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  1. CA_Wrestler

    2019 California H.S. State Champions status

    I skipped through lol
  2. CA_Wrestler

    2019 California H.S. State Champions status

    lol too many of those Nevills kids...totally forgot about him
  3. How many other teams are really going to Olympic redshirt their guys for this year that will actually have a shot at winning a spot? The only guys in college are Fix, Yianni and maybe Zahid because he'd really have to go up in weight to 86kg.
  4. He should take the Olympic redshirt for sure.
  5. CA_Wrestler

    Yasar Dogu Saturday results

    Punia went up from 65 to 86 to take out Downey!!!!! j/k
  6. CA_Wrestler

    2019 California H.S. State Champions status

    There have only been 2. Darrell Vasquez(Cal Poly SLO) and Justin Mejia. Jesse Vasquez and Richie Figueroa(ASU commit) are probably going to be the next 4 timers unless something crazy happens.
  7. I think he was more like: "Wait, this isn't folkstyle?"
  8. CA_Wrestler

    Zain - Yanni outcome?

    Why did Zain even stay on Yianni's back when there was a chance for Yianni to get exposure? That looked more like a folkstyle mindset by Zain than anything else.
  9. CA_Wrestler

    2019 California H.S. State Champions status

    Zahid, Anthony and the rest of the SJB guys(who are going to ASU) are going to get a hold of Vasquez and convince him to go to ASU haha
  10. CA_Wrestler

    Japan playoff matches

    I'd definitely be more confident with Susaki winning gold in 2020. Irie is just a bad matchup for Susaki in matches. Doesn't help that Susaki's elbow isn't 100% from when she dislocated it in practice last year.
  11. CA_Wrestler

    Japan playoff matches

    Yeah, it definitely could be a really bad mess. Especially because what are the 2nd place Japan WTT supposed to do this year and next? If they're not able to compete for the World championships this year and try to qualify for the 2020 Olympics, that's basically almost a year of competing for nothing besides staying sharp and being on the national team. I'm sure UWW will probably hold another one of those World Championships that didn't have Olympic weights, but the top wrestlers aren't there for the most part. Imagine if for some reason Pat Downey medaled this year at 86, Burroughs medals(I'm expecting him to win, Cox medals(I'm expecting him to win) and Snyder medals(I'm expecting him to win) , then DT would be off the team. Dake would be also be off the team with no chance to compete at a trial. That would be insane.
  12. CA_Wrestler

    Japan playoff matches

    I don't know if Icho was back long enough. She was right there with Kawai, which is crazy after taking 2 years off and not competing. With the way Japan put in the 2020 qualification criteria- If you're on the 2019 team and medal, that guarantees your 2020 spot, we probably won't see Icho, Susaki, Okuno and a bunch of other world champs from Japan. This is why I'm wondering if they're going to do a playoff. Returning medalist has a spot in the final and then the tournament winner battles the returning medalist. It'll be interesting to see what happens by next year.
  13. CA_Wrestler

    Japan playoff matches

    I thought it was going to be some crazy, high scoring match.
  14. CA_Wrestler

    Japan playoff matches

    Otoguro won 5-0
  15. CA_Wrestler

    Japan playoff matches

    There will be a new 50kg rep for Japan as Yuki Irie knocked off Yui Susaki(2x defending senior WC) 6-1. Susaki beat Irie last month 6-2 at All-Japan. This will be interesting because they are clearly the #1 and #2 in the world at 50kg. Irie is the only person to have beaten Susaki(3 or 4 times now). Unless some fluke happens at the World Championships, Irie is going to medal(high chance of winning) and that means that Susaki will not be or have the chance to be on the 2020 team. I'm interested to see if the Japan Wrestling Federation is really going to keep those 2020 qualification rules. Risako Kawai beat Kaori Icho 3-3 on criteria Otoguro also beat Rei Higuchi in the playoff to become of the 2019 rep at 65kg. Higuchi teched him last month.