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  1. TMS is going to win gold, Adeline has a great chance to win her 6th.  Between Sarah and Remina in the 50kg final, Sarah should win.  Remina is Japan's #3 behind Yui Susaki and Yuki Irie.  Irie chose not to compete in the National tournaments after she lost to Susaki for the Olympic spot.  I thought Hemmer would do a lot better in the 55kg Final because she was wrestling really well, but Sakurai really picked her apart.

  2. 15 minutes ago, Mike Parrish said:

    Mukaida and Okuno better watch out with Fujinami.

    She is so solid.

    Fujinami already beat Okuno twice and was one of Mukaida's training partners for the Olympics where reports are that she REALLY held her own.  

    She wasn't old enough to enter Japan's Olympic trial tournaments in 2019, but Mukaida and Fujinami are on a collision course for possibly this Dec in one of Japan's National tournaments because Fujinami has stated that she wants to face Mukaida and beat her for the Olympic spot in Paris.

    If Fujinami wins the final tomorrow, we're seeing yet another Yui Susaki situation here....Yui beat Eri Tosaka(2016 Olympic champion) to take the world team spot and win her first senior world title when she had just turned 18 a few months before.

  3. 35 minutes ago, jmachinder said:

    Loaded team for USA.  Will have to see see how Japan's team of not-as-decorated-as-their Olympic-squad is.  Good start so far.  Miracle wrestled smart in the semi.  

    They are super young.  Only one of them has competed on their senior team in an international tournament.  Imagine us sending our 3rd-4th string team to the senior world championships.

  4. 5 minutes ago, Jrr277 said:

    Japan is probably in the position now that the second best female wrestler in the world in several weights is their backup.

    You could even make that case for 4x Olympic champion, Kaori Icho.  Right now at 57kg, she's still top 3 in the world if she wanted to compete.  After she won the Olympics in 2016, she didn't wrestle for 2 years.  Came out of retirement in 2018, won a tournament to shake some rust off, then beat the eventual 2020 Olympic Champ Risako Kawai in their first meeting.  Kawai was so distraught by tat loss that she came really, really close to retiring from wrestling.  Kawai then beat Icho in their next meeting by 2.  Prior to the second match, Icho hadn't lost a match in Japan in 17 years.  In their tie breaker, Kawai won 3-3 on criteria.  At the time, Icho was 34. 

    Icho is an assistant coach now at NSSU(Nippon Sports Science University) where.....Japan's entry at 53kg(Akari Fujinami) will likely commit to just to be coached by Icho.

  5. 11 minutes ago, nhs67 said:

    To be fair, we would lose MFS to the Russians against their 1 and 2 as well.

    That is very true, but like I've said before, Japan's team this year is really, really young. Don't know how they're going to do minus their 4 Olympic champions.  If those 4 were at the World Championships, it's almost a guaranteed finals appearance for each of them.

    As I've also said before, look out at 53kg(Akari Fujinami) and possibly 62kg(Nonoka Ozaki).  Fujinami is 17 and Ozaki is 18 Both are phenominal, but Ozaki is opening against defending World Champ and Olympic silver, Tynybekova.  If Ozaki wins that, I'm looking for her on the top part of the bracket in the finals against hopefully Kayla on the bottom part of the bracket.

  6. 3 hours ago, lu1979 said:

    Japan's WFS  team is loaded with very young talent that have lots of age group accolades.  I have a feeling they are going to be very good.  I would love to see the US ladies win the team title but taking out Japan even without some of their #1s is a tall order.

    Japan literally didn't send any of their #1s or #2s to this World Championships.  If our women's team can't win the team title by a huge margin, there is something really, really wrong.

  7. 1 minute ago, AnklePicker said:

    Nolf just needs to compete more at the senior level and he’s definitely a 74 kg guy imo. Guys at this level just hold position better and aren’t as likely to wilt under his intensity.  He’s not far off. Hoping he sticks with it through 2024 at least. 

    Does Nolf really need more Physics lessons from Douglas through 2024 though?

  8. 51 minutes ago, nom said:

    The women’s team is building fans and press.  The quality of the wrestling has been good for a while now.  I’m pretty excited to get more informed on the wrestlers.  I’m hoping there are high level events during the year to see progress. 

    Outside of the various world events and trials, are there big women’s tourneys that pull in many of the best in the world?  Are there Yarigan types of tournaments?  Do our women go?

    Probably the biggest and most prestigious one outside of the Yarygin is the Kilppan Lady Open in Sweden.

  9. 26 minutes ago, Mphillips said:

    I hear ya.

    Japan has dominated the lowest three weights for years now.  If those three Ladies continue on their trajectory it wouldn't surprise me if they beat Japan by TF 10-0 or just a plain ol' fall. 

    EDIT: Here's a nice line up for worlds up top. Mensa Stock, Blades, Gray

    All of Japan's Olympic champions won't be competing in Oslo.  Japan's WFS is sending an extremely young team this year.  Even younger than the team they sent in 2019.

    Japan has TWO teen superstars ready for the World Championships.  One is 17 and junior in HS.  The other is 18.  They are at 53kg and 62 kg.

    at 53 kg they have Akari Fujinami(17 yrs old.  HS Jr-2018 Cadet WC),  beat 2019 world silver Namami Irie last December and teched her this past May.  Also beat Haruna Okuno(2x Senior WC, 1x Jr WC, 1x cadet WC, 2x U23 WC) last Dec by pin and by tech this past May.  Sister of Yuhi Fujinami 2017 Mens Senior Bronze,  Jumping from Cadet to Senior level.  Extremely good and a lethal single leg.  Was one of the sparring partners for 2020 Olympic Champion at 53kg, Mayu Mukaida and wasn't able to enter the Japanese Olympic trials because she was too young.   She'll definitely be gunning for Mukaida's spot at 53kg for 2024 in Paris because she is that good.

    at 62kg is Nonoka Ozaki(18 yrs old).  2018 and 2019 Cadet WC.  2018 Youth Olympics Champion.  3 time Klippan Lady Open Champion cadet division(2018, 2019 and 2020).  Jumping from Cadet to Senior level.  Extremely good. 


    That's a nice lineup for us at 68, 72 and 76, but Japan's WFS can possibly win the first 5-6 weights.  It'll be interesting to see.

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