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  1. Don't see any head throws when Monday beat Humphrey a few weeks ago in the Princeton Open. Maybe those TDs were a fluke too.
  2. What's the deal with this site? Just seems like there's not much effort put into it anymore. Most of the articles are cut and paste. The commit page is inaccurate. I can't remember the last time the page format was updated. The site makes money from subscribers and page views but I don't see any evidence of money being spent on the content or quality of the web page. I'm simply not finding a reason to remain a subscriber. Not trying to be brutal but if it has become just a part time hobby generating a paycheck for the owners, then how much value should the wrestling community give the rankings. I've been an Intermat subscriber for many years along with The Open Mat. I'd like to hear some opinions on other General Wrestling Info sites.
  3. Princeton beat the M-Hawks for the first time ever at Lehigh and the first time since 1968 (50 years). Whether Princeton beats Cornell or not, they are getting better every year. They are methodically building to be a perennial top 10-15 program. If one day Cornell falls below that level, Princeton will beat them. Using the Iowa match as a measuring stick is bit silly. There were 4 freshmen in their first dual ever and 4 more first time starters including 2 subs....wrestling the 3rd ranked team in the country IN Carver Hawkeye. If the Wisconsin match happens later in season, I believe Princeton wins. Regarding the conversation above about standards and admissions.....According to the NCAA Overall Student Athlete 6 year Graduation Rates, Harvard was #1 last year (99%), followed by Princeton at #3(98%). Cornell was 25th at 95%. For comparison purposes, the overall Big Ten 8 year Graduation Rate was 76%. Some of the comments above seem to suggest Princeton is admitting wrestlers with questionable academics. That's simply hilarious. Every wrestler at Princeton could easily qualify for academic scholarships at any state run institution. Classes at Princeton are incredibly difficult. Passing 32-36 classes and earning a degree is something not many people can do. The are no General Studies degrees (or whatever the state schools label the Athlete degrees) offered. To some on this thread, I'll leave you with this. The next time you are at a wrestling tournament with Princeton and/or Cornell there, take a few minutes and start a conversation with any one of them. I think you will come away impressed. These kids are the best and brightest American has to offer. They made a decision to take the hard way. They participate in one of the hardest sports while attending one of the most difficult universities on the planet. I applaud them and you should too.
  4. .....I would, 1) Bring the wrestlers back to neutral after 30 seconds of riding with no scoring 2) Award 3 points for a reversal instead of 2 3) Call double stalling if no points were scored during a period
  5. I seldom post but I wanted to pose a question. What schools could use a coaching change and who would be the best candidate? Looking at the teams scores and comparing results/expectations/potential, it's fairly easy to come up with a few schools. Chattanooga - (.5) Harvard - .5 West Virginia - 1 Iowa St - 1 (Coach fired) Northwestern - 3.5 Maryland - 8.5 Pitt - 9.5 (Coach fired) Thoughts? Comments?
  6. I see the support from you guys, but for most of the last 30 years I have been praying she would just go away. I seriously can't stand her. I also saw someone mentioning Gimp is gone too.....Again, it's about time. His way of running a tournament is several years behind the the best guys in the business.
  7. Cornell was pretty good before Lee and what has Harvard done since Jantzen? You should check Princeton's roster. Kolodzik won't be the only good young kid you see. Ayres, Gray and Dubuque have quietly built a solid foundation for future success. PU will never be Cornell simply because it's so hard to get kids into school and the academic load is only for a selected few, but as an EIWA fan, I expect it won't be long before Princeton is 3rd behind the Big Red and Lehigh in the EIWA tournament. There's a lot of EIWA fans pulling for PU. A good Princeton wrestling program is good for the EIWA and good for wrestling as a whole.
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