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  1. I look at it this way. For people who are new and have no idea about wrestling, newer to the sport or just know folk, Uncle Johnny is putting some good info out there for people to understand what they need to do in order to win matches. I totally agree about JB, though. He's been amazing on the mic.
  2. DT against Yazdani yesterday of course is one.
  3. btw if you haven't checked out UWW's twitter page, they have a 360 camera view of Gable's backflip 125 kg champ!
  4. Douglas with the great defense and Chamizo gases.... again
  5. This one will be entertaining between Douglas and Chamizo
  6. Well....she could have tried that or pushouts. You can tell she was tired after going for those laces.
  7. She was on her heels almost the entire time after Sun got that first takedown. You know, she could have tried to finish the match and get a takedown....
  8. Unfortunately, she was wrestling not to lose instead of wrestling to win. Seen it plenty of times and it's really too bad it had to happen here.
  9. She did for sure. You can tell she was tired and very tentative after Sun scored that first takedown.
  10. I'll tell you what happened. He got beat. I fully expect him to medal and did before the Olympics started, but now everybody should really appreciate what JB has done for the United States at 74kg since he took the spot.
  11. Somewhat true, but not really. Based on reputation and past achievements--yes, but Dosho has never been the same after that unfortunate shoulder injury. Olympic 68kg has been Stock's to lose even before it started.
  12. Like I said, Stock is the favorite at 68kg and has been for the past few years.
  13. I joined Hulu just to watch the Olympics. I had logged in right before Adeline's match and went straight to the Olympic channel. I didn't ONCE see any live video link for Day 1 Greco and 76 kg womens freestyle. I only saw a link way down at the bottom for Womens 68 kg, which is for day 2. I also looked at NBC SN(Sports Network and didn't see a live link) and every other NBC Sports channel didn't have one.
  14. I know. When I saw her out there I seriously was wondering how she qualified. That's not even a joke. If you saw the match, you'd get what I'm talking about.
  15. I know, but I've seen it before with countries that have a rep that shouldn't even really be there because the skill level is way below what it should be. Do you remember the 2012 Olympics? There was a "judoka" and I'm using that term very loosely. I don't want to disparage the competitor, but she was wearing a hajib while competing in London and it literally looked like she didn't even know what she was doing out there. Her opponent from Puerto Rico beat her pretty easily.
  16. Well, it was against Tunisia, so nothing unexpected there.
  17. Some results since 2016 for the Japanese Cadet team because I don't want to go look through all of the scores: 2016: Champions in 8 out of 10 weight classes 2017: Champions in 7 out of 10 weight classes 2018: Champions in 6 out of 10 weight classes 2019: Champions in 6 out 10 weight classes 2020: (No Cadet World Championships held) 2021: Didn't send a team
  18. It's because of the Olympics and covid protocols. They always attend cadets and destroy on the womens side.
  19. We'll have to wait and see. Who cares if there are two flags. Given how you didn't comprehend the statement, will two flags from one country make you think there are two of those countries competing with the same flag?
  20. Yui Susaki and Rui Hachimura(NBA player with the Washington Wizards) will be Japan's flagbearers at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.
  21. Rinya Nakamura. He was 61kg U23 World champion in 2017 and he was 6th at the 2017 Senior World Championships. He lost to Bonne Rodriguez in the 2017 World Championships bronze medal match. After 2017, Nakamura went up to 65kg, but wasn't able to beat Otoguro for a few years. With the 2020 Olympics being postponed, he left for MMA.
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