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  1. He didn`t knock off Gwiz, but this could be blessing in disguise. He can focus full-time on Greco now and have a great tournament in Budapest.
  2. Then it should have been a draw. Romero deserved that much. Let Whittaker keep the belt, but reward Romero`s performance. The other option was not to allow Romero to compete in the first place.
  3. How did Whittaker win the fight after getting knocked down 3 times by Romero in the process? Romero`s got best punching skills I`ve seen in an olympic/world medalist wrestler participating in MMA.
  4. Are there no more deserving people left from the real combat sport of wrestling to honor?
  5. That`s interesting. I always wondered about UK`s neglect of wrestling considering its prominence in judo.
  6. "he does Bench press 200 kg, for what?" I guess he does not appreciate a good pec dance very much.
  7. Big maybe in 2000, but by 2004 he was having trouble wrestling WWE prospects. Also, I wonder if he could clean up his juicing habit..
  8. Lopez seems to be out of shape. Is he retired?
  9. https://reggiebaca.smugmug.com/Serbia-vs-USA Some nice pics... This is Bey flying away.
  10. I agree that junior and senior world champs are on different levels, but I expected a closer match from Bey. Anyway, it was not a close meet with only two wins for Mango and Stefanowicz; latter winning by getting the last and equalizing point on passivity call 10 seconds before the end, which is not usually done.
  11. Not this time... Congratulations to Serbia!
  12. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2018/February/07/Exciting-matchups-set-for-USA-vs-Serbia-Greco-Dual-in-Boise Should be fun. Hopefully we see some great throws. Looks like they brought their starting lineup.
  13. I guess now we don`t have to worry about the future of folkstyle in the US. Not so long ago there were a lot of voices within wrestling community calling for it to be replaced with freestyle.
  14. Finally, we went over there and showed them how it`s done!
  15. New winter Olympic sport for Russia - Skating on thin ice (sorry, just couldn`t resist...) Only afraid it will diminish the value of medals in sports dominated by Russia like it did for wrestling in 1984.
  16. Don`t see the purpose of Iran`s policy? To punish its athletes?!
  17. I don`t buy Yarygin and steroids claim since 1976 Olympics in Montreal were the last clean games. We can start questioning things afterwards...
  18. Great, that`s generally a rare arm throw in wrestling.
  19. Vladimir Cheboksarov lost olympic gold thanks to Momir Petkovic; got the silver though. Frank Andersson missed on olympic gold thanks to Steve Fraser; got the bronze though.
  20. Mixed feelings about Yarygin tournament for US wrestlers - get some top competition under your belt and get scouted at the same time.
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