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  1. They usually find wrestling by clubs or older siblings, some by judo. When the Japanese wrestling federation first started the womens program, they recruited all judokas for the wrestling team. If you've ever wrestled against a really high level judoka, they have an extremely strong base and insane grip strength. I've paid really close attention to their program for a while and you'll notice a lot of their teams(cadet, junior, senior) have brothers on the same team or sisters. The siblings that rise to the top of their programs are usually pushing each other all of the time to get better. A good example this year for the womens team is Yuki Irie at 50kg. She has a sister that was at 55kg. Both of them are former /cadet junior world champions and the first time representing Japan in the World Championships on the senior level. Both of them also had to beat multi-time senior world champions to get on the team. Another example on the womens team is Risako Kawai-this year's senior world champion at 57kg and her sister at 62 kg, Yukako Kawai(2nd in 2018 and 3rd this year at senior WCs). The most famous example are the Icho sisters. Kaori Icho- 4x Olympic champion, 10x senior world champion and her sister, Chiharu Icho- 2x Olympic silver and 3x senior world champion. Another example is the Yamamoto family. If you know MMA, Kid Yamamoto's dad competed for Japan in the '72 Olympics. Kid's sisters wrestled as well-Miyuu Yamamoto(3x senior world champion, 1x silver) and Seiko Yamamoto(4x senior world champion). Seiko and Kid(Norifumi) went to high school in Arizona. Kid lived with Townsend and Tricia Saunders and won the state title 3 times, placed 3rd his freshman year. Kid placed 2nd in the Emperor's Cup back in 19989(Japan's world team qualifier) and 4th in 2007. He tried making a comeback for the 2008 Olympics, but lost a match where he dislocated his elbow in the Japanese trials. The mens side also had brothers several times over the past few years, the Takatani brothers. Sohsuke Takatani(2014 world silver at 74kg) just lost to Myles Amine in the quarters 5-2 at 86kg. Daichi Takatani competes at 65kg, lost to Bajrang in the 65kg Asian Games finals last year, but has been kept off the team the past few years by Otoguro. I don't think there is any one specific place that produces great wrestlers like Russia for example with Daegestan
  2. lol That's what every Yianni fan seems to think his capabilities are.
  3. She's really improved a lot the past year and wrestling great right now.
  4. Micic lost 5-4. He'll be in repechage to try for third
  5. Yianni would have teched everybody at 65kg and then went up to the absolute division and beat Sadulaev in the finals by tech.
  6. You are correct, Zain lost to Pico for the Jr World team spot 2 years in a row.
  7. No. Dosho has had a really bad arm(I think elbow) injury the past year and even though she won the Asian Games, she hasn't been able to compete much. Stock has really come into her own during that time and I would definitely pick her as the favorite to win her weight class as well as the Olympics.
  8. Pretty much what I would have said. Especially about Susaki. Like I had mentioned in another thread....we and other nations were going to do much better than normal just because Japan's #1s aren't at all weights this year due to Olympic weight jockeying and how their committee guaranteed automatic spots for medalists that were in Olympic weight classes at this year's World Championships. If they didn't guarantee those spots, I definitely think more #1s would have stayed at non Olympic weights. It looks like Russia is going to win the Womens team title. at 50kg, Irie made that big mistake against Sun and had her base way too high trying to get away from that single and went airborne. 50kg in Japan's trials next year is going to be so good. Irie, Susaki, Tosaka. at 53kg, Mukaida just got trapped against that gut and could never get out. Just made that one little mistake and it's over. at 55, Irie is very good and barely lost, but not Japan's #1 at this weight(it's Mukaida who dropped to 53kg). Let's give credit to Winchester who went out and won, though!
  9. That is very true. Irie's base was way too high when she was trying to counter that single by Sun and had some frequent flier miles as a result.
  10. I bet you anything Stadnik is thanking the heavens Susaki isn't in the finals against her(I guess I can say that for Vuc as well) this year after getting teched by Susaki last year. I think Stadnik finally breaks the drought and gets another gold again after 10 years of mainly losing to Hitomi Obara and Eri Tosaka in the finals of the WCs or Olympics.
  11. Crazy match between Irie and Sun at 50kg. Not surprised at Sun winning that match.
  12. I don't see why they wouldn't. They have been in the WCWA against one of the big names(Simon Frasier), but who knows. Especially since the NCAA is US only unless I'm missing something.
  13. That's what I'm hoping for because I don't really see a reason why they'd go back to folkstyle now except for the fact that the NCAA might want continuity between mens and womens NCAA DI wrestling styles.
  14. Are they going folkstyle instead of the current collegiate womens system(WCWA or NAIA) that uses freestyle?
  15. I think we'll do well. The most important thing to remember is that any of Japan's #1s at non-Olympic weights last year went for the Olympic weight this year. Meaning: Japan's #2s or #3s are at the non-Olympic weights.
  16. It's crazy to think that Yuki Irie, this year's rep for Japan at 50kg is the only person to have ever beaten Susaki, let alone beating her 3 times! Just a bad style matchup. Looking back, Yuki was Junior World Champion in 2012 and hasn't been able to be Japan's rep since 2012 because she lost to: Hitomi Obara: 8x senior world champion, 2012 Olympic champion Eri Tosaka: 3x senior world champion, 2016 Olympic champion, 1x 2nd senior Yui Susaki: 2x senior world champion, 2x junior world champion, 3x cadet world champion Yuki's sister(Namami)) is also Japan's rep at 55kg. She beat 2x defending senior world champion, Haruna Okuno. There is also a youngest Irie sister who is also very good, but didn't win her weight class this year.
  17. I don't know if you remember, but it took Metcalf several years to be able to finish shots cleanly and actually score. He would get scored on from a counter almost every first score of a match early on in his senior level career. Hi-C, get countered and scored on like clockwork.
  18. Taylor never even got close to gaining control over Dake in their title match, let alone being dominant in a victory since he never beat Dake in college(or senior level).
  19. It's a World Team. There's plenty of years left for Yianni to make one and represent our country. It's not like his NCAA career where he only has 2 more years of wrestling eligibility left.
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