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  1. He beat Takatani at the Japan Olympic qualifier, so he's going to be Japan's rep at 57kg.
  2. While Suriano is pretty new to freestyle, he was training his Olympic redshirt year mostly at the NY RTC with Valentin, Chamizo, Vlad and a bunch of other foreign wrestlers who give him more international feels than any of the other rooms in the US. I still think Spencer takes the spot, but it'll be a very fun weight to watch come OTT time.
  3. I don't think a full version exists. I remember watching this "live" on CBS and the video shown above is the exact same one I saw on the broadcast.
  4. I think he might be. It's not like Ramos is Sonny's weight. The only guy somewhat close is JO. I don't even know who else is on NC's roster, but I guess we'll see.
  5. Pretty easy to tell that Jesse was going to ASU. It's been a while since he went to Bosco, but I'm pretty sure he spoke to Zahid, Anthony, Reuben, maybe even Cade(he's at ASU now, but not wrestling). I'm sure Cael will be going there and hopefully Richie goes to ASU or Fresno State. Kind of a Bosco logjam at ASU. Cleveland Belton is also there from Bosco, 2x California state champ.
  6. Well, 20 at the time of the NCAA tournament.
  7. Forgot that one of Lee's sons is wrestling at Fresno State(the other is in LA I think), so he might just want to stay close to his sons and not move right now.
  8. Lee has been coaching in California at Sacramento City College.
  9. haha It was all in good fun. But yeah, he was pretty good. To his credit, he's an even better teacher as evidenced in the kids that have come out of Young Guns.
  10. Yeah, I dunno. If that's the case, then I hereby decree that Henry Cejudo's Olympic gold medal belong to California wrestling history since he was born in East Los Angeles!
  11. Myles is from NJ, but he wrestled HS in Maryland at McDonough. So he's counted as NJ now?
  12. I like how times goes on and all of a sudden Strittmatter was a 2x D1 National Champ at Iowa.
  13. California Mark Schultz 3x NCAA D1 champ, Olympic champ, 2x WC Stephen Abas 3x NCAA D1 champ, Olympic silver Eric Guerrero 3x NCAA D1 champ Jake Varner 2x NCAA D1 champ, 4x finalist, Olympic champ, World Bronze Isaiah Martinez 2x NCAA D1 champ, 4x finalist Zahid Valencia 2x NCAA D1 champ(we all know he would have won 3) Chris Pendleton 2x NCAA D1 champ Stephen Neal 2x NCAA D1 champ Jesse Delgado 2x NCAA D1 champ Marty Kistler 2x NCAA D1 champ There are a few other guys who won 2 NCAA D1 titles in there as well.
  14. OLY redshirt in 15-16 Redshirt because of injury/shoulder surgery in 18-19.
  15. Now there is going to be a wrestleoff between 2016 Olympic champ, Sara Dosho and Miwa Morikawa for the Olympic spot at 68kg. There will also be a wrestleoff for the mens team at 74kg between Mao Okui and Keisuke Otoguro(Takuto's older brother). I had mentioned in some other post a while ago that Japan has had A LOT of siblings making their national/world teams over the years.
  16. That's true. There are and were BJJ guys that were blue belts that would beat a USAW National team member in BJJ. Mainly the more accomplished ones who were Mundial(World) Champions like say, BJ Penn since more people would know him from the UFC. He had only 1 year of BJJ traning and he placed 2nd at the Mundials in 1998 in the Blue Belt division. He also was the first American to ever win the Mundial in the black belt division in 2000 only having 3 years of BJJ experience.
  17. I guess they took the match for the same reason Ryan took the freestyle match. Pride and not backing down.
  18. They aren't confident with any submission techniques, that's why they didn't really try anything. If they tried and messed up, it could be game over. I don't know the exact rules they used and if they allowed leglocks, but there were several times Gordon could have locked one up easily, so I'm guessing they didn't allow them. For example... If they went for a takedown, they would literally be feeding Ryan a neck, arm or leg. With a double, you're exposing your neck almost right into a guillotine choke. Especially with a head outside double. With a head inside double, you're still putting yourself at risk for a guillotine (or during the transition to the mat for an armbar, some kind of armlock/some funk position) where Ryan would get a leg lock with ease. If they went for a single, it would have to be a really fast one to the outside to go behind. Going for a single exposes you to all kinds of stuff because if your arms are extended and only holding one leg, that means a leg is free to help with another kind of submission. If you don't have a lot of submission grappling experience, wrestling and going for takedowns only really works against the less experienced grapplers/BJJ players that don't know how to deal with the pressure that wrestlers come with. Once the belts start getting to brown, black or red, that stuff rarely works because there all so many different positioning tricks that you can only learn if you've been consistently on the mat in those situations.
  19. This is like banging your head against a wall. Almost nobody here will understand except you, me and some others who have done both.
  20. That wouldn't be possible for the D3 guy to be a BJJ Brown belt at that age unless he were consistently training since a kid and that means that there would be 0 time to practice wrestling. A top BJJ black belt would not be able to beat a D3 wrestler in a folkstyle or freestyle match because in order to get to that level, they wouldn't be wrestling. There are always a few very rare guys that just have the knack for BJJ and can beat higher ranked guys even when they don't have the experience. A wrestler might almost always get superior position in a wrestling point of view, but sooner or later, they're going to get off balance and mess up. Especially no no-gi. With a gi, forget about it.
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