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  1. She started at 63kg, right in there! Yeah, it would have been great to see both of them go. I have no doubt Icho would medal, maybe even win it all. Hopefully Helen medals, but I'm not even sure where she'd stand if she is our rep since she hasn't been competing at all except for several times since her concussions. Add to that she moved her training to Oklahoma with Okie State, but she won the Pan Am spot against Ragan, so hopefully she's going to be in peak form soon.
  2. I saw Icho coaching at the Emperor's Cup, I can't remember who she was coaching though. There's not really any point in her competing right now just because she can't really make the team since there's the Asian qualifier, then the Olympics. If she went up to 62, I think she would beat Yukako Kawai, but that's a big jump even though she's still amazing. She took 2 years off, didn't compete, then went 1-1 with Risako Kawai and in the final match of theirs for the 2019 World team spot, Kawai beat Icho 3-3 on criteria.
  3. He only did that because Bo wasn't engaging, so.....
  4. Hey pamela, So as far as the Japanese women's team goes, the Team USA article was correct. Since both Kawai sisters locked up spots(57kg and 62kg) by medaling at the 2019 WCs. Unfortunately, that does also mean that Icho is done. Susaki didn't enter the Asian championships just because she didn't need to. That's why they sent Igarashi(1x cadet, 2x Jr, 2x U23 WC). Susaki is going to go to the Asian Olympic qualifier in a few weeks, but here's the major problem....it's supposed to be in Xi'an, China. I haven't heard anything about them moving the location, but I don't see why they wouldn't. Who would want to go to China to qualify the weight if there was a chance to catch the Corona virus? I don't know, that just seems way too risky based on what's been happening there. I really hope they move it somewhere else. It would be plain stupid to keep the qualifier there. So.... 50kg- Will undoubtedly be Susaki because she'll qualify the weight and I'd pick her as the heavy favorite to win in Tokyo if the Olympics aren't cancelled. Her toughest competition will be Yun, from China. Stadnik was thanking the heavens Susaki wasn't there last year. 53kg rep is Mayu Mukaida(2x WC, 2x silver, 1x Jr WC, 2x Cadet WC) who dropped down and beat her college teammate(2x WC, 1x Jr WC, 2x U23WC, 1x Cadet WC)) Haruna Okuno 57kg rep is Risako Kawai (1x Olympic champ, 3x WC, 2x Jr WC, 1x Cadet WC) 62kg rep is Yukako Kawai (1x silver, 1x bronze, 1x U23WC, 1x bronze cadet) 68kg got qualified by Sara Dosho(she's had a bad shoulder injury the past few years) in 2019 by placing 5th, but she lost in the Emperor's cup in Dec. Miwa Morikawa(1x Jr WC) beat Naruha Matsuyuki(1x Jr WC) 2-1 in the Emperor's Cup final, but Japan sent Matsuyuki to the Asian Championships last week where she placed 2nd. No idea who the rep is going to be at the Asian qualifier. 76kg rep is going to be Hiroe Minagawa Suzuki(1x Jr WC) Oh yeah....and on the mens side....Rei Higuchi(2016 Olympic silver, I mean robbed) beat Takatani at 57kg to be the Olympic rep. He dropped down to 57 after not being able to beat Otoguro the past several years and he was actually up to 70kg at one point. That's it!
  5. 60 offense points against Zahid? Those aren't actual earned takedowns and nearfalls or is Zahid letting guys up for escapes? Except for a few matches, all of the scores the other guys have are from Zahid cutting them for 1 point multiple times per match to get another TD/nearfall.
  6. I'm surprised jerseywrestling or whatever that guy's name is hasn't replied and put his answer behind a paywall.
  7. I do know Colt. He's made a lot of progress since graduating from Poway and has gotten better, but Zahid teched him at the Pac 12 Championships last year. It's always fun to see 2 guys from CA wrestle in D1 like Zahid vs Doyle, Zahid vs Anthony Mantanona, Anthony vs De La Riva(who has since transferred to NDSU), Anthony vs Anthony Mantanona for "Anthony" bragging rights, etc..
  8. Of course it would be at 125. They have weight classes for a reason although I'm pretty sure he'd still beat RBY.
  9. Plus they're also mad that Spencer would tech anybody PSU threw out there against him.
  10. He should win that fight but why only if he wins Just because if he loses again, his mind not be right even though he'd be going back to wrestling for a short time. Money...if he wins, way more money(show/win bonus) to do what he wants, but if he loses, way less and more pressure to win his next MMA fight. He should have won that last night against Borics. He was controlling the match and got caught with that flying knee. If he did actually win the Last Chance qualifier, he'd have to give up MMA training until the OTT/Olympics(if he won the OTT) and focus on wrestling. Missed time is money for him since he's a professional fighter. We'll see, who knows.
  11. Love me some Pico. Do wish he'd go 100% back into wrestling but just not going to happen. We'll see...if he wins on Jan 25th, you never know. He just might show up at the Last Chance qualifier.
  12. If Pico wins his next fight on Jan 25th, I say there could be a chance of him at that last chance tourney. Just keep and eye out if he wins and if you see him all of a sudden at NY RTC with Valentin, you know it's going to happen if his sponsor schedule permits.
  13. You get knocked out easier each time it happens. Like your tolerance goes down a bit. I'd be surprised if he survived skin checks. haha
  14. It didn't work when Zain did it(intentional hands/fingers to the face) in all of their matches, so....
  15. For anybody who didn't watch, USAW has been uploading all of the videos for the past few hours on their youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/USAWrestling2008/videos
  16. NY RTC is in Hoboken, but yeah he probably is living at home. Paramus to Hoboken is around 20 minutes with no traffic. Paramus to New Brunswick is about an hour.
  17. Gets different feels with the foreign guys, which I think is very beneficial seeing that he hasn't been in any overseas tournaments this year at all.
  18. Not when Nick has better freestyle training partners(foreign guys) at NY RTC. Hell, even Pico popped in there with Nick back in October.
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