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  1. DT would be beating anybody that's currently in college right now. Especially at folkstyle.
  2. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/article/united-world-wrestling-announces-reinstatement-of-olympic-qualifiers United World Wrestling Announces Reinstatement of Olympic Qualifiers By Tim Foley July 9, 2016 - 14:40 Facebook Twitter Google+ VK Share CORSIER-SUR-VEVEY (July 9) -- United World Wrestling, following recent meldonium guidelines outlined by the International Olympic Committee and the World Anti-Doping Agency, has announced the reinstatement of National Olympic Committee qualification spots for the 2016 Olympic Games based on the performances of the following athletes: Magomedmurat GADZHIEV (POL - FS 65kg) Yanarbek KENZHEEV (KGZ - GR 85kg) Sumiya ERDENCHIMEG (MGL - FW 53kg) Andriy KZIATKOVSKY (UKR - FS 65kg) Oksana HERHEL (UKR - FW 58kg) Ukraine’s 125kg wrestler Alen ZASIEIEV -- the only other athlete peviously disqualified based on meldonium results – is not included in the above list as Ukraine qualified for an Olympic allocation during the 2nd World Qualifier in Istanbul. All National Olympic Committees previously granted Olympic qualification spots will not be impacted by this adjustment.
  3. That sucks. At least have them on opposite sides of the bracket.
  4. I'm sure a big thing with Mejia would have been finances for out of state costs. Mejia to Fresno St(basically right down the street)
  5. Pico(HS Fr) easily teched Vincenzo Joseph(HS So) as well.
  6. Rio declares financial emergency for the Olympics https://www.yahoo.com/sports/news/rio-state-declares-financial-emergency-requests-funding-olympics-005430624--oly.html RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) - Rio de Janeiro's governor declared a state of financial emergency Friday and requested federal funds to help fulfill obligations for public services during the Olympics that start Aug. 5. Emergency measures are needed to avoid "a total collapse in public security, health, education, transport and environmental management," a decree in the state's Official Gazette said. The state's revenue, largely tied to the petroleum industry, slumped in the last two years as global oil prices collapsed. The announcement followed this week's visit to Rio by Brazil's Interim President Michel Temer, who said the federal government would ensure all obligations are met for a successful Games. Rio is expecting about 500,000 foreign visitors during the Olympics, which has coincided with Brazil's worst recession since the 1930s and a political crisis that last month led to the suspension of President Dilma Rousseff. "The state's financial emergency in no way delays the delivery of Olympic projects and the promises assumed by the city of Rio," Mayor Eduardo Paes said on Twitter. He also underscored that legacy construction projects, with the exception of an 8.79 billion-real expansion of Rio's metro that is expected to be finished just days before the Games open, are the responsibility of the city and that most have been completed. The local organizing committee for the Games said the state's fiscal situation did not impact its actual running of the Olympics, which relies entirely on private funds. While the majority of Olympic infrastructure costs have been spread across city, state and federal budgets, with some financing from private companies, the state is responsible for most day-to-day security and health services in Rio. The financial pinch resulted in a 30-percent cut in the state's security budget - just as Rio has seen a jump in homicides and assaults in recent months, raising concerns about safety ahead of the Olympics. The state of Rio expects a budget deficit of over 19 billion reais ($5.56 billion) this year as spending planned before oil prices fell outstrips revenue that is tumbling during Brazil's recession. Rio state's debt has been downgraded several times. On Wednesday, Fitch Ratings downgraded Rio's debt rating to 'B-' from 'B+', saying the state was suffering "a fast-deteriorating liquidity position." Since late last year, the state has been forced to delay pension and salary payments and shutter some schools and hospitals, where crucial supplies, including medicines and syringes, are lacking. Brazil is also facing an outbreak of the Zika virus, which has been linked to the birth defect microcephaly in which babies are born with abnormally small heads frequently associated with developmental issues. (Reporting by Paulo Prada, Stephen Eisenhammer and Brad Brooks; editing by Richard Chang and Andrew Hay)
  7. This is how it goes for Southern Section since that's where I wrestled. -League Finals -CIF sectionals -Southern Section Masters -State tournament
  8. Should have been Howe and Dieringer, but since Howe is moving/process of moving to a different state, probably couldn't make it.
  9. Hands to the face is different than finger to the eye. Somebody has to tell Retherford that he isn't auditioning for the role of Moe in the 3 stooges reboot.
  10. He's saying that Zain would be the eye gouger as usual.
  11. He's not enrolled in a college, so that would never happen.
  12. Those extra weights are for the World Championships, not the Olympics.
  13. But.....if he is brought in, will his team be content to lose to PSU all the time?
  14. I just saw a confirmation that he was in Paso Robles a few minutes ago. Good luck to John and Reece!
  15. Yep, John is indeed in Paso Robles now. Up in central CA, San Luis Obispo county
  16. This is interesting. It doesn't mention that he's taking the San Marino HS head coaching job because... CA legend, John Azevedo has been the head coach for SMHS and the head coach of TMWC(He was always with Pico and Kalika-he was also at the OTT). If John is no longer there...I hope he is because he really turned that program at SMHS around. -John went to Cal Sate Bakersfield -Cal Sate Bakersfield's head coaching job is unfilled at this moment Hmmm...
  17. Reece Humphrey 36 mins · So excited to announce that I will be taking the head coaching position of the Titan Mercury Wrestling Club! This will allow me to train, compete and coach youth to elite level wrestlers for many years to come. My family and I (including Jordin Humphrey, who will be coaching along side me) will be moving out to San Marino, California which is bitter sweet because I have been in the best training environment in the world at Ohio State for the past 10 years. Looking forward to this new chapter of our lives! Let's goooooo! A huge thanks to Andy Barth for making this a reality!
  18. One answer. Bakersfield. It's basically out in the middle of the desert. Anybody that I know from Bakersfield doesn't live there or wouldn't go back.
  19. Love seeing Nashon on the team.
  20. He's been an absolutely great HS wrestler, but don't get ahead of yourselves here. He ain't beating JB or Ringer any time soon at 74kg for any international team.
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