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  1. reco87

    While watching Hall/Coon

    Coach said on the T-Row and Funky show that Coon is cutting to make 285.
  2. reco87

    Both Valencias lose tonight

    I thought for sure he had that last takedown, he was so deep on it.
  3. reco87

    Both Valencias lose tonight

    Them Amine boys are scrappers and Myles has shown nothing but improvement since coming to Michigan were he was ranked 46 as apposed to Zahid coming in at #1.
  4. reco87

    Both Valencias lose tonight

    Do I think he'll beat him in March no but I do believe he has a chance at home with a huge crowd supporting him and maybe Zahid looking ahead to Bo also coming off the high of beating Mark Hall.
  5. reco87

    Both Valencias lose tonight

    Michigan is live streaming the event on their Facebook page.
  6. Zahid Valencia loses to Amine tonight in Amine's high school gym, and Anthony isn't beating Massa anytime soon!
  7. reco87

    Bo vs Zahid

    I think the real question is does Bo wrestle or not?
  8. reco87

    wrestle-off videos/coverage

    Michigan just changed their's to Oct. 27th
  9. reco87

    wrestle-off videos/coverage

    I might do a live facebook video from Michigan's wrestle off. If I do I'll post a link to my facebook about 30 min before the match to give enough people time to add me so they can watch.
  10. reco87

    How Michigan wins a national title....

    Profaci won the wrestle off and I believe he is the better wrestler, but I do feel Fisher handles the pressure of big matches better.
  11. reco87

    Lucas Hall MSU

    For any on you Michiganders who know who Lucas Hall is, he is now listed on Davenport University's roster. Not sure what happened but he won the starting job last year and I believe he is good enough to compete in D1. I wish him the best of luck should easily be a multiple AA for Davenport possible a NC
  12. reco87

    Lucas Hall MSU

    Does anyone know what happened to Hall? He won the wrestle off for MSU but they decided to redshirt him and he had a decent redshirt year but I believe he got hurt. I just looked up the MSU lineup and now he's not on it. I think he would have been a pretty solid starter for MSU the next 4 years.
  13. reco87


    Because it was his first pro fight and he fought someone who has had multiple fights. What was the record of the guys Ed Ruth, and Joey Davis fought their first fights. I credit Pico for wanting to fight a good guy his first fight but this was a whole different ball game and he should have eased his way into it.
  14. reco87

    Cox Lost

    People act like he should have gotten gold, everyone at this tournament is the best in their country he still took bronze. Until J'den when is the last time the US got a medal at this weight? Could DT have done better maybe but he couldn't beat a one legged man when it counted.
  15. reco87


    If he was going to compete wouldn't SDSU be a better choice, does anyone on Purdue's staff have international credentials like Bono?