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  1. It would kind of remind me of the NCAA Finals where Bubba cradled him if that were to ever happen.
  2. Thread title: "Best DI Wrestlers of the 2010s to Never Win an NCAA Title"
  3. Another friend...her dad was in a nursing home in Southern NJ and he died after contracting it(like pretty much everybody else there) and that was mid April. So, unfortunately, I do know several people who have died/ had loved ones die because of Covid. It's no joke and I understand people thinking it wouldn't be a big deal, but if you came across somebody who was asymptomatic and you got sick because of that....
  4. One of my good friends died at the end of April, lived on Long Island, but worked in the city. Another friend of mine, her father in law died in March and he lived in Paterson, NJ.
  5. He beat Takatani at the Japan Olympic qualifier, so he's going to be Japan's rep at 57kg.
  6. While Suriano is pretty new to freestyle, he was training his Olympic redshirt year mostly at the NY RTC with Valentin, Chamizo, Vlad and a bunch of other foreign wrestlers who give him more international feels than any of the other rooms in the US. I still think Spencer takes the spot, but it'll be a very fun weight to watch come OTT time.
  7. I don't think a full version exists. I remember watching this "live" on CBS and the video shown above is the exact same one I saw on the broadcast.
  8. I think he might be. It's not like Ramos is Sonny's weight. The only guy somewhat close is JO. I don't even know who else is on NC's roster, but I guess we'll see.
  9. Pretty easy to tell that Jesse was going to ASU. It's been a while since he went to Bosco, but I'm pretty sure he spoke to Zahid, Anthony, Reuben, maybe even Cade(he's at ASU now, but not wrestling). I'm sure Cael will be going there and hopefully Richie goes to ASU or Fresno State. Kind of a Bosco logjam at ASU. Cleveland Belton is also there from Bosco, 2x California state champ.
  10. Well, 20 at the time of the NCAA tournament.
  11. I'm pretty sure he was 20... lol
  12. Forgot that one of Lee's sons is wrestling at Fresno State(the other is in LA I think), so he might just want to stay close to his sons and not move right now.
  13. Lee has been coaching in California at Sacramento City College.
  14. haha It was all in good fun. But yeah, he was pretty good. To his credit, he's an even better teacher as evidenced in the kids that have come out of Young Guns.
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