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  1. see? Russia Greco points 130 USA 19 Their Greco scores basically covers for their women's scores(64) and our women's score(147) covers for our greco scores or lack of scores...
  2. I already knew you were talking about your daughter.
  3. If they did freestyle mens and womens, Russia would lose by a lot lol if they had mens/womens FS plus greco, we'd get killed in team score
  4. I totally thought her knee got torn up just watching it.
  5. You can do that or you can just show them a youtube video of the match because it'll be out by then......
  6. Watched the 68kg final again and I was really surprised they didn't stop the action when Miyaji's knee was twisted the complete wrong way and got pinned because of it. Damn, that looked painful!
  7. No triceps. Never gonna win without any.
  8. That didn't stop Frederick from winning it. Or Cejudo. Or Otoguro. Or Saban TRSTENA . Or Togrul ASGAROV. Or Abdulrashid SADULAEV. And a bunch of others....
  9. The only other Japanese World team member that's under 21 is the 55kg champ, Tsugumi Sakurai(20)
  10. lol Flo's not getting those rights. I watch most of the matches. But you also have to remember that nobody wrestles folk aka American style outside of the US. When kids start wrestling in Japan, it's all freestyle. Most of the successful womens wrestlers in Japan started when they were really, really young and had an older sibling wrestling or parents who wrestled. I think it helps more to wrestle folk for men as DT has showed because he's been using folk to pin guys in freestyle lol. As in the most recent and most visible case(2021 53kg Gold), Akari Fujinami's brother is Yuhi Fujinami(2017 bronze 70kg). I saw Yui Susaki in a match when she was pre-cadet age and she teched the other girl so fast, it should have been criminal!
  11. My whole point in posting that list is to show everybody how deep Japan is and what these women wrestlers ranked in Japan before they secured their spot on the World Team for this year minus the Olympians. 50kg Yoshimoto is really good and trains with the Kawai sisters, but she's not touching Susaki. Susaki beat her once already when Susaki tried to come back too early with a dislocated elbow in 2019. 53kg- It's going to be a serious war between Mukaida and Fujinami. Mukaida just got married after the Olympics, so her focus might have been taken away just a little bit, but who knows. 55kg- Sakurai. She's also really good, but more than likely, Nanjo will drop to 55kg from 57kg because she already trains at Shigakkan University with Risako and Yukako Kawai. She won't try to take the 57 spot from Risako because she can't beat her anyways. 57kg- Risako Kawai also just got married, but I know she's going to keep competing for sure. 59kg- Akie Hanai also trains at Shigakkan University with Nanjo and both Kawai sisters. 62kg- Yukako Kawai vs Ozaki for sure. Ozaki was seconds away from taking out Tynybekova and I think she would have won the world title this year had that happened. 65kg- This weight is too unpredictable because a lot of wrestlers moved around for this weight. Morikawa got a lot better because she currently attends NSSU where she's being coached by Kaori Icho. 68kg- Same as above. Dosho has owned this weight in Japan since the last quad, but she's probably going to hang it up soon. After that shoulder injury a few years ago, she's not the same. 72kg- Same as 65kg and 68kg. 78kg- Same as 65, 68and 72kg.
  12. Mukaida is already great at 53kg, but if Fujinami beats Mukaida for the team spot, Japan is going to be lights out at 50 and 53kg for YEARS.
  13. Going into 2020 and Japan's National tournament(All-Japan), this is how each Japanese womens rep ranked within Japan. 50kg Yoshimoto Japan #5 50kg 53kg Fujinami Japan unranked 55kg Tsugumi Sakurai unranked 57kg Nanjo unranked 59kg Hanai Japan #3 at 57kg 62kg Ozaki unranked 65kg Morikawa Japan #5 at 62kg 68kg Miyaji unranked 72kg Furuichi Japan #3 at 76kg 76kg Matsuyuki Japan #2 The way the Japanese selection process works for their World Team is that they have 2 national tournaments every year. If there are different winners in a weight class for each tournament, then there is a single playoff match to determine the rep. Because the pandemic delayed the Olympics for a year and Japan's mid-year national tournament is always in May, none of the Olympic team members chose to enter the tournament because it's way too close to the Olympics. Only a few of Japan's #2s chose to participate at the tournament this past May, which is why you're seeing such a young team.
  14. Well....I was wrong about TMS winning gold. It just goes to show that at this top level of wrestling, one mistake can cost you.
  15. When I say unknown, I mean in terms of Japanese womens wrestling in and outside of Japan.
  16. This match is literally the upset of the year. Miyaji has never made a senior team before and was really, really unknown before this tournament.
  17. At 62kg yesterday, I really think that if Japan's rep(Nonoka Ozaki) beat Tynybekova, then she goes on to win. Tynybekova barely beat her right when time expired. Ozaki came back through repechage and teched her opponent in the 3rd place match. It's going to be real interesting when the time comes for Japan's National tournament in Dec because if Yukako Kawai enters, she's going to be facing Ozaki for sure.
  18. I really wanted to see Grace Bullen do a little better, hadn't seen her in a while.
  19. I agree. What a lot of people don't realize is that most of the women wrestlers that finished 2nd for the Olympic spot didn't wrestle to qualify for the world team. Mostly the 3s and 4s and below.
  20. Unfortunately, I don't think Kylie gets past her first match with Turkey.
  21. I'm not sleeping on Yoshimoto at all. I know how good she is. I'm just saying Sarah should win and I agree with you....she would be #3 in Japan. I don't think she beats Irie and definitely not Susaki at this time. I don't think she would beat Stadnik if they ever met.
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