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  1. Looked like Nebraska is lacking discipline with some of their weight loss. White starts out hot and fades fast, Moisey did that last weekend and Red might fall in that category. Some might not have been practicing much, appears to be some injuries. Hope things get better, some are not looking to good. On the other hand, Venz, Schultz, and Berger have looked solid. Labriola has only had one match that he didn't look great. Team has potential.
  2. You are wrong. If he is red shirting, I bet he is closer to 165 than 157.
  3. Why did he leave Edinboro? Does the West Virginia job have that much more potential?
  4. I have heard that Renteria came into the room in the 60's. I would guess he is hurt around the middle.
  5. With the look on Halls face, I am not sure he loves you. It looks like to me that he is thinking, I wished I was not in this picture. I think he is thinking my wife is going to chew my butt when I get home for taking a picture with these goons.
  6. After watching the World Trials this past weekend, I hope that no college will take another chance on him. He still lacks so much discipline. They could not even get him to walk out of the area the correct way. He just did whatever he wanted. In between rounds, he didn't even listen to his coach. He just stared up into the crowd as Hall was talking to him. He is an accident waiting to happen. He has talent, but he is not ready to change his ways yet. Sorry!
  7. Rat

    St. Louis

    This is about my 6th time that I have been to St. Louis for the tournament. Losing the places to eat and drink at the train station has dropped the attraction for me to have St. Louis host the NCAA tournament. Train station was a great place to spend a few hours and a short walk. I was very disappointed in that this year. We would show up at least 30 minutes before the sessions would start and had no problem getting to our seats in plenty of time. Parking for $10 was the best it has ever been there. Great experience again, but really miss the hay days of the train station. The first time I went to the train station it even had Hooters there and full of shops and places to eat. Always really busy there.
  8. The better question is, "When will Dudley get in shape and wrestle to his full potential?" Very disappointing match on his part. What did he do to try and win the match? Is he cutting to hard? Always gassed.
  9. Nebraska has a coaches clinic during the day and a practice at night. Manning does not have wrestle offs for the public and coaches to enjoy as they use to. He determines varsity by how they do at the opens. I have been going to Nebraska's coaches clinic for several years and always looked forward to wrestle offs in the evening. It was great to see potential from the new wrestlers each year. I think other coaches must feel the way I do. I would estimate this year that only about 1/3 to 1/2 of the coaches that use to attend were in attendance this year. Numbers just keep going down at this clinic.
  10. Not really interested in going to NYC. Where are the Big tens at next year?
  11. Been to Jeff Jordans wrestling camp several times. He tells how pissed he gets when kids go to the waist while finishing their singles. I was shocked to see Bo do that TWICE. He seems to lose some mental focus. I know how many times he has been trained in that position. He is having a great year, but might be cutting too much on consecutive days to keep mental focus in a tough match. He is one of the biggest 165 lbers I have seen.
  12. We usually sit in the nose bleed section at the NCAA tournament. I am starting to have trouble seeing the score, so we are going to move lower this year. Are there any tickets available and if so where could I get them?
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