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  1. Plus they're also mad that Spencer would tech anybody PSU threw out there against him.
  2. He should win that fight but why only if he wins Just because if he loses again, his mind not be right even though he'd be going back to wrestling for a short time. Money...if he wins, way more money(show/win bonus) to do what he wants, but if he loses, way less and more pressure to win his next MMA fight. He should have won that last night against Borics. He was controlling the match and got caught with that flying knee. If he did actually win the Last Chance qualifier, he'd have to give up MMA training until the OTT/Olympics(if he won the OTT) and focus on wrestling. Missed time is money for him since he's a professional fighter. We'll see, who knows.
  3. Love me some Pico. Do wish he'd go 100% back into wrestling but just not going to happen. We'll see...if he wins on Jan 25th, you never know. He just might show up at the Last Chance qualifier.
  4. If Pico wins his next fight on Jan 25th, I say there could be a chance of him at that last chance tourney. Just keep and eye out if he wins and if you see him all of a sudden at NY RTC with Valentin, you know it's going to happen if his sponsor schedule permits.
  5. You get knocked out easier each time it happens. Like your tolerance goes down a bit. I'd be surprised if he survived skin checks. haha
  6. It didn't work when Zain did it(intentional hands/fingers to the face) in all of their matches, so....
  7. For anybody who didn't watch, USAW has been uploading all of the videos for the past few hours on their youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/USAWrestling2008/videos
  8. NY RTC is in Hoboken, but yeah he probably is living at home. Paramus to Hoboken is around 20 minutes with no traffic. Paramus to New Brunswick is about an hour.
  9. Gets different feels with the foreign guys, which I think is very beneficial seeing that he hasn't been in any overseas tournaments this year at all.
  10. Not when Nick has better freestyle training partners(foreign guys) at NY RTC. Hell, even Pico popped in there with Nick back in October.
  11. Are they actually still having a Senior WC next year for non-OLympic weights?
  12. He knew he couldn't make any mistakes against Spencer, but he's Spencer. Def a tough match, but I applaud he and his bro for going out and competing.
  13. I know him and his brother. He just thought he'd have a better showing.
  14. Not slamming BJJ guys are all. I'm just saying a top level wrestler would do well in BJJ if they trained full-time and understood those positions. BJJ guys would as well. An yeah, there are definitely BJJ guys who would tap any wrestler with no problems. I know BJJ very well having competed at the Joe Moriera Pan Ams and a lot of the other tourneys back in the day. That's when you would see all of the schools there except for Royce and Rorion's school because they had some association that didn't allow to compete against other schools that weren't in the association. You'd see these guys and guys from their schools Rickson, Renzo, Ralph, Allan Goes, Gene Lebell, Carlson, Carley, Relson, Machados, Andre Pedeneiras, sometimes guys like Sperry, Carlos Baretto, Wallid, etc... Carlson Gracie(Gracie Barra) from Brazil would always win the most medals and the Machado schools would be 2nd most. I definitely embrace both because I've competed in both.
  15. He definitely would be able to medal at ADCC if training full-time and being more comfortable/understanding positions with more limited experience. Just look at Mark Kerr(although massively juiced on roids) Tito, Matt Hughes and all of the wrestlers who competed at ADCC when it first started. The main thing is getting takedowns that transition into submission attempts or possible threats. Not just throwing a guy for points or getting a takedown for points.
  16. Wrestling fans thinking that Bo actually forced Gordon into the position for that suplex when Gordon was clearly trying to initiate contact(donkey guard) to transition for a submission. Gordon specializes in leglocks and if they had those, Bo would have been done way faster. That's like them both agreeing to do a folkstyle match and Bo couldn't attack the legs and only had to go upper body. Bo would win handily, but not as quick as he would be full folk rules. All wrestlers should just give props to Bo for stepping up and stop whining so much like butthurt crybabies. I've seen at least one poster from here/Hawkeye board whining on Flo's twitter. Dumbest statement about a SUBMISSION GRAPPLING match. "But, but, but...put a wrestling ref in there and see what happens!" If Gordon and Bo do a freestyle or folk match, then all of the wrestling fans will rejoice when Bo techs, ragdolls or pins him because that's what'll happen.
  17. All you have to do is look where Nick trained 2-3 times a day. At Renzo's. Where did Bo do any real hardcore submission grappling training? compared to a guy like Nick? There are always going to be guys that are an anomaly, like Nick. The thing is, Nick wasn't competing for the World team spot(like Bo) or had a legit shot at making the USA Wrestling senior world team. Some ex-wrestlers just take to submission grappling/BJJ much better than others because being on your back(and being comortable) and positioning in wrestling compared to submission grappling is the complete opposite.
  18. That's because it's not a wrestling match or an MMA match. It's called a submission grappling match for a reason. Only ignorant people would think Bo would have won even though any leg submissions weren't allowed. If Bo were training submission grappling full time for years instead of wrestling then he might have had a shot, but the wrestling crowd has no idea how good you have to be to win the ADCC World Championships. That's like submission grappling fans disregarding Bo's wrestling accomplishments and thinking Gordon would beat Bo in folk or free. Just not going to happen.
  19. How does freestyle experience equate to being good at BJJ? They competed in a modified rules submission grappling match with half of the submissions not allowed. A straight BJJ or sport BJJ match is completely different. That's like having both of them compete in a folkstyle match with no leg takedowns allowed.
  20. Any "grappling" incorporates some kind wrestling. It was a modified submission grappling match, not a BJJ match. If it were a straight BJJ match OR a submission grappling match with leglocks/ankle locks allowed, then Bo would have been submitted within the first few minutes.
  21. Because people are stupid and have no idea about submission grappling since they've never done it. Plus, they thought Bo would actually win in this kind of match since he's a 3x NCAA Champion and a U23 "World Champion"...LMAO. Even stupider.
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