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  1. You're right! No such thing as a lock but considering what he has did to his competition in Rio makes him heavily favored. No one did what he did to their weight class (and the deepest one there) like he did!!!!
  2. With the new weights next year a Sadulaev/Cox match is likely. Sad was visibly smaller then Snyder as Snyder even quoted. Russia could add Gudeuv, Boltekaev maybe Gadisov back in the line up with the new weights. Match ups could be....... Chakaev vs Gilman Rashidov vs Steiber Romanov vs Zain Kadimegomadov vs Green Tsbalov vs Burroughs Gudaev vs Dake Sadulaev/Valiev vs Taylor Sadulaev/Gadisov vs Cox Boltekaev vs Snyder Mahkov????vs Gwiz
  3. One thing to take into consideration is that Russia was with out probably the 2nd best pfp wrestler in the world in Romanov. Yes they did get a bronze at 65 but he would have been a lock for a gold at this years worlds. Also Chakaev (sp) at 57 not competing would have gave them additional points. Non the less it was a memorable tourney for team US!!!!!!
  4. Very odd time of year to take a position?! Leaves Bono and Reader in a bit of a scramble. They have such a great bunch of recruits coming in. Throw some names out there that would be logical options.
  5. My pick would be Dan Dennis!!! I don't know what money they have to spend and what interest level Dennis would have but if it can happen, I'll upgrade him from his over nights in the truck to my fifth wheel camper!!!😂
  6. What direction do you think Bono goes???? Light weight coach or a heavy??? Either way who are likely candidates???
  7. Salas won't be bearing Sadulaev.........remember, he's from cuba$$$$$$
  8. Reader will be competing! Look for him at the Schultz.
  9. Well I hope it's not steroids! I had a chance to talk with him at 2015 worlds. Took time to sit with my boy and talk with him. On a side note. I talked with the Russian coaches a bit about Romanov the next day after he took third. In broken English they said "he need to be bigger......small arms". Soooooooooo😬😬😬😬
  10. Anyone have insight as to why he is not competing???
  11. Any word on where he is. Young talented kid from Abz. Great match with Besik in the finals. No word about him since. Any insight on his where abouts?
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