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  1. Flo reported that the Valencias passed on the DD because they will be training for the JR World Team Trials.  I'm sure they received offers.  Baldwin and Martin are great choices as alternates.

    That's the other important tourney that I was going to mention.  Hard to forget that these kids are still in high school and have to wait until they graduate in June to really start full-time freestyle.

  2. The easiest one for me to think of(and this is further back) is Carlton Haselrig.


    3x D2 NCAA Champ

    3x D1 NCAA Champ


    There are also guys from CA that I can think of real quick:

    Joe Azevedo


    1x D1 NCCA Champ(3x finalist)

    3x D2 NCAA Champ


    Joe Gonzales


    1x D1 NCCA Champ(2x finalist))

    2x D2 NCAA Champ


    Dan Cuestas

    2x D1 NCAA Champ

    2x D2 NCAA Champ

  3. Coach!


    You forgot about Gonzo!!!


    • Inducted into the California Wrestling Hall of Fame
    • Sunkist International Open Champion
    • Olympic Freestyle team member
    • World bronze medalist
    • 3x Freestyle World Cup champion
    • Tibilisi Tournament champion (Soviet Union)
    • 2x Roger Coulon Tournament champion (Paris, France)
    • Featured in Sports Illustrated. “Gonzo, Man on the Go”
    • NCAA National Champion
    • 5x National Open Freestyle champion
    • NCAA Record Holder for most takedowns in a single season: 448
    • NCAA Record Holder for most wins in a singe season with no losses: 55-0
    • Junior College State champion
    • High School national champion
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