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  1. Rinya Nakamura. He was 61kg U23 World champion in 2017 and he was 6th at the 2017 Senior World Championships. He lost to Bonne Rodriguez in the 2017 World Championships bronze medal match. After 2017, Nakamura went up to 65kg, but wasn't able to beat Otoguro for a few years. With the 2020 Olympics being postponed, he left for MMA.
  2. And there you go. Takahashi won to be Japan's rep. A chain of events all caused by Higuchi missing weight at what would have been an extremely easy qualification tournament. If you also think about how Higuchi jumped up to 61kk/65kg after Rio, but couldn't beat Otoguro, then he went up to 70kg and couldn't make the team, then back down to 57kg just for the Olympic trials during one quad....
  3. Takahashi vs Higuchi June 12th for the Olympic spot at the National Training Center. Should be really interesting.
  4. I think it's funny that during the entire OG qualifier, everybody kept saying he was Polish...lmao.
  5. Ahhh. I thought he was. Forgot Luka was this old already lol
  6. Zander's career is over. Had too many injuries.
  7. I don't know about that. All Higuchi had to do was make weight for the Asian qualifier and he had a very good chance to beat everybody if he did. Takahashi was called on and did what they wanted him to do. As far as Japan's World team goes, Takahashi has been more consistent as Rei has jumped all over the place since his 2016 silver(robbed) and I mentioned this before, but he was up at 70kg a few years ago when he couldn't beat Otoguro at 65kg. 61kg was too light for him at the time.
  8. Well, he did it. Now he's going to have another playoff match with Rei Higuchi because of this whole situation of Higuchi missing weight and having to go qualify the weight. That match is going to be really interesting because their last match that Higuchi won to be Japan's rep was 7-6 and really damn close.
  9. lol...I think you're forgetting that by the time Pico was in high school, high school students weren't allowed to compete in "prestigious wrestling tournaments like Midlands" since it was against NCAA rules, right? What other "prestigious" folk tournaments could he win besides winning all of them(high school)? The only one he lost was on a homer call for Heil in the Super 32 finals.
  10. If 1 year of wrestling is eligible for this discussion, Pico is definitely #1 by far as you stated. If it has to be all 4 years, then I'd definitely say #1 Zahid Valencia and #2 Anthony Valencia. Just because of all the tournaments they won while in HS. Not just within the state, but nationally in the biggest folkstyle tournaments like Ironman, Super 32, Flonationals, CK Folkstyle nationals, etc.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGd85oyzgSs
  12. If not Higuchi, most likely Takatani since he's the #2 at 57kg.
  13. He lost a very close match to Lin of China, 8-7 in the semis.
  14. If Higuchi doesn't win the last chance, I'm sure they'd want 57kg qualified. I don't think any other weight has a chance to win Gold.
  15. Yes. It was determined at the All-Japan championships in Dec of last year. That tournament usually determines their world/olympic team. 57kg- Rei Highuchi(2016 silver) Higuchi barely beat Takatani by 1 point, 7-6 at All-Japan. The crazy thing is that several years ago, he was up at 65kg and challenged Otoguro for the spot there, but lost. He then went up to 70kg and also lost in the national tournament. Higuchi came all the way back down to 57kg for the Toyko Olympics, so him missing weight is no surprise. Just can't believe it came at this time because it potentially is going to cost Japan a 57kg spot. (didn't qualify the weight) 65kg- Takuto Otoguro(2018 WC) 74kg- Keisuke Otoguro(Takuto's brother) He moved up from 70kg and won All-Japan last Dec, but there was a playoff match last month to be the Olympic rep against Mao Okui(2019- 5th at the WC, lost to Sidakov 6-0 in the quarters, then teched by JB in the bronze medal match 10-0). Keisuke won 5-2 against Okui. 86kg-Sosuke Takatani moved up to 86kg from 74kg and won at All-Japan, but lost in the semis Asia Olympic qualifier and eventually won bronze(didn't qualify the weight) 97kg- Naoya AKAGUMA- won at All-Japan, but lost in the first round at the Asia Olympic qualifier and lost in the consolation match before the bronze medal match(didn't qualify the weight) 125kg- Tetsuya TANAKA won at All-Japan, but lost in the semis Asia Olympic qualifier and eventually forfeited in the bronze medal match I think(didn't qualify the weight) Japan's mens FS team is in some big trouble unless they can qualify those 4 weights at the last chance qualifier.
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