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  1. I'm not in college yet but I need some help I've been wrestling for years now and I used to have asthma that went away but now its coming back. It sucks because I feel so out of shape all of a sudden in practice even though I used to be the hardest working on my team. Now if I push too hard it gets bad. My mom took me to the doctor who said I could still play sports, especially try swimming. And he told me about all the olympic athletes who are swimmers with asthma. But I don't think anyone really understands that wrestling is everything to me. Its the one thing in life I am good at. I want to be the best and prove it at states. I want to be on a college team in a few years. Even if I don't make it I want to know it is possible. Sorry for the long rant. I was just hoping if there were any wrestlers with asthma out there who made it to college and beyond and how they dealt with it. At least I want to show my doctor and my mom that theres a way to do it and never talk about me quitting wrestling ever again. Thanks for any help if anyone understands or if anyone at least has some advice.
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