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  1. Watched him in CA all through HS, never heard anybody call him "IMart"
  2. lmao...I was laughing every time he was saying that
  3. And for those who don't know or remember, Novachkov was a wrestler at Cal Poly SLO when Azevedo and Perry were coaches there.
  4. He wrestles freestyle during the collegiate off season. He had a very close match with Anthony Valencia last year at the US Open, with Valencia winning. Then at the Jr World Team Trials finals, Valencia teched IMar in 2 straight matches. Both have gotten way better since last year, so we'll see what happens pretty soon if IMar enters the US Open and Jr WTTs again although IMar could be at a lower weight this time.
  5. I'm just guessing he's doing that because he'll get more views for his items if people search on ebay for "Foxcatcher"
  6. Or we can have a NCAA AA from PA compete at the US Open and Jr WTT and get dominated in 3 matches by a CA HS sophomore I wouldn't split CA even though we have the equivalent to 2 state tourneys with masters(just ended last weekend) and state(this upcoming weekend)
  7. Yeah, no kidding. I keep checking back wondering if Zadick is actually going to say who is there besides the coaches and the obvious since I've seen that one picture of JB and Joey McKenna.
  8. I know Pico flew out to Russia the other day with Kalika, so I'm not sure if he's meeting the US team in Belarus or not. Could be out there for the tourney or just training somewhere.
  9. Anybody know who is competing for the US?
  10. That's the other important tourney that I was going to mention. Hard to forget that these kids are still in high school and have to wait until they graduate in June to really start full-time freestyle.
  11. USAW Cliff Keen Folkstyle Nationals/NHSCA Nationals are a few weeks after that. They might be going to those tourneys rather than Dapper Dan, who knows.
  12. 65kg right now...one of the US guys just wrestled and I think he lost by tech or something happened....don't know because of the buffering. The russian was up 12-5 and there was a scramble at the edge of the mat. Anybody know what happened? Looked like it was Pico
  13. Howe is wrestling right now! I can't even tell what's going on because of the buffering
  14. Most of the time if that did happen(wrestler vs boxer), the boxer is going to the mat. In this case, Pico knows how to avoid a takedown unlike your normal boxer who has no groundfighting or wrestling experience. Very excited to see the AGON match no matter who wins. These two will also be at the US Open a month later, so it's going to be real interesting.
  15. If it did happen, I'm pretty sure it happened when the entire World Team was together....possibly at the OTC in Colorado Springs before worlds last year.
  16. It was confirmed 5 hours ago https://twitter.com/agonwc
  17. The easiest one for me to think of(and this is further back) is Carlton Haselrig. 3x D2 NCAA Champ 3x D1 NCAA Champ There are also guys from CA that I can think of real quick: Joe Azevedo Olympian 1x D1 NCCA Champ(3x finalist) 3x D2 NCAA Champ Joe Gonzales Olympian 1x D1 NCCA Champ(2x finalist)) 2x D2 NCAA Champ Dan Cuestas 2x D1 NCAA Champ 2x D2 NCAA Champ
  18. Coach! You forgot about Gonzo!!! Inducted into the California Wrestling Hall of Fame Sunkist International Open Champion Olympic Freestyle team member World bronze medalist 3x Freestyle World Cup champion Tibilisi Tournament champion (Soviet Union) 2x Roger Coulon Tournament champion (Paris, France) Featured in Sports Illustrated. “Gonzo, Man on the Go” NCAA National Champion 5x National Open Freestyle champion NCAA Record Holder for most takedowns in a single season: 448 NCAA Record Holder for most wins in a singe season with no losses: 55-0 Junior College State champion High School national champion
  19. Great interview. Simply put, he was THE man.
  20. Actually, he would be a junior. Aaron won the CA state title in 2013 as a freshman.
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