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  1. 1 minute ago, Le duke said:

    Kind of crazy to watch Kylie Welker and Amit Elor just throwing people to the ground.

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    Amit has been getting in some really good training over at Edge in NJ with Valentin and everybody else who is there for the past few months.

  2. 4 minutes ago, TBar1977 said:

    Keegan wins 10-0 in the final! Always amazed the number of international wrestlers who don't seem to feel that cradle coming. 

    You shouldn't really be.  Hardly anybody sees folk techniques outside of the US except when our wrestlers go overseas.

  3. On 8/12/2021 at 9:53 PM, ShakaAloha said:

    I like Spencer but he wouldn't qualify for the Olympics in judo.  The lightest weight in men's judo is 60kg, which is 3kg more than his MFS weight class.  There is also no leg grabbing and the mat work is different.  IMO, he wouldn't be competitive against the #1 American at 60kg who didn't qualify for the 2021 Olympics.

    I don't think people really understand the balance, grip strength and explosive power top tier judokas have unless they've done randori, ne-waza or tachi-waza with a gi on against those judokas.

  4. We all know Sadulaev rarely makes any mistakes and his technique is almost always on point., but I really think J'Den with his head screwed on right(and not missing weigh in times) would give Sadulaev some problems mainly because of J'Den's athleticism, quickness, the ways he can score and if J'Den starts sweating a lot like against DT...lol



  5. 9 hours ago, ufo said:

    It was certainly a starring Olympics for Susaki - she got to carry the flag in the opening ceremony, they arrange the wrestling tournament so she had the potential of getting in the headline slot in the last match on the last day of the Olympics, and she delivered the performance expected of her without breaking a sweat.

    So it's kinda crazy to think in 2019 the odds were she wouldn't even be there, after Irie squeaked her out of the team for the worlds (and Olympic team slot that would have come with any medal). Cruel as it is, JWA and JOC must have been somewhat relieved when Irie crashed and burned at the worlds. It also goes to show, even when you're (by far) the best at what you do, luck and timing beyond your control can make all the difference in the world.

    Also good that their mens free got a gold with Otoguru, it'd be a shame if they hadn't won any gold at their home olympics, overall the Japanese have my favorite style to watch and he's one of the best examples of why I think that.

    I'm pretty sure they were relieved when Irie lost and didn't place in the 2019 WC.  The problem with Irie is that, she is really good.  Multiple time age group world champion like all of Japan's womens team.  But, Irie's offense is nowhere near as dynamic as Susaki's.  Which means that when it gets close in these international tournaments and Irie has to go out and get a TD to win, the chances are significantly lower than if that were Susaki.

    Nobody in Japan right now that's behind her on the 50kg ladder is as dynamic, quick and has the same level of technique(and that's saying something)


    I laughed when Team USA released that article right before the Opening Ceremonies and said that Susaki being the flagbearer for Japan would possibly be a distraction for her.

  6. 14 minutes ago, Holtfan said:

    This was, hands down, the most dominating, impressive, and top performance of anyone in any discipline all week. Only one match saw the 2nd period.....and that one went less than a minute past halftime. 


    It was pretty amazing to watch.  Let's also consider this:

    In 7 World championships(3 cadet, 2 junior 2 senior) and 1 Olympics, she has outscored her opponents:


  7. It's like I said after Stadnik won her World title in 2019.  I can guarantee she was glad Susaki wasn't there and I bet she hated that Susaki was on her side of the bracket during this Olympics.

    The one thing people are forgetting is that Susaki won her first Senior world title when she was a high schooler.  Same as her teammate, Haruna Okuno(who lost the spot to her college teammate and this year's Olympic champion, Mayu Mukaida).  Now she's actually a woman.

  8. I'll add two on the Women's side that I can remember well.  Both are from Rio 2016.


    Gold medal match.  Kaori Icho trailing by 1 with 30 seconds left.  Icho shoots on Koblova, Koblova counters with a single, in DEEP.  Icho fighting it off with time ticking down.  With 5 seconds left, Icho gets the takedown and secures her 4th straight Olympic title.

    Eri Tosaka vs Stadnik, gold medal match.  Stadnik leading 2-1 with less than 30 seconds left, Tosaka going for it and shoots once, Stadnik defends.  Shoots with 15 seconds, Stadnik avoids it.    Tosaka ties up Stadnik and drops down for a single and gets the winning takedown with 5 seconds left to take the Gold at 48kg.

  9. 14 minutes ago, ShakaAloha said:

    Yes, it was for Japan-USA WFS gold medals.

    @Eagle26 Mahalo for honoring our bet.  I'm going to enjoy your posts for the next 6 months lol!


    Well, if Susaki wins tomorrow morning when I'm watching, then I would have 5/6 correct. 


    The only one I got wrong was 76kg because I thought Adeline would win, but Aline from Germany wrestled a Focken good match to take the gold.

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