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  1. Definitely Molinaro. I thought it was going to be Pico and Steiber in the finals.
  2. Who knows what will happen. Frank's varmint might obstruct his eyesight and he'll fall down the stairs at the NLWC. Then Pico steps into the Olympics(if Frank qualifies it).
  3. After he won US Nationals, I definitely thought he was a REAL threat to Ramos. He definitely has more variety in his attacks to score.
  4. Didn't JB also say that after training with Andy at the OTC?
  5. You are wrong. Pico didn't drop out of HS. He just doesn't wrestle HS. He still takes classes.
  6. Look like in the 74kg consolation, it's going to be cousin vs cousin Adam Hall and Mark Hall
  7. Hannibal Lectre, I mean Nico not wanting to shake hands
  8. Man strength. Mark Hall already experienced it.
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