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  1. One coach seems to have taken a strong stance on this: “As head coach of Western CT Wrestling/Grappling Team and MMA (Aggressive Combat Sports) Hall of Famer, I train and compete in both singlet and compression shorts. I believe all competitors should have the option to wear either garment according to their comfortability level about it. http://www.ummact.net http://www.usatvtalk.com nbruhn@comcast.net (203) 788-0416” He shared his comments both on the petition and on Facebook.
  2. Based on personal experience, shorts getting pulled down is not an issue if you have good shorts with a drawstring. For that matter, it is almost a non-issue even with well-fitted compression shorts with no drawstring, they just stick to your body too well. I’m sure the materials and so forth have improved over the last few decades. Wrestlers used to wear trunks and such made of materials like wool or cotton, rather than spandex. It’s also notable that some of the governing bodies do allow an option for shorts and a separate rash guard, indicating the issue is not the possibility of shorts getting pulled down. It also doesn’t seem to be an issue for MMA fighters and submission grapplers in very similar situations. I’m not so sure they won’t consider the shirtless option, FILA has already been considering it. I really think any increase risk of spreading infections would be negligible and a non-issue. MMA fighters and submission grapplers who routinely train and compete shirtless have not found this to be an issue.
  3. I know a lot of guys who train in compression shorts. A lot of MMA fighters and submission grapplers still wear the tight shorts, they call them “vale tudo” shorts (although they are also referred to as fight shorts, just like the loose-fit variety). They aren’t any tighter or more revealing in the crotch area than a singlet. I think the petition leaves it open to include an option for loose-fit shorts, too, but specifically requests that shirts/tops should be optional. https://www.change.org/p/nfhs-allow-compression-shorts-or-trunks-to-be-worn-as-an-official-alternative-to-the-singlet-in-wrestling
  4. I bet for competition you could get custom printed shorts with team colors and logos, too, if there was a demand for it. Probably with drawstrings and those grippy bands in the legs, too. They would probably be a lot nicer than just the compression shorts you pick up off the shelf.
  5. LOL, nice! Don’t believe us when we say wrestling is the hardest sport there is? Try it for yourself!
  6. Personally, I would much rather wrestle in compression shorts with no shirt. I don't really have a problem with the singlet, although I know guys that do, but I prefer the compression shorts. To me, they are more comfortable than a singlet, and definitely more comfortable than shorts and a t-shirt I have worn to practice in the past. They are also cheaper and easier to find than singlets. And there is something about going shirtless that just makes you feel stronger and more virile. That's why I like to lift shirtless, too (aside from the cooling, sweat, and comfort issues).
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