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  1. 4 hours ago, TobusRex said:

    Seems like an excellent opportunity for a team with higher goals to improve. Lou Roselli should offer Zahid an assistant coaching job to work with the upper-middles/upper weights. After securing Zahid's services the Sooners should find it a snap to recruit Cael. Provided, of course, he's as good as people are saying. Too many times I've seen guys like those triplets at OU who never even achieved mediocrity in college.

    Cael is good, but didn't break through for the state title.  He's lost to Jaden Abas(Stanford) and Andrew Sparks(committed to Minnesota) in the finals, but he's not nearly as excellent as Zahid or Anthony were in HS.  If you look at Zahid and Anthony's HS accomplishments(Z-3 state titles, 3rd) Anthony(3 state titles, 2nd) plus their national tournament successes from Tulsa all the way through HS like Ironman, FloNationals, CK Folkstyle Nationals, Super 32, USAW cadet and junior teams, they are the most successful wrestlers in CA history from schoolboy age through HS.

    Cael has done very well in National folk/free tournaments the past few years being on both free/greco national teams, so for him it's a very good upward trajectory.  Sunkist/ASU would be stupid not to lock up Zahid long term.  I still don't see Zahid leaving Tempe, so Cael is probably going to end up there provided he's going to fit in at a weight that ASU needs.

  2. 8 hours ago, Wrestleknownothing said:

    there was speculation he was done and would go into mma. In the International thread there is a Cave Talk podcast with PD3. On it Malik Amine says he heard that once Nick Suriano got punched in the face he changed his mind. No idea if that is true or not.

    If true, that would be funny because Nick has been seriously talking about going MMA since high school.

  3. There's absolutely no reason for Cael to go anywhere else besides ASU unless somebody offers him a full ride.  I don't see that happening since he hasn't won state yet.  His brothers are there and even though he doesn't wrestle any more, Cade Olivas is there until 2022.  Cael won't get a better training partner anywhere close to home than Zahid.

  4. I'm not going to go and look into the AA thing for anybody who didn't win a title in the NCAA, but two years stick out:


    1994 California State Tournament:

    112-Stephen Abas(3x NCAA champ, 4th as a freshman, 4x AA.  Olympic silver, NCAA 75th anniversary team, '99 Jr World champ)

    130-Adam Tirapelle(1x NCAA champ, 3x AA)

    138-Eric Guerrero(3x NCAA champ, 5th as a freshman, 4x AA.  4x US Open champ, Olympic team member and best hair of all-time in wrestling)

    189-Stephen Neal(2x NCAA champ, 4x AA, 199 Hodge winner, 1999 Senior World Champ, 1999 FILA Outstanding wrestler.  Played in the NFL, 3x Superbowl champ)


    1995 California State Tournament:


    112-Stephen Abas(3x NCAA champ, 4th as a freshman, 4x AA.  Olympic silver, NCAA 75th anniversary team, '99 Jr World champ)

    130-Adam Tirapelle(1x NCAA champ, 3x AA)

    138-Eric Guerrero(3x NCAA champ, 5th as a freshman, 4x AA.  4x US Open champ, Olympic team member and best hair of all-time)

    189-Mark Munoz((1x NCAA Champ, 3rd as a junior, 2x AA, Jr World Silver)


  5. 3 hours ago, LJB said:

    personally, my one real wish for the match is DT gets up by 12ish and then downey drops him on his head and pins him...

    that would make me chuckle endlessly...

    the amount of whining and crawdaddying on this bbs would be absolutely marvelous... 

    It would kind of remind me of the NCAA Finals where Bubba cradled him if that were to ever happen.

  6. Another friend...her dad was in a nursing home in Southern NJ and he died after contracting it(like pretty much everybody else there) and that was mid April.  So, unfortunately, I do know several people who have died/ had loved ones die because of Covid.  It's no joke and I understand people thinking it wouldn't be a big deal, but if you came across somebody who was asymptomatic and you got sick because of that....

  7. On 5/23/2020 at 8:03 PM, nyum said:

    How many people on here know someone personally that has had covid? Based on posts, my guess is not many. 

    One of my good friends died at the end of April, lived on Long Island, but worked in the city.  Another friend of mine, her father in law died in March and he lived in Paterson, NJ.

  8. While Suriano is pretty new to freestyle, he was training his Olympic redshirt year mostly at the NY RTC with Valentin, Chamizo, Vlad and a bunch of other foreign wrestlers who give him more international feels than any of the other rooms in the US.

    I still think Spencer takes the spot, but it'll be a very fun weight to watch come OTT time.

  9. On 4/19/2020 at 10:21 PM, gobraves101905 said:

    Santiago burned ASU and went East. Think he is regretting it with these new coaches? 

    I think he might be.   It's not like Ramos is Sonny's weight.  The only guy somewhat close is JO.  I don't even know who else is on NC's roster, but I guess we'll see.

  10. Pretty easy to tell that Jesse was going to ASU.  It's been a while since he went to Bosco, but I'm pretty sure he spoke to Zahid, Anthony, Reuben, maybe even Cade(he's at ASU now, but not wrestling).  I'm sure Cael will be going there and hopefully Richie goes to ASU or Fresno State.  Kind of a Bosco logjam at ASU.  Cleveland Belton is also there from Bosco, 2x California state champ.

  11. 12 minutes ago, Antitroll2828 said:

    I made the original list and I was hesitant to put him on so I made him honorable mention but as another poster pointed out he did represent NJ at Fargo and wrestled on some NJ all star teams so it is what it is 

    Yeah, I dunno.

    If that's the case, then


    I hereby decree that Henry Cejudo's Olympic gold medal belong to California wrestling history since he was born in East Los Angeles! 

  12. 26 minutes ago, taylor said:

    Just a few of the PA greats 

    Wade Schalles 4X NC Clarion

    Carlton Haselrig 6X NC 3 D1 and 3 Dll UPJ

    Jody Strittmatter 3XNC 2 D1 1 Dll  Iowa and UPJ

    Ed Perry 3XNC Pittsburgh

    Rick Bonomo 3X NC Bloomsburg

    Greg Jones 3XNC West Virginia

    Ed Ruth 3XNC Penn State

    Zain Rutherford 3XNC Penn State

    Jason Nolf 3X NC

    Nate Carr 2x NC Iowa State

    Kurt Angle 2X NC  Clarion

    Cary Kolat 2X NC Lock Haven

    Jake Herbert 2XNC Northwestern 

    Vincenzo Joseph 2X NC

    Spencer Lee 2X NC "at this time" 

    I like how times goes on and all of a sudden Strittmatter was a 2x D1 National Champ at Iowa.

  13. California

    Mark Schultz 3x NCAA D1 champ, Olympic champ, 2x WC

    Stephen Abas 3x NCAA D1 champ, Olympic silver

    Eric Guerrero 3x NCAA D1 champ

    Jake Varner 2x NCAA D1 champ, 4x finalist, Olympic champ, World Bronze

    Isaiah Martinez 2x NCAA D1 champ, 4x finalist

    Zahid Valencia 2x NCAA D1 champ(we all know he would have won 3)

    Chris Pendleton 2x NCAA D1 champ

    Stephen Neal 2x NCAA D1 champ

    Jesse Delgado 2x NCAA D1 champ

    Marty Kistler 2x NCAA D1 champ

    There are a few other guys who won 2 NCAA D1 titles in there as well.



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