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  1. If the makes the 2023 team at 53kg, she'll be one of the oldest if not the oldest at 25. I highly doubt Furuichi is going to be the rep at 68 when she drops down. If Furuichi does, then she'll be the oldest at 27. Times flies!
  2. Fujinami is going to be competing at 53kg for U23 to get ready for her clash with Okuno and Shidochi
  3. Yeah, it'll be interesting to see for sure. Everybody knows that the absolute top wrestlers compete at the Olympic weights(especially womens wrestling) and I want to see her compete in one of them. I do think that she'd have a better shot at 76 than 68. Adeline is kind of an unknown at this point just because of the amount of work that's needed to have and raise twins, then getting back into elite wresting shape is no easy task.
  4. Agree! I remember the first time I saw a girl wrestle in a tournament. Early 90's, CIF SS open tournament and she wrestling in the 98lbs weight class. That weight class would eventually change to 103 a few years later. She was kicking ass and it wasn't because the boys were afraid to wrestle her. It was because she was kicking their asses. It was amazing to see and everybody who was competing and watching in the stands was cheering for her. I can't remember which match it was, but she pinned a guy and the roof almost got blown off. She lost in the semis in a super close match to the eventual champion, but she placed 3rd. The following year, she won the weight class. It was really cool to see at the time because it was a real rarity to see a girl that was really good and TOUGH like she was.
  5. 50kg- I don't think Vicky is ever coming back. She seems pretty happy in San Diego and she's competing at 55kg now in submission grappling. I think Hildebrandt should actually move back up to 53kg. 53kg- Dom 55kg- Burkert vs Winchester 57- Maroulis 59- No clue 62- Miracle 65- Velte vs Molinari(old CIF rivalry lol) 68- TMS 72- Elor 76- No clue
  6. In Japan, girls do not wrestle boys in tournaments, but the elite top tier girls do practice against boys in HS. The wrestling skill level in Japan from age group up through college for girls/women is much higher than it is here, so they really don't need to wrestle against boys/men because of other elite wrestlers in the rooms, but if they need more a challenge then they do. A recent example of a very young wrestler who has almost always practiced against boys in HS and has dominated senior level since she was 17 is last year's 53kg Senior WC, Akari Fujinami.
  7. I was going to post this separately from a post requested by denger, but I'll post it here. It'll be great to have it in Iowa again, BUT...very bad timing if fans want to see the best squads from Japan. The 2022 World Cup is scheduled for Dec 10th-11th. Japan's Emperor's Cup is taking place Dec 22nd-25th. There's a very small possibility that Japan sends a MFS and WFS team, but I'm doubting it only because this Emperor's Cup specifically leads into Japan's Olympic qualifying process for 2024. If I'm any top wrestler in Japan, there's no way I'm going and if I'm the Japanese Wrestling Federation, there's no way I'm sending any teams. You risk injury, sickness, etc. Japan's current covid quarantine returning from overseas travel is 5 days or 3 days with a negative covid test. The last time there was a Womens Wrestling World Cup was 2019 in Narita, Japan. Japan beat USA in the finals, 7-3. 50kg- Susaki tech Conder 10-0 53kg- Okuno tech Hildebrandt 10-0 55kg- Winchester dec Hanai 5-1 57kg- R. Kawai tech Campbell 11-0 59kg- Y.Inagaki tech Zavala 10-0 62kg- Y.Kawai dec Kilty 7-0 65kg- Ruike dec Molinari 5-1 68kg- TMS dec Matsuyuki 8-1 72kg- Kagami dec Francis 3-1 76kg- Gray Pin Minagawa 3-1 Final team records: Japan 3-0 USA 2-1 China 2-1 Mongolia 1-2 Ukraine 1-2 Russia 0-3 This year's World Cup is still going to be a great event!
  8. To add: He joined the military after winning the Olympics and didn't enter the Emperor's Cup last December or the Meiji Cup earlier this year.
  9. That's because after Rio, he was battling with Yuki Takahashi(2017 57kg WC) for the 57kg spot and lost it. After that, he couldn't beat Takahashi and went up to 61(lost in the Japanese national tournament), then actually went all the way up to 65kg and kept losing to Otoguro in 2019. He did get one match off of Otoguro, though. For Tokyo, he beat Takahashi and HAD the spot. All he had to go was go to the Asian qualifier and lock up a 57kg spot for Japan since the weight wasn't qualified. He then pulls a J'Den and doesn't make weight. Japan then has Higuchi and Takahashi wrestle off for the spot and Takahashi wins. Takahashi then wins a last chance qualifier to make the Olympics. For this year he went 61kg and will probably drop back down to 57kg for next year's Senior World Championships.
  10. Well, his singlet literally says SKWC on the front
  11. Super close to a pushout right at the end. Good thing time ran out
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