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  1. Standard submissions, then don't expect Bo to last long unless he just sits in the guard or just tries to stand and stay neutral. Doesn't matter how long Bo's been training BJJ. He's been really active wrestling, so his BJJ hasn't been what it should be for this match. If you win the ADCC Absolute division, like Gordon has as well as being a 2x ADCC world champion, then Bo's in for some major trouble. Anybody else ever watch the PPV back in the day -BJJ vs wrestling called "The Contenders". That's the show that was in Iowa, had Gable commentating, Tom Erickson won by decision, Hendo got submitted by Frank Shamrock with a heel hook, Townsend Saunders won by decision, Van Arsdale won by decision, Dennis Hall lost by decision, Chris Barnes got armbarred by Carlos Newton, Kenny Monday got subbed by a toehold from Matt Hume. If no leg submissions are allowed, then Bo will last a little longer.
  2. Kordell is probably better off to redshirt this season because of his injury. He's not beating Zahid at 184 and 197 might be too big of a jump in weight.
  3. Academically speaking, Anthony already graduated from ASU several months ago.
  4. Hey now, why you gotta talk about Matt Brown and his senior year at PSU like that.
  5. Hate to say this since the kid is from CA, but Mantanona ain't gonna be doing anything of note. He's got Valencia nightmares since last year when Zahid destroyed him twice at the same duals. Like I've been saying for years, A. Valencia needs to vary his neutral game because everybody has been scouting him and the double/throw by ever since he beat Tyler Caldwell at the US Open while he was in HS.
  6. lmao, more like Richard Lewis vs Larry David...was watching Curb when I posted
  7. Good match, but It's like last season when Daniel Lewis got that lucky pin and then Zahid thoroughly dominated him in the NCAA tournament.
  8. Willie to Trackwrestling. j/k
  9. So basically, Bo won the title of 22nd best in the world since 21 men competed in the 92kg weight class at the 2019 real senior world championships.
  10. Tommy Rowlands(Ohio State alum, 2x NCAA champion) is one of the people who started Rudis
  11. lol So, why isn't our World Team 9/10 Western PA/NE Ohio if they're the highest caliber and would be comparable to the North Caucus?
  12. Yeah, I don't know if he would either(that's 28 pounds), but I think Snyder there would be a lot better than Gwiz right now. Especially after this year's World Championships.
  13. lol USAW just posted Flo's rankings https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Rankings/College-Rankings/2019/September/25/FloWrestling-Rankings-Sept-23?fbclid=IwAR2pJK3zJM4oRzh3LtP3jkBYUEJAQjmf_ZmmrXEkKo-DNKD1T5DelOt5YDM
  14. Aaron has a Mexican passport that he just got this year, so if you see him start posting all kinds of stuff to his Instagram and the location is the NY/NJ RTC with Kalika, Chamizo and Vlad, then you know it's serious. All he has to do is qualify the weight at the Pan Am qualifiers in Canada next March, right?
  15. He's going up. No way he goes down. Way too big already.
  16. I would definitely like to see Snyder move up and take Gwiz's spot and Cox go up and take Snyder's spot.
  17. I don't think there is any place in the US for him to do that besides the OTC and I'm pretty sure J'Den isn't going down in weight for the Olympics.
  18. But will Pyle complain even more on every podcast?
  19. They usually find wrestling by clubs or older siblings, some by judo. When the Japanese wrestling federation first started the womens program, they recruited all judokas for the wrestling team. If you've ever wrestled against a really high level judoka, they have an extremely strong base and insane grip strength. I've paid really close attention to their program for a while and you'll notice a lot of their teams(cadet, junior, senior) have brothers on the same team or sisters. The siblings that rise to the top of their programs are usually pushing each other all of the time to get better. A good example this year for the womens team is Yuki Irie at 50kg. She has a sister that was at 55kg. Both of them are former /cadet junior world champions and the first time representing Japan in the World Championships on the senior level. Both of them also had to beat multi-time senior world champions to get on the team. Another example on the womens team is Risako Kawai-this year's senior world champion at 57kg and her sister at 62 kg, Yukako Kawai(2nd in 2018 and 3rd this year at senior WCs). The most famous example are the Icho sisters. Kaori Icho- 4x Olympic champion, 10x senior world champion and her sister, Chiharu Icho- 2x Olympic silver and 3x senior world champion. Another example is the Yamamoto family. If you know MMA, Kid Yamamoto's dad competed for Japan in the '72 Olympics. Kid's sisters wrestled as well-Miyuu Yamamoto(3x senior world champion, 1x silver) and Seiko Yamamoto(4x senior world champion). Seiko and Kid(Norifumi) went to high school in Arizona. Kid lived with Townsend and Tricia Saunders and won the state title 3 times, placed 3rd his freshman year. Kid placed 2nd in the Emperor's Cup back in 19989(Japan's world team qualifier) and 4th in 2007. He tried making a comeback for the 2008 Olympics, but lost a match where he dislocated his elbow in the Japanese trials. The mens side also had brothers several times over the past few years, the Takatani brothers. Sohsuke Takatani(2014 world silver at 74kg) just lost to Myles Amine in the quarters 5-2 at 86kg. Daichi Takatani competes at 65kg, lost to Bajrang in the 65kg Asian Games finals last year, but has been kept off the team the past few years by Otoguro. I don't think there is any one specific place that produces great wrestlers like Russia for example with Daegestan
  20. lol That's what every Yianni fan seems to think his capabilities are.
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