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  1. 3 minutes ago, airmail said:

    Just got a chance to catch up on matches, gotta say Mensah is flat out impressive...  Position, hips, awareness... wow..  

    Sidebar: Thankful for it, but the announcing on track was getting annoying.  I like Hrovat and can appreciate his experiences, but man. As I get into it more over the next few days the volume is gonna go down.  A solid 30-40 seconds of action multiple times every match I watched that was talking about something other than the match at hand.  At one point it reminded me of Christmas Vacation when Clark is rambling to the lingerie saleswoman.. "Not in the sense that you think I said I have a log". 

    She's really improved a lot the past year and wrestling great right now.

  2. 10 minutes ago, ConnorsDad said:

    Absolutely. No gold at the three lowest weight classes is more shocking than if JB were to go one and out. It might scare me though considering they may come back next year with their hair on fire. The Irie sister that Winchester beat while obviously really good is just a step below very elite wrestlers. The other Irie sister @ 50kg, while obviously elite, is past her prime but for some reason she has given Susaki fits domestically and that is why she's here. I have no doubt in my mind that if Susaki had been there @ 50 kilo she would have teched her way through the tournament.

    Pretty much what I would have said.  Especially about Susaki.

    Like I had mentioned in another thread....we and other nations were going to do much better than normal just because Japan's #1s aren't at all weights this year due to Olympic weight jockeying and how their committee guaranteed automatic spots for medalists that were in Olympic weight classes at this year's World Championships.  If they didn't guarantee those spots, I definitely think more #1s would have stayed at non Olympic weights.  It looks like Russia is going to win the Womens team title.

    at 50kg, Irie made that big mistake against Sun and had her base way too high trying to get away from that single and went airborne.  50kg in Japan's trials next year is going to be so good.  Irie, Susaki, Tosaka.

    at 53kg, Mukaida just got trapped against that gut and could never get out.  Just made that one little mistake and it's over.

    at 55, Irie is very good and barely lost, but not Japan's #1 at this weight(it's Mukaida who dropped to 53kg).  Let's give credit to Winchester who went out and won, though!



  3. Just now, Jon_Kozak said:

    Sun from China and Stadnik are both no joke-both multiple time world medalists and former world champs. Irie might be the 3rd best in the weight but she had a brutal draw. 

    That is very true.  Irie's base was way too high when she was trying to counter that single by Sun and had some frequent flier miles as a result.

  4. I bet you anything Stadnik is thanking the heavens Susaki isn't in the finals against her(I guess I can say that for Vuc as well) this year after getting teched by Susaki last year.

    I think Stadnik finally breaks the drought and gets another gold again after 10 years of mainly losing to Hitomi Obara and Eri Tosaka in the finals of the WCs or Olympics.

  5. 39 minutes ago, Katie said:


    Also, if the NCAA goes with freestyle for the women’s side, would they be able to compete against their Canadian counterparts?

    Would be cool to see.

    I don't see why they wouldn't.  They have been in the WCWA against one of the big names(Simon Frasier), but who knows.  Especially since the NCAA is US only unless I'm missing something.

  6. 19 minutes ago, de4856 said:

    Japan is just plain tough, and there is just no question about it. However I think we are sending some pretty tough Women and MFS over there as well, so hopefully we too can have a successful World tourney. 

    I think we'll do well.  The most important thing to remember is that any of Japan's #1s at non-Olympic weights last year went for the Olympic weight this year. 

    Meaning: Japan's #2s or #3s are at the non-Olympic weights.

  7. 1 hour ago, sidakova4991 said:

    I am sad to see Susaki not crush her weight class in another World Championships..  she is really dominant.  The most dominant of any female wrestler right now.  

    It's crazy to think that Yuki Irie, this year's rep for Japan at 50kg is the only person to have ever beaten Susaki, let alone beating her 3 times!  Just a bad style matchup.  Looking back, Yuki was Junior World Champion in 2012 and hasn't been able to be Japan's rep since 2012 because she lost to:

    Hitomi Obara: 8x senior world champion, 2012 Olympic champion

    Eri Tosaka:  3x senior world champion, 2016 Olympic champion, 1x 2nd senior

    Yui Susaki:  2x senior world champion, 2x junior world champion, 3x cadet world champion

    Yuki's sister(Namami)) is also Japan's rep at 55kg.  She beat 2x defending senior world champion, Haruna Okuno.  There is also a youngest Irie sister who is also very good, but didn't win her weight class this year.

  8. On 9/2/2019 at 8:05 PM, de4856 said:

    Well, I was surprised by this match. The first surprise was when Zain shot in and seemed to get exposed for two, but when no points were scored I thought Zain dodged a bullet, but then the brick came in from Zain's corner, I was scratching my head because looking at the exchange I didn't see two for Zain there so I am not sure what was being discussed in Zain's corner. 

    I was also thinking that Zain should've been possibly put on the clock because it looked to me that Yianni was taking the shots and holding center. Lastly, I was surprised that there wasn't more offense being generated by both wrestlers during the course of the match. 

    Anyway congrats to Zain, I wish him the best of luck at the World's. 

    One blogger mentioned Metcalf, so I thought I would chime in on that as well. My thoughts on why Brent never got it done at the World's is I believe that he just put way too pressure on himself, and subsequently I think it hurt his performance. I watched Brent's matches at the World Cup(s) and then at World's in Las Vegas, and he just seemed a lot tighter at the World's. I think the other issues with Brent was the weight class, even though I read an article or watched an interview where he said that he thought that the cut to 65 was good for him because he felt faster, but I thought that with his punishing style he would've been better off at 70 Kg. Additionally, I always thought that Brent was always in great shape and come the World's he may not have had any new level to peak to. It's unfortunate because I liked watching him wrestle, and I really wish he could've medaled at the World's. I believe that he had everything necessary to get it done, it just never happened for him for whatever reason. But as our 65 Kg guy, I thought that he was a really dominant wrestler for us, and he did very well at the World Cup(s), the Yarygin, Baku, and some other international tournaments. 

    I don't know if you remember, but it took Metcalf several years to be able to finish shots cleanly and actually score.  He would get scored on from a counter almost every first score of a match early on in his senior level career.  Hi-C, get countered and scored on like clockwork.

  9. Just now, nom said:

    anyone having their volume on the flo feed go out?  Did a little while ago with CP and Willi, came back.  Has done so again during their pre-match hype video.  Now it came back at the end.  Now gym, no apparent audio, now audio comes in.  Anyone else with same experience?

    Are you asking about this match or every flo event in particular?

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