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  1. Maybe JB's testing the waters at 86 KG because as soon as he moves to Penn, Mark Stall is going to go 74kg even though he's more likely to go 79kg because it'll be a non-Olympics year after next year.
  2. I'm pretty sure Otoguro was already in college at Yamanashi Gakuin University for his freshman year.
  3. When he couldn't beat the other locals that were doing better. But he's laughed all the way to the bank a while ago.....
  4. Ok, let's say then that there are some wrestlers from Hawaii with judo training so your arteries won't burst....lmao Good examples of the other kids.
  5. I'm not saying they had to be judokas for years or have competed in tournaments at all. Judo exposure at some point in Hawaii is inevitable. It could have been like our room. A few of us practiced judo after wrestling practice or during the off season. We had a multiple time jr national champion who was very, very good and one of our guys also competed for Mexico in the '92 Olympics in Judo. The rest of us didn't belong to a judo dojo. We only practiced with our small group and that's judo experience. We used a lot of judo moves for takedowns all the time and it definitely helped when tying up while in neutral.
  6. Not just a higher percentage....a tremendously higher percentage because it's a state sport. The only other real place I can think of that's been huge for Judo on the collegiate level has been San Jose State. Anybody from Hawaii who has ever done well in college wrestling has had a judo background. Travis Lee or David Terao for example. Clarissa Chun as well, but you'd better know that with your username....
  7. It is. It's a state sport in Hawaii with the Hawaii HS Athletic Association. I can tell you that A LOT of the Japanese men and women have judo experience. When the Japanese wrestling federation first started the womens program, they recruited from the Womens Judo programs.
  8. Yeah, it's too bad. She was definitely a contender. She had just won Sr. Nationals. I haven't heard much about Teniya. The last I remember she had lost in the Olympic Trials qualifier last year in the 62kg consolation bracket.
  9. The Terao brothers. Just remember that almost anybody from Hawaii has judo experience if they also wrestle. Female wrestlers: -Clarissa Chun(5x Jr National Judo champion) -Victoria Anthony(She almost ALWAYS uses an inside trip she learned from Judo in her senior matches) -Teshya Alo(too bad she's had kids now and not wrestling any more). 6x Fargo champion, Cadet WC, National Judo Champ, etc..
  10. I don't see how Ringer makes 74 unless he's been really shrinking his body.
  11. James Green would probably be in the mix there as well as the other guys who don't get the 74kg spot. Should be really interesting.
  12. I don't think there is any way Bubba wins unless he gets some fluke pin. He's way too far removed from wrestling every day in a high-level room, unlike Nolf.
  13. Zahid did wrestle last year....he was the NCAA Champion. He also wrestled this past season 2019-2020 and was suspended in February.
  14. I'm sure it had to have been a decent amount. It's not every day you can get a 5x World/Olympic champ to wrestle 2 weight classes up in a PPV wrestling event.
  15. More than likely he's locked in at ASU. You never know, but Richie Figueroa is also probably going there as well. Richie wouldn't have filmed that promo for Flo AT Ruben Valencia's house with Zahid, Anthony, Aaron Pico, Cael and Cade Olivas if he wasn't leaning that way. I know he was probably down in So Cal training for Who's #1, but he could have trained back at Selma if he wanted to.
  16. Ah, ok. That would make more sense. I'm sure Burroughs is closer to 79 kg and Zahid was wrestling at 79kg in senior events.
  17. Sweet, thanks. Kind of surprised that Burroughs agreed to go up that high.
  18. Didn't listen to Flo, but what event and what weight?
  19. Interesting to see Yianni vs Vlad because they obviously have wrestled each other in practice before at the NY RTC.
  20. LMAO...everybody knows the Urlacher story.. Fake tough guy.
  21. Had to go somewhere. He wasn't going to beat out Colton for the spot. Good for him.
  22. He can probably counter Khabib's takedowns, but when you also consider this is MMA and not a folk/free match and can get punched/kicked/choked out during a takedown scramble, then who knows.
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