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  1. Recently past Junior World silver medalist and NJCAA national champ, Patrick Downey, signed with Iowa State and will be wrestling at 184 pounds. Also, with Weatherman and Weatherspoon moving down to 165 and 174 pounds, respectively, ISU will have a strong lineup at these weights. Curious to know from ISU insiders what their lineup will be next year, especially with the amount of athletes / log jams at 133 and 141.
  2. This may have been discussed already, but considering Kyle Dake is facilitating a clinic at the Bill Farrell International, does this mean he is also planning on competing? http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2014/October/13/Stars-featured-in-clinics-at-Bill-Farrell-International It would be nice to finally see Kyle Dake back after a 6-9 month injury period and challenge Burroughs, Taylor and others. His presence alone will enhance the competition and fan interest for this upcoming international tournament!
  3. BRGuy, I am definitely not Askren :) As much as I would like the FPL to be successful, like T.R. Foley and others noted, having a third set of rules (in addition to folkstyle and freestyle) has its pros and cons. I would just go with freestyle rules, or takedown only. Also, it seems a wrestler without an affiliation to either a country/state or educational institution/franchise doesn't have the same draw and it is difficult to establish real rivalries.
  4. Here are the Tirapelle rules that I was able to locateL PERIODS Three 3-minute periods. All begin in the neutral position. 1 minute rest between periods. Overtime is not timed, first score wins. NEUTRAL Takedown – 2pts (collegiate folkstyle control required) Step-out – 1pt (any 2 points of contact by opposing wrestler out-of-bounds) BOTTOM Escape – 0pts Reversal – 2pts (collegiate folkstyle control required) TOP Exposure – 2pts (any exposure past 90 degrees) Controlled exposure – 3pts (any exposure past 90 degrees with control of 2+ seconds) Fall (1/2 second fall) CLOCK Starts at 3:00 and counts down to 0:00 each period Clock will be stopped for all restarts and by the referee at his discretion :30 to score exposure upon gaining control -Match is restarted in neutral position after 30 seconds of no exposure or reversal -Exposure or reversal restarts the 30-second clock NUANCES -Wrestler in control may work for exposure/fall or release control at any time. -If releasing control, referee will signal neutral position when both wrestlers are deemed capable of attacking/defending and can score subsequent takedown. -Only the wrestler in control can score exposure points. There will be minimal reaction time between establishment of control and scoring of exposure. -Only the wrestler in control can gain a fall. No defensive or neutral falls. -No “same hold” rule. Once a wrestler leaves criteria and is deemed to be able to defend himself, a subsequent exposure can be scored with the same hold. -Locking hands and all holds with a “wrestling purpose” allowed; “wrestling purpose” defined as holds to take down, reverse, turn, or pin your opponent. Holds solely for the purpose of inflicting pain (submission) or chokes are prohibited -Illegal holds (as defined above) will be stopped and penalized 1 point at the referee’s discretion. -All restarts begin on the feet. Stagnant action in any position initiates a restart. -Dangerous holds will be stopped and a restart initiated. Dangerous holds are when 1 or both wrestlers are unable to surrender a position. -Scoring holds that happen while simultaneously going out-of-bounds from the feet or top/bottom will be scored. -Action that carries out of bounds from top/bottom will initiate a restart on the feet. Intentionally leaving the mat area from top/bottom can be penalized 1 point at the referee’s discretion. -Injury time only at referee’s discretion, both granting and time allotment
  5. I usually don't post on here, instead just read, but felt compelled to post, considering the recent mailbag from T.R. Foley, which was great: http://www.intermatwrestle.com/articles/13472 Of note, Flo Wrestling has announced a new "Flo Premier League" with Ben Askren as the commissioner. Without offering my opinion regarding the overall potential and success of the league, including the rules, athletes, fan interest, etc. curious to know TheMat.com message board's perspective on this new league in development, its potential to be successful, and its value to the sport of wrestling as a wholel?
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