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  1. That's great and from 2011. Martin is out at Flo and not in charge.
  2. Can anyone actually link where Flo has stated their purpose is to "Grow the Sport"? I'm not a fan of Flo, but they are a business and businesses make $. Last I checked, they are not a non profit but actually have receive millions of dollars of venture capital. They have everyone by the balls with their rights; grow or not - you have to watch at Flo.
  3. I've been away - Why does Willy Skype in? Is he not in Austin?
  4. Speaking of Martin, why did step down (told to leave) of CEO of his own company? Why isn't this a bigger topic in the wrestling community? The guy who traveled the nation, in his van and on his own dime, got told to GTFO of the company he founded. Are investors that unhappy? What's going on at Flo?
  5. This happened a few months ago. https://www.bizjournals.com/austin/news/2018/02/20/martin-floreani-abruptly-steps-down-ceo-flosports.html https://www.pwtorch.com/site/2018/02/14/flosports-employees-told-ceo-stepping-away-company-impact-flosports-vs-wwn-lawsuit/ https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/19697
  6. I'm all for it, but I can sure see a student athlete who really needs $$$ playing the odds or having someone fund betting (for their loss).
  7. That was last year, but shows some of the bad decisions that have been made. Are Wrestling and Track keeping Flo afloat? I'm anxious to see what a new CEO does to the pricing model, tech quality, customer service quality, etc. http://www.climbingbusinessjournal.com/behind-the-scenes-of-the-broken-deal/
  8. Anyone hear any update on this? Are they still without a CEO?
  9. IMO, Henson was somewhat toxic at Mizzou. Look at that group he coached, they are some of the most anti-Mizzou guys out there.
  10. Looks like the the whole lawsuit with Floslam is their excuse to get Martin out. Either way, sucks for him to build that business up and get thrown out like that. I'm sure he got a nice parting gift$ though.
  11. Not surprised. This is what happens when you get too big, starting taking on too much VC. VC guys want their investments back no matter who is in charge.
  12. With the addition of all the BTN coverage... What's the over/under date on when the price increase across the board on Flo platform will happen?
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