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  1. He was more focused on his mom's chicken parm than the actual olympics.
  2. Sidakov won Russian championships and Zhamolov lost euro championships. It's already settled Sidakov is going, is it not?
  3. for those interested. This guy may be a threat at the Olympics if he goes. He looks really sharp.
  4. When they getting Dake and Taylor on the podcast. That’s what everyone wants to hear?
  5. Is the team at training camp? When does it start and what news outlet covers it to some extent beside flo who charges for even the tiniest of interviews?
  6. I think it's a combo here where Burroughs is not as his peak and also Dake is just a better wrestler these days. He trains differently now. He's a two time world champ now compared to two years ago. His two wins vs Burroughs at the trials were extremely solid even though he was mostly defensive. But that says a lot to be that successfully defensive against Burroughs.
  7. Not sure if all the team rosters are available yet but I think Sidakov looks like to be Dake's biggest match up at the olympics. But how Russia does the team is very confusing as the might decide to send someone else? Anyway, I think Dake is really well suited for Sidakov and will be a scramble fest. Sidakov is great from ties but Dake has insane defense and can toss anyone. What do you guys think?
  8. on another note. Anyone know why penn state wrestlers did not wrestle in the scuffle except for Hall?
  9. Anyone know of a site that shows D1 wrestlers records that is fairly kept up to date? I've failed to find a good source.
  10. That Tsabolov ending was pretty funny. Watching the first two minutes of the match you'd swear the kid was gonna shut down everything the russian had, until... ooops.
  11. Title says it all. Sure hope so. This may be a little blasphemous but of all the matchups in the near past including gaduev and tsargush this may be his biggest challenge.
  12. I understand stuff costs money and i understand why they need to charge for it - that's the way the world works. But they simply go overboard. I eventually found the replays on youtube but it's amazing how flo tries to charge for a public broadcasted event. They obviously found a way to make money off of a NBC sponsored event. good for them i guess. I can remember a day when i had a flopro membership and they would still run ads on a the page. If you pay for a subscription you shouldn't see adds, like wtf. So all I'm advocating for is how it was way back when flo was reasonable about their coverage - super high profile matches were pro only and the semi finals and finals to most tournaments. And hell they can even make that free too by running an ass load of ads on the video before it plays. This is how youtube makes millions - you give the people what they want, you get paid by your ads and everyone is happy and you won't have people like me blabbing on message boards about how they are vampires. Problem solved.
  13. Nope. this is still on pro. http://www.flowrestling.org/article/42101-top-12-matches-of-the-weekend
  14. Anyone know where i can watch the replays of beat the streets for free? somehow the flo vampires monopolized the coverage even though it was one basic cable. I don't have cable or the money to pay the flo vampires. Like 90 percent of their content is flo pro. I remember the days when you could watch super high profile matches that were NOT on flo pro. Those days are over i guess.
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