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  1. NO


    Isn't there a junior world team trials? Or was this it?

    I was under the assumption that some of the on-the-cuspers were seeking different competition this weekend, but that wouldn't necessarily affect their world team goals. 

    I thought Valencia's decision to wrestle seniors was brilliant! He's been in that mix amongst the age-groups long enough, and didn't have as much to gain by looking for revenge against Hall, for example. 


    On the other end of the spectrum we have Pico choosing to get out of that super deep senior class and dominate the juniors. I think this is a great strategy for team USA. Pico will be training with the seniors regardless, so we might as well have our best representative at the junior level. 

    The US Open is completely different than the World Team Trials.  The WTT will be coming up soon enough and will be very fun to watch

  2. Recently the amount of high school uber studs has increased across the board, but I would say Cali has been one of the leading states in producing them. Also Pico and the Valencias all trained together growing up and I think Cade did too, so they have had a very good support system and training program right from the get go.

    All 4 of those guys, Valencias, Pico and Olivas were part of Monster Garage.  Joey Davis as well.


    Guess who started Monster Garage.


    Ruben Valencia, Anthony and Zahid's dad.

  3. Really enjoyed Christian's and Willie's discussion on Flo radio # 34 about Pico not entering the Sr. level this year.


    Of course, I'm not privy to the Pico camp's decision on this, but I totally agreed with CP's opinion. Nonetheless, still a huge fan of Aaron Pico.


    I'm just guessing that although he was set to enter the sr tournament, Zadick and Slay probably talked to his camp about getting more experience at Jr Worlds.

  4. All right, I know these matches have been wrestled and I am late but (notice I am giving actual scores).......


    Ramos lost.... I guess it was close but they didn't show the match.


    Coleman Scott gassed bad. Something wrong with him? 7-9 and lost at the end ugly.


    Metcalf was a beast and very impressive. 4-1 I think. He dominated.


    Yazdani  (guy who beat Pico?)....... Marble is an all out stud and the Iranian is more so. What an entertaining match. That kid is a stud. For those who think our young-un stud is to young, Yazdani is what Pico could become. 3-1 but the match wasn't that close (save one flurry where Marble could have won - he is a stud).


    JB figured out his guy early on. He is have fun out there. Iran's sacrificial lamb? 10-0 tech and the tech was an easy way out. JB could have scored 20.


    Foster totally out classed. Would have liked to see Ruth. Iran and Ruth just going for it! Iran would have won (IMO) but it would have been fun. Hate we lost but that was a cool match.14-2 I think.


    Varner needs to get after it against a good JV Iran  guy. Wow...... totally gassed and he pulled it out. That my friends is why he won a gold medal..... sucked and still won. 5-3 think.


    No Trevel...... bummer. Bey looking for a home team call and win 1-0. Good Idea..... boring but his only chance. Brutal.... if this is what heavies are about.... get rid of the weight. Dang.


    Umm...they showed the Ramos match

  5. Of the schools out west Stanford, Oregon St & Boise St are ASU's biggest competitors.  If it comes down to academics, ASU along with almost every other college isn't going to beat out Stanford.

    Oregon St, Boise St, ASU will be fighting over that mid geographical area between them:  CA, UT, CO. 

    Beavers get a steady stream of CA recruits, particularly from the Fresno to Bakersfield area which will be interesting to see how that changes when Fresno's team comes back. 

    If ASU gets their sh1t together, they should get back to outrecruiting the UT, CO and CA kids, particularly the southern & central CA kids - that close distance and already the factor of many CA kids going to Arizona for college is a big plus. 


    ASU has a lot over the other schools out west.

    Cal Poly is difficult to get into, has little in the way of financial aid and now is expensive to live in for a college kid.  I attended Poly and left the town in 2000 for San Diego, moved to the beach area of Ocean Beach and my rent went down; town was pretty cheap to live in until the late 1990s.  Plus San Luis Obispo is a small town in the middle of nowhere, when I lived there I knew plenty of people from the Bay Area, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego that couldn't stand it; too small, they transfer out.  Was a common thing you heard from visitors - fun to visit but what the heck do you do if you live here?  Was just too small. 


