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  1. All 4 of those guys, Valencias, Pico and Olivas were part of Monster Garage. Joey Davis as well. Guess who started Monster Garage. Ruben Valencia, Anthony and Zahid's dad.
  2. Chuck Norris gave Retherford a dirty look from the stands.
  3. Regarding next year for the Valencias, I read last year that they are going to redshirt next year and try to concentrate on freestyle to try and make the 2016 Olympics. Not surprising to me that he teched Caldwell either. Not bad for a kid who hasn't even graduated HS yet!
  4. I'm just guessing that although he was set to enter the sr tournament, Zadick and Slay probably talked to his camp about getting more experience at Jr Worlds.
  5. While it's great that Vasquez won 4 and the only guy to ever do it, there is no way that he's even close to being the most accomplished CA HS wrestler. Pico and the Valencias blow him out of the water just by how many different national/world tournaments they've competed in during high school and won.
  6. Dan Schultz. The Man. The Myth. The Legend. haha
  7. I watched directly on United World Wresting's website. Did you watch on NBC or something?
  8. Umm...they showed the Ramos match
  9. About time the ref called that caution for that Kimura. Why didn't he call it the first time?
  10. lol I saw your username a while ago and I knew it had to be OB in SD I lived on Santa Cruz and Bacon for a while ASU is going to keep getting the recruits after this awesome recruiting class. Zeke, Ruth, JO, Pendleton, Scott(?) just for coaches. The girls, the weather, the girls, the girls...
  11. Not even close to having Steiber pinned. Should have had a nearfall in that match though.
  12. All I can say is that the upcoming USA tournaments(USO and WTT) are going to be really fun to watch.
  13. Pico got the better of Steiber the first day. Steiber got the better of Pico the second day
  14. Why wouldn't he want to go somewhere else back then? He thought his uncle was going to recruit him, but chose Johnny Hendricks instead at the same weight.
  15. That's what I thought when NT was trying to get out of that position, was pretty much a knee bar.
  16. Having friends who wrestled for Freso State before wrestling was gone, this is awesome. I was thinking Eric Guerrero for sure.
  17. Yeah, but that's what I'm referring to though. He had to adjust to his higher weight his first year and had problems dealing with stronger and bigger guys. It wasn't like high school anymore to where he could overpower other kids with ease. Took the redshirt year and started getting better by adjusting to wrestling bigger, stronger guys. Happens to a lot of kids. Joe won 2 in CA and yeah, that was disappointing at MSU
  18. Some guys transition over to college wrestling much better than others. Doesn't matter how many state titles you've won in your home state. People can bring up countless kids who have won 3-4 state titles and done nothing in college. Look at Morgan McIntosh. Dude was wrecking ball in CA, winning 3 titles, but he had problems adjusting his first year wrestling at PSU and he still hasn't won a title or been in the finals. I thought for sure he'd be in contention to win at least 2. I hate to even mention this, but look at Budke and Iowa. The guy was a 4x state champ, but couldn't make the starting lineup. Look at IMar's redshirt year...he was 13-2. It's not like he was 8-7 and then went undefeated this year. And yeah, there have been greats from CA in the NCAAs and Olympics/International, so stop the trolling.
  19. CA_Wrestler


    That was freestyle. If I recall, NCAA wrestling is you know....folkstyle. Check this link from Flo...IMar talks about the losses to Valencia and how that along with Perry lighting a fire under his arse made him change http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/252093-2015-NCAA-D1-Championships/video/764624-Isaiah-Martinez-Flipped-The-Switch#.VQ9KpGZ8ZU0
  20. Both brothers are going to redshirt to concentrate on freestyle and getting ready for the World/Olympic Team Trials
  21. Brewer with the takedown clinic..wow
  22. Watched him in CA all through HS, never heard anybody call him "IMart"
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