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  1. 60 offense points against Zahid? Those aren't actual earned takedowns and nearfalls or is Zahid letting guys up for escapes? Except for a few matches, all of the scores the other guys have are from Zahid cutting them for 1 point multiple times per match to get another TD/nearfall.
  2. I'm surprised jerseywrestling or whatever that guy's name is hasn't replied and put his answer behind a paywall.
  3. I do know Colt. He's made a lot of progress since graduating from Poway and has gotten better, but Zahid teched him at the Pac 12 Championships last year. It's always fun to see 2 guys from CA wrestle in D1 like Zahid vs Doyle, Zahid vs Anthony Mantanona, Anthony vs De La Riva(who has since transferred to NDSU), Anthony vs Anthony Mantanona for "Anthony" bragging rights, etc..
  4. Colt is thanking the heavens he didn't have to see Zahid again.
  5. Of course it would be at 125. They have weight classes for a reason although I'm pretty sure he'd still beat RBY.
  6. Plus they're also mad that Spencer would tech anybody PSU threw out there against him.
  7. He should win that fight but why only if he wins Just because if he loses again, his mind not be right even though he'd be going back to wrestling for a short time. Money...if he wins, way more money(show/win bonus) to do what he wants, but if he loses, way less and more pressure to win his next MMA fight. He should have won that last night against Borics. He was controlling the match and got caught with that flying knee. If he did actually win the Last Chance qualifier, he'd have to give up MMA training until the OTT/Olympics(if he won the OTT) and focus on wrestling. Missed time is money for him since he's a professional fighter. We'll see, who knows.
  8. Love me some Pico. Do wish he'd go 100% back into wrestling but just not going to happen. We'll see...if he wins on Jan 25th, you never know. He just might show up at the Last Chance qualifier.
  9. If Pico wins his next fight on Jan 25th, I say there could be a chance of him at that last chance tourney. Just keep and eye out if he wins and if you see him all of a sudden at NY RTC with Valentin, you know it's going to happen if his sponsor schedule permits.
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