    Like you posted, ASU's acceptance rate is high, they have a mission to have the highest enrollment in the country, so the required academic marks are mediocre.  That helps with giving financial aid outside of athletic scholarships.  Which also gives them another advantage over Cal Poly. 

    As for Bakersfield, recruiting for them is rough.  Outside of the Central Valley area, few in California want to live in Bakersfield, all one hears about is how awful Bakersfield is.  And the top local recruits, other colleges are after them.  But given the lack of college teams in California, Bakersfield should have a better team, when it comes down to it if a in-state recruit isn't deciding to go to a UC, then they should be at Bakersfield, or Poly.   I'll take a wild guess that the financial packages offered are miniscule. 



    I  saw your username a while ago and I knew it had to be OB in SD



    I lived on Santa Cruz and Bacon for a while


    ASU is going to keep getting the recruits after this awesome recruiting class.  Zeke, Ruth, JO, Pendleton, Scott(?) just for coaches.   The girls, the weather, the girls, the girls...

  6. 65kg is probably my favorite weight class (one reason - cause it would be my weight class if I had to enter, lol), and I have no idea who to root for here. Metcalf, Pico, JO and Logan are all right there as some of my favorite wrestlers in the world. Also had the privilege to meet Metcalf and JO on separate occasions, and both guys were complete class acts to me.


    As far as the wrestling at 65, I guess Brent has to be the favorite, but geez, whoever gets hot can win this thing IMO. Nonetheless, have a feeling USA's 65kg rep will finally end the medal drought this year.


    Also, didn't Pico and Logan have a simulated World match right before Jr. World's last summer? Thought I read that Logan won, but might be wrong on this.


    (Sorry for digressing from IMar and the OP.)

    Pico got the better of Steiber the first day.


    Steiber got the better of Pico the second day

  7. Wrestling isn't mma. I enjoy both, but in wrestling guys shouldn't be trying to injure each other. I felt bad for Moisey- that was almost a kneebar and it looked painful.


    Not sure I feel about the rule. It didn't seem right that Moisey got his knee twisted and was then "punished" for it.

    That's what I thought when NT was trying to get out of that position, was pretty much a knee bar.


  8. ^^^McIntosh is a poor example.   He's been wrestling up a weight class his entire career.  What he has done despite being undersized is remarkable. 


    A better example would be Joe Williams, 2 time CA state Champ, or was it 3?  Right there with the nations very elite, Goes to Michigan St and never sniffs an AA    


    Yeah, but that's what I'm referring to though.  He had to adjust to his higher weight his first year and had problems dealing with stronger and bigger guys.  It wasn't like high school anymore to where he could overpower other kids with ease.  Took the redshirt year and started getting better by adjusting to wrestling bigger, stronger guys.    Happens to a lot of kids.


    Joe won 2 in CA and yeah, that was disappointing at MSU

  9. Seriously - what happened - and what is the rationale for Martinez winning an NCAA title this year while Cisneros is invisible?  Both were 3 time California State Champions.


    I hope the NCAA is investigating Martinez - the kind of improvement he showed is unnatural to unbelievable.


    Its beyond what any in California, traditionally a soft state with underwhleming NCAA presence, including Jason Welch, Palomino, etc have ever done.


    Aside from Stephen Abas the state has also been invisible on the international level.


    Some guys transition over to college wrestling much better than others.  Doesn't matter how many state titles you've won in your home state.  People can bring up countless kids who have won 3-4 state titles and done nothing in college.  Look at Morgan McIntosh.  Dude was wrecking ball in CA, winning 3 titles, but he had problems adjusting his first year wrestling at PSU and he still hasn't won a title or been in the finals.  I thought for sure he'd be in contention to win at least 2.


    I hate to even mention this, but look at Budke and Iowa.  The guy was a 4x state champ, but couldn't make the starting lineup.


    Look at IMar's redshirt year...he was 13-2.  It's not like he was 8-7 and then went undefeated this year.


    And yeah, there have been greats from CA in the NCAAs and Olympics/International, so stop the trolling.

  10. How did Isaiah Martinez going from losing 3 straight to a high school Junior to going undefeated in NCAA competition over the course of a summer?

    That was freestyle.  If I recall, NCAA wrestling is you know....folkstyle.


    Check this link from Flo...IMar talks about the losses to Valencia and how that along with Perry lighting a fire under his arse made him change



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