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  1. You said there's something sneaky and gross about it(foreigners coming here to train then go compete for a different country). But how about when Valentin Kalika took Helen Maroulis, Elena Pirozhkova(both 2016 Olympians), Aaron Pico, Jake Herbert and Victoria Anthony to Russia to train many times for up to a month to prepare for the Olympics where Helen won the gold medal? Over a few years, they trained with Saitiev, Gatsolov, Ramonov, Sadulaev, Gadisov, Gazimagomedov, and a ton of the other top Russians.
  2. You do know that athletes from a lot of different sports train and live in different countries(that they weren't born in or represent), right?
  3. I was paraphrasing Pico from his post fight interview:
  4. His opponent and his opponents corner were trash talking to Pico before and during the fight.
  5. Just like I said months ago for Cael. No surprise. Richie has been repping Monster Garage for several years now at any national tournament. No doubt on my end where he was going to go even though he verbally committed so long ago.
  6. Maybe JB's testing the waters at 86 KG because as soon as he moves to Penn, Mark Stall is going to go 74kg even though he's more likely to go 79kg because it'll be a non-Olympics year after next year.
  7. I'm pretty sure Otoguro was already in college at Yamanashi Gakuin University for his freshman year.
  8. When he couldn't beat the other locals that were doing better. But he's laughed all the way to the bank a while ago.....
  9. Ok, let's say then that there are some wrestlers from Hawaii with judo training so your arteries won't burst....lmao Good examples of the other kids.
  10. I'm not saying they had to be judokas for years or have competed in tournaments at all. Judo exposure at some point in Hawaii is inevitable. It could have been like our room. A few of us practiced judo after wrestling practice or during the off season. We had a multiple time jr national champion who was very, very good and one of our guys also competed for Mexico in the '92 Olympics in Judo. The rest of us didn't belong to a judo dojo. We only practiced with our small group and that's judo experience. We used a lot of judo moves for takedowns all the time and it definitely helped when tying up while in neutral.
  11. Not just a higher percentage....a tremendously higher percentage because it's a state sport. The only other real place I can think of that's been huge for Judo on the collegiate level has been San Jose State. Anybody from Hawaii who has ever done well in college wrestling has had a judo background. Travis Lee or David Terao for example. Clarissa Chun as well, but you'd better know that with your username....
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