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  1. Nobody was 100% for the OTT. You can say that for any tournament.
  2. They'll be posted. They started posting a link right inside the brackets(clicking on the matchup) starting with the World Championships last year in Vegas.
  3. Yes, but it doesn't matter. Molinaro had to get 1st or 2nd unless I'm missing something.
  4. Peter Nagy(Mark Hall's old nemesis) on Mat C 74 kg just won
  5. Cox was hitting that low single really well. Looks fantastic out there.
  6. To to USA Wrestling's twitter page https://twitter.com/USAWrestling
  7. Is the stream working on the UWW website? I can't get it to work.
  8. Any athlete that doesn't have their weight qualified has to get top 2 in their weight class I thought.
  9. I'm pretty sure Yonemitsu was in the room. No point in having him at NLWC if he wasn't. That's a damn good practice partner to have.
  10. Ok, so what happens with Ramos now? Does he just flat out refuse to go to Rio(he did qualify for the national team) and be Dennis' training partner and Alan Waters steps in along with Graff?
  11. LOL....exactly. Ramos didn't exactly praise Metcalf in his post-tournament interview.
  12. I know. That's why I'm asking if anybody remembered because Alan was there training and Tom and Terry didn't like it. It's a bit different because he wrestled for Ok State, but he was still in the room-same weight as Zadick.
  13. Anybody else remember Alan Fried joining the Iowa room and being the same weight and competition for Bill Zadick?
  14. Ahh ok. I missed the Hall vs Massa match as well. Interesting to hear.
  15. How much has Massa improved from a few years ago? I haven't really seen much of him because I don't follow Michigan. The last match I remember watching him in was against Pico at Cadet Nationals and Pico pretty much ragdolled him all over for the tech.
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