wrestling events.
  2. You represent yourself first, then your nation and country.
  3. Even Karelin is a "nobody" to a non-wrestling crowd.
  4. The World Championship will be replaced by the World Cup 10.11.2020 | In the world The United Wrestling World (UWW) has decided to change the format of the World Wrestling Championship in Belgrade to an individual World Cup. TASS was informed about this by the President of the Russian Wrestling Federation, Vice-President of UWW Mikhail Mamiashvili. The meeting of the UWW bureau with the participation of the president of the organization of Serb, Nenad Lalovic, took place on Tuesday in the online format. The World Cup will take place from 12 to 20 December. “We will hold an individual World Cup, the terms of the tournament are the same, the country is the same. Many countries refused - there are not enough participating countries. The main condition for the holding of the World Championship was the participation of a certain number of countries that participated in the last year's World Championship, but Oceania, Latin American countries, a large number of countries where communications are closed, refused,” Mamiashvili said.
  5. Iran is fighting for tickets to the World Championship 30.10.2020 | In the world The main sporting event these days in Iran was the qualifying bouts for the right to participate in the World Wrestling Championship. When proposals to change the 2020 calendar were discussed at the UWW executive committee in June, Iran was against the inclusion of the World Championship. However, then, faced with the intransigence of the UWW leadership, which intends, by all means, to hold these competitions, the Iranians, unlike the Americans, agreed to delegate their teams to Belgrade, where the wrestling world championship is planned to be held in the second week of December. Once Iranian wrestling federation agreed, they needed to prepare, and at the beginning of October, the Iranian freestyle wrestling team returned to training after more than a half-year pause, despite the fact that the situation in the country with the coronavirus not only did not improve, but significantly worsened, as evidenced by record numbers infected and dead. After a two-week training camp in Tehran, the selection for the national team began there. Amir Mohammad Yazdani (65 kg), Ali Sawadkuhi (79 kg) and the bronze medalist of the 2016 World Championship in the weight category up to 70 kg Mostaf Hosseinhani (74 kg) won trips to Belgrade in three categories. Initially, the national team's coaching council planned to name the participants of the world championship in the remaining seven categories, but then reconsidered its decision, appointing qualifying bouts in these weights. With the exception of the injured 2019 World Cup finalist in the 92kg category, Alireza Karimi, and the two-time light heavyweight champion Reza Yazdani, who said that he was only interested in the Olympic Games now, all the leading Iranian freestyle wrestlers will take part in the qualifying mini-tournaments. Among them are Olympic champion Hasan Yazdani (86 kg), world championship winners Mohammad Mohammadian (97 kg), Parviz Hadi (125 kg), Behnam Eksanpur (61 kg), Younes Emami (70 kg), winners of the U-23 world championships Mojtaba Golage (97 kg) and Amir Hossein Zare (125 kg). Qualifying bouts in the remaining seven categories will be held on November 5 with empty stands at the main indoor arena of Iran - Azadi. Video and TV broadcasts will be conducted from the Sports Palace. Timur RASULOV
  6. 70% of national wrestling federations have confirmed participation, but it won`t mean much without the final approval of UWW.
  7. Provisor is right, or I guess Stefanowicz is right, the arena where the Worlds were supposed to take place is now a COVID quarantine. About 66 patients with mild symptoms have been moved there. If their situation worsens they`ll be transferred to hospitals.
  8. This move by USA Wrestling could influence UWW to cancel the event as its final decision.
  9. As exciting as it may be, I`d rather have Worlds if epidemiological situation allows.
  10. Could be, but I think UWW doesn`t want to cause any more disruptions to the continuity of senior world events than is absolutely necessary.
  11. The UWW Executive Committee, taking into account the current epidemiological situation, will make the final decision on whether to host the 2020 World Championship at its meeting on November 6. And before that, by November 5, the national federations must provide accurate information about the sports delegations sent to Belgrade, Serbia.
  12. We are still in the unknown. Last week UWW decided to postpone the decision. Stay tuned...
  13. He didn`t knock off Gwiz, but this could be blessing in disguise. He can focus full-time on Greco now and have a great tournament in Budapest.
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