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  1. I remember when Helen moved to LA and started training with Valentin, Pico, Elena Pirozhkova and Victoria Anthony. Going around the world and training, getting good experience. It was great that Sunkist and Titan Mercury let Valentin(Titan Mercury WC) be her personal coach since she's from a different club(Sunkist), but you can't argue with results! Before Valentin, one of Helen's coaches was Seiko Yamamoto(4x World champ) at the OTC. Yoshida was the one who knocked off Yamamoto back in the day to start her reign in womens' wrestling. Yoshida first beat Yamamoto a long time ago when Yoshida was the reigning Junior world champ and Yamamoto was the reigning womens sr world champion. Interesting circle there. Valentin should have a bigger role in USA wrestling for sure. He's already been overseas(before the Olympics) helping coach the womens and mens teams more and more. He had 2 Olympians-Helen Maroulis and Elena Pirozhkova. 2 in the OTT finals-Pico and basically Victoria Anthony(she moved to Arizona, joined Sunkist and Valentin was no longer her coach). I saw that presser for a few of the Olympic champs and it was cool to hear Kaori Icho thank Helen for showing her around and taking good care of her when she was here in the states to train. She congratulated her on winning and she said that she hopes Helen is strong for the 2020 Games in Tokyo.
  2. Damn it...I missed the end. What happened?
  3. Rashidov isn't here my dolma friend.
  4. i don't even know. I'm still in a little disbelief, but I'm pretty sure that I remember their match last year at the World Championships was really, really close and tough. JB won that match with a little less than a minute remaining and almost got pushed out right at the end of the match.
  5. He pretty much sealed the match with that scramble.
  6. Bonne had better do something
  7. I think that's an understatement.
  8. His username is pinhead. That says it all.
  9. Congrats to Helen!!! Big congrats to Valentin Kalika as well!!! Yoshida will forever be an all-time great. It was Helen's turn.
  10. Everybody there eats borscht. Just like everybody here eats burgers.
  11. Oh, I know all about Yoshida. We'll see what happens because I have no idea who is going to win.
  12. This is the thing i hate the most at BJJ tournaments. I used to take other guys down very easily just because of my wrestling background(like a lot of other wrestlers did). Whether I was competing or watching, I hate watching guys just grab the gi and flop to guard and hold on for dear life just because they can't stand and execute a takedown. Then the guy who flopped to guard just lays there with a death grip on the gi the entire match just hoping the top guy leaves an arm behind.
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