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  1. This article is from 2017 people! There is even a new Chancellor in charge of the PSAC system now-I don't think this is still on the docket
  2. Gonna take more than that to get Moore-He has a really great situation in almost every way possible. Plus, his in-laws live right down the road to help and be around his family. U of Maryland not a great place to move with family-in addition to the expense to live in that area, there is significant commute time that can really have effect on family time (especially with hours required for training). Just something else to factor in with who really wants the opportunity and who U of MD really can pay to go get
  3. Heard it was lyme disease -fwiw- Probably just his ole dad got in the way of something once again-Larry Lee fan I am not-cracks me up that he had to move to Iowa this time-just can't let his kid alone-
  4. Thanks Gantry-I actually wondered if that was the new norm for the same reason. I didn't experience it much last year at Quicken Loans Arena but fear it may be the future-Dang!
  5. I really luved this year NCAA-- A to A- Luved the PPG Arena and the service people inside. Made great adjustments & were clean and friendly. Soooo much nicer than Cleveland! Great food, a little costly but really good and many options Hotels were closer and better-at least for me and felt much safer. Luv being downtown in these cities and luved Cleveland last year for this reason but didn't feel as safe last year or experience cleanliness in quicken Loans Areans. Biggest complaint---we had great seats- Section 102 (lower Bowl center mat) But many of those around us were there to drink or party or eat and didn't seem like true fans. Not sure where they got their tickets!?! But most were not there for the start of Sessions (outside of Saturday night) and there was a steady stream of up down heading in and out for food, bathroom, whatever- This made it really hard to watch becasue someone was always standing up DURING Matches and causing others to stand to see! Really annoying after a while. This may go back to what someone else mentioned that the crowd didn't seem as into it as usual. Otherwise had a super great time and luved it!!
  6. Can you remind me please what happened here? ...Remember the university dropped the program until Art Martori threatened the athletic department.
  7. I have 2 all season section 221. Best offer gets them-please PM me-Than ks-
  8. I can tell you Smith worked pretty hard last April to get Geer-he knew he needed an 84 pounder and he went after him hard!! Whether his son goes down, Weigel's injury pushes others up a weight, whatever--he knew he had Geer at 84 and was going from there.
  9. A barely seen or working head VB coach (that had been given too much leeway for too long) filed a Title IX grievance against Bruce. That got the whole ball rolling the wrong way in addition to the financial challenges at the University. Flynn flew the coop looking for more $ and greener pastures. Then the athletes scattered out of fear. A position was created in development to keep Bruce till retirement. New AD working hard with lots to overcome but likes wrestling. Hill & DePalma swimming in the right direction and working hard. Just lots to rebuild after the exodus-imagine this years lineup-- Sean Russell-Minnesota Korbin Meyers-VA Tech Patricio Lugo-iowa Andrew Shomers-Ok State Jacob Oliver -Remained at Edinboro Dakota Geer-OK State Billy Miller-VA Tech Could have been another killer year!! Alumni need to keep stepping up-
  10. Teesdale's dad wants him at Campbell but he is still hyper focused on Iowa. Pretty impulsive and a still a "user"--gonna have a hard time anywhere-
  11. AJ Shopp Edinboro 2015-- pinned his way back through consolation round for 3rd place after being upset in the first round. Got the most Pins award too.
  12. Yes he can-he is working towards it now. Couldn't hold it for the whole season & team needed him at 65 so he went up but still hoping to be there for Big 12s
  13. Do John Smith's guys usually wrestle up a little throughout the season and then go down for the championships? Seems like that is what youa re proposing here-?
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