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  1. 2 minutes ago, VakAttack said:

    Definitely a good debate.  DNP at the Olympics vs. Helen beating Yoshida I think tips it to Helen, but Gray has more total hardware, so I understand if you and others feel she's better.

    I would give it to Adeline just because she has more hardware.  Very close though.  I was pretty shocked Adeline DNPd in Rio.  Helen beating Yoshida was tremendous, but Yoshida also pinned her twice in consecutive World Championship finals.

  2. 6 minutes ago, VakAttack said:

    So we have two third matches so far, both WFS.  Helen Maroulis, the greatest US women's wrestler ever in one match.  Macey Kilty, the future (along with Kennedy Blades) of women's wrestling in the other.

    Adeline isn't the greatest womens wrestler from the US?

  3. Just now, wrestlingnerd said:

    Hall? JB is moving to the same OTT later this year. He will eat Hall up. Nickal is too big now. He'll go for 92 kg if he doesn't leave for MMA. 

    If Valencia can grow another lung, I could see him doing it, but nobody else.

    I was just about to make that point about Hall at 79kg.  Don't make Hall start crying and leave Penn RTC.

  4. 4 hours ago, DanGerMan said:

    In the post finals press conference, he was asked if he planned on being there. He said it would be a tough cut to make 57 but he was going to be working out with Gilman and may try a small cut to see how it goes but sounded like he wasn't really in to the idea. He said he was definitely in for 2024.

    RBY is another tweener.

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