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  1. It's what we all wanted to see: Maroulis vs Yoshida
  2. Damn...I stepped out to take a call and missed it.
  3. We're appreciating great athletes, their technique, longevity competing at the highest level, etc. So, you're telling me that as wrestlers(or other foreign athletes), you don't appreciate the skills of anybody who has won multiple world/olympic titles? The Iranians love them some Jordan Burroughs and they appreciate a FOREIGNER because of his great wrestling skills.
  4. For sure, but she'll be 36 by then. That'll be 5 olympic cycles by that time.
  5. It's going to be really interesting and fun to watch what happens tomorrow, that's for sure. Especially at 53kg. Icho might not hang it up. She can still compete in this year's World Championships, correct?
  6. Could be anything. All I know is that she just got Icho'd.
  7. Well, there we go. Tosaka in the finals.
  8. You could tell she was tired and was going to get shaken off the top. No shame in losing to a 3x consecutive World Champion.
  9. Not a good idea right there.
  10. haha I don't know about beach wrestling. It's..................
  11. He has the most ever, but he gets to enter mulitple events. That would be like letting wrestling have a bunch of different events per Olympics. Like: -Fastest freestyle takedown -Fastest greco takedown -Fastest gutwrench -Highest amplitude throw etc, etc...
  12. Good documentary. It's always great to see those two are more well known in Japan due to their success on the mat. I'm wishing it was like that here for our wrestlers.
  13. I'm referring to the online broadcast that I watched.
  14. Was the 2012 NBC tv broadcast with different announcers than the online version? All I know is that the one commentator(for the finals) sounded like he didn't know what the heck he was talking about in the matches.
  15. This is why I liked McKenna going to Stanford or Matthew Kolodzik to Princeton. Get top-tier educations and wrestle as well.
  16. I can't really remember, but I thought I was looking at Flo during and after the trials and they had all of the trials matches under Flo Pro.
  17. You know the funny thing....I totally forgot about J'Den...lol I think J'Den would win freestyle, but folkstyle might be a lot closer than people think.
  18. Like I was saying earlier this year, having Yonemitsu in the room is only and has been benefiting PSU's folkystle wrestlers, but especially the NLWC wrestlers in the freestyle season. Specifically Molinaro and Retherford. Having 3 former Olympic gold medalists(Yonemitsu, Cael and Varner) in that room is pretty awesome for the young guys.
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