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  1. On January 15, 2017 I brought a Flo Pro Subscription for $150.00. I just went to sign into flo and it says my account is basic!!!! What the heck is going on????
  2. Flo will never grow if things like this persist. Heck I have FLO is my username and I can't even deal with this!
  3. 184 (10) Michael Macchiavello (NCST) 24-6. Has a 9-3 win over Zavatasky this year. Lost 3-2 to him in the ACC finals. I have him making it to the quarters (beating Dudley) then losing to BO. Then beating Drew Foster to AA.
  4. I have a feeling he is going to pull a Youtsey!
  5. Yeah I think we just disagree. I think Youtsey was particularly heavy on the head to slow down Lizak. With today's rules you really can't play the cat and mouse game from distance because you'll get banged for stalling. A front headlock, on the other hand, is a great way to slow a guy down.
  6. Please don't compare Youtsey to those guys lol.
  7. My predictions: Upset picks @ 125, 149, 174, & 197 125: Thomas Gilman, Iowa vs. Conor Youtsey, MICH 125: Tim Lambert, NEB vs. Elijah Oliver, IND 133: Nathan Tomasello, Ohio St. vs. Stevan Micic, MICH 133: Cory Clark, Iowa vs. Mitch McKee, MINN 141: Anthony Ashnault, RUT vs. Luke Pletcher, Ohio St. 141: Tommy Thorn, MINn vs. Javier Gasca, MSU 149: Zain Retherford, PSU vs. Alfred Bannister, Maryland, 149: Micah Jordan, Ohio St. vs. Brandon Sorenson, Iowa 157: Jason Nolf, PSU vs. Jake Short, MINN 157: Brian Murphy, MICH vs. Michael Kemerer, Iowa 165: Isaiah Martinez, ILL vs. Vincenzo Joseph, PSU 165: Isaac Jordan, WISC vs. Logan Massa, MICH 174: Bo Jordan, Ohio St. vs. Myles Amine, MICH 174: Zach Brunson, ILL vs. Mark Hall, PSU 184: Bo Nickal, PSU vs. Myles Martin, Ohio St. 184: Nate Jackson, IND vs. Sam Brooks, Iowa 197: Brett Pfarr, MINN vs. Matt McCutcheon, PSU 197: Aaron Studebaker, NEB vs. Kollin Moore, Ohio St 285: Kyle Snyder, Ohio St. vs. Mike Kroells, MINN 285: Nick Nevills, PSU vs. Connor Medbery, WISC
  8. What time are semi-finals?
  9. I would actually disagree as to the gas tank. I think he actually doesn't have a strong gas tank and being heavy on the head is simply a strategy to counter that.
  10. As well as Dylan Palacio.
  11. How can you be in the business of streaming content and then not be able to stream content?
  12. USA has to address these underhooks
  13. Alright now the match I've been looking forward to the most!
  14. Man this guy is pulling and snapping burroughs reallywell
  15. Dominating underhook the whole match
  16. Green Burroughs Taylor Snyder --WE CAN SPLIT!!!
  17. What day of the week do you upgrade the fantasy standings???
  18. Although I did not call it here, I was the only person to pick Butler on wrestlestat!
